2011-08-28-New Healers

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Topic: The New Healers

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Doctor Mendoza: “It is often remarked that a Midwayer might well drift into deep sleep by the time this receiver is finally ready to record the message for which purpose the Midwayer has arrived. I note that our human loudspeaker is ready at last. Well, Midwayers don’t sleep, and they don’t at all mind having a rest, having a short moment of meditation with you, whilst you drop the level of the metabolism of brain and mind. Let’s begin.


“This is Doctor Mendoza. It is a pleasure to visit you these days. It is always a time of reversion to be with you. It also gives me an opportunity to check on your beautiful new fish (Flipper, a Siamese Fighter). I have come to advise you that in our communications about healing I am most often your middle man, passing on the message to others in my field, and not just those in my field, but indeed some that are far more learned than I am, that are far more capable than I am, not withstanding the period of time and the experience that I have gathered in my time tending to the wounded and tending to the ill.

“With the circuits now completely open, and with Michael’s mandates that nothing be held back in the reclamation process of his former rebellious planets, there is a tremendous influx of those who are healers by nature, who have studied human beings for thousands and thousands of years, and know so very well the physiology and psychology which is so important to be fully understood. And so I ask you that when something ails you, when something troubles you of a physiological or a psychological nature that you call on me. And even if it were not to be me taking your call, another will take my place in my name.


“You will not get to know so many of the healers by name or number, but you can use my name and get the patient or yourself checked out. This is MNO-8, Doctor Mendoza, leaving you now, but leaving my love with you, my dear friends of many years.”

George: “Thank you Doc.”


Already for some time we’ve been aware of Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8) being a frequent ‘clearing house’ for other healers. However, whilst he claims others to be even more learned than he is, seniority lies with those Midwayers born on the planet, not the itinerant healers and itinerant planetary helpers.