2012-07-08-Opening the Heart

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Topic: Heart, Circuits, Justice, & Gender

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come together to serve in the Magisterial Mission during this call and in every way we are guided by Monjoronson and the celestial helpers who are collaborating with us in this circuit. As we focus in our hearts, as we visualize where we are prompted to focus, we thank you for your love, peace, and mercy being added. We ask that our hearts conjoin as one and that our Adjusters liaise together that their efforts may be enhanced with what we co-create with you. May your will be done. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my dear beloved brethren. This is Monjoronson. Gatherings such as this are so valuable to build the energies of the Correcting Time upon Urantia. We conjoin with all efforts that are focalized for planetary growth and ascension. Even though your numbers are small, the energies that you generate here are also added to the growing awareness in your planetary consciousness for the ways of TRUTH, LOVE, GOODNESS, and MERCY to thrive here within the fabric of your planet’s consciousness. It is no small feat to shift a planet long seared in a rebellion mindset to change course, and this course is set by Michael. His plan is in place and it is proceeding apace.

We welcome the heart energies that you share with us. We welcome your faith. We welcome your trust. We welcome your desire. We welcome your devotion to serve. You may not necessarily think that these are powerful energies, but they truly are. This is part of your power base, you might call it. So when you focus from your heart and you truly feel that passionate intention and desire to do the Father’s will, we can amplify these energies and direct them to where they will do the most good.

Do not underestimate the abilities that you have. The heart is a powerful conduit of spiritual information and resonance. Even though you may still feel the pangs of fear and doubt from time to time, truly you have an enormous capacity in your hearts when you open them and ask Michael to move mightily through you.

Take a few moments to allow these words to settle in. Ask yourself if you have used your heart energies as powerfully, as generously as you have the capacity therefor. As you do this, ask Michael to stir within your heart, ask your Adjusters to help you open to the beauty of what your heart can hold and represent. We will do this for a few moments before we begin our focusing exercises. Take a few moments and we will stir in this circuit as you desire for your hearts to open more fully. (Pause)

It is in your desires to see your world healed—the lives of your brothers and sisters to be transformed—where you have the most power. As these words settle into your being, think about all of the different ways you can focus your heart energies as you go about the day. This can be a very useful and helpful technique for you to develop as you learn to control the currents of thought and the attending feelings that those thoughts generate. This is part of your requirement to gain self-mastery, which will simply enhance and improve your spiritual health.

Allow your hearts to swell open, to feel that fervent desire for the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE to now prevail upon Urantia. We have been collaborating in this circuit now for several weeks. The spiritual pressure is indeed mounting, yet we ask you to continue to build these energies through your heart now as you envision the world in your mind’s eye before you, as you generate that desire for DIVINE JUSTICE to emanate from your heart and bathe the planet. We will intensify and unite these energies as we build these circuits into the planetary consciousness. In your mind’s eye, visualize the words DIVINE JUSTICE holding your planet in its embrace. (Pause)

The creative force being generated by your efforts is being enhanced by those of us who are directing these energies into certain “pockets” of planetary consciousness. One of the most pressing needs for correction on Urantia is in the relationship between men and women. There is much that has occurred between the genders that has fostered a way of thinking and acting which is antithetical to Father’s will.

I invite you now to focus your desire for DIVINE JUSTICE to now penetrate into this “pocket”, you might say—this pattern that exists carrying the relationship energy between men and women. It is not as important for you to see or understand how this relationship circuit functions. We ask you only to feel your desire for this to receive DIVINE JUSTICE now that more healing may be conducted, and the relationships between men and women are upstepped and begin to harmonize in Father’s will. If it is helpful, simply focus on the words CIRCUIT OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN. As you hold that in your mind’s eye; project from your heart your desire for DIVINE JUSTICE to penetrate here and we will enhance your focalizing efforts. (Pause)

As you continue to send these energies from your heart into the circuit, also feel your desire for the women of Urantia to take their rightful place on the world stage of leadership in all areas of planetary life. There has never been a true balance of the feminine and masculine energies upon Urantia, and as the presence of Mother embraces this world more fully, the awareness for this need is becoming stronger. Let this be a time when your desires for women to take their rightful place in steering Urantia into the era of Light and Life to be strong within your heart. That is not to say that men have no role to play, for their energies are just as important, but they must be harmonized with that which is of the feminine domain to add to the planetary matrix of consciousness.

By your holding this desire and for that of DIVINE JUSTICE to infiltrate this circuit of the relationship between men and women, your efforts will be mightily beneficial to bringing this about in the material realm. Continue to focus for a few more moments. To the women on this call, I invite you to open to the innate power that you have as Daughters of God and to truly recognize in your own sense of self this power is part of your divine birthright. We will help you, Daughters of the Father, open and receive more of what you need to become leaders in your own right and help the world in its healing. (Pause)

Take a few moments now to simply shift focus slightly and envision the words RESTORATION OF JUSTICE flowing over the planet, bathing Urantia in its energy. Let your hearts be filled with your desire for this RESTORATION OF JUSTICE to prevail. My MERCY circuit embraces the world as Michael holds the world in his PEACE and TRUTH. Yes, these circuits are building. They are radiating the Father’s LOVE.

Let us engage our energies together as we worship our Father in Paradise. Let all of our hearts join as one as we delight in being with our Father in that place of beingness—in his GLORY and in his WILL. (Pause)

Father, your children and I are before you, and we thank you for stirring in these circuits of DIVINE JUSTICE that your WILL may prevail upon Urantia. We thank you that one day your GLORY will be made manifest upon this world fully. We are grateful for these stalwart men and women who courageously dare to come to you in faith and to serve this world, to build it in your LOVE. Thank you for stirring in these circuits that your GLORY may shine on their faces and on the face of the earth. Thank you, Father. (Pause)

Now as we leave you in this state of worship, we encourage you to take more time if you desire to continue to stay in worship as these currents continue to build upon Urantia. We ask you to place a portion of your focus each day here on what has been constructed and continues to integrate into the fabric of consciousness upon the world. One day when I am with you in the flesh, you will have more understanding of how these circuits function and the degree to which you are influenced by them. Now, simply do the best you can each day, and remember above all else, Father’s LOVE is alive in you, and when you send your heart energies out into the world, you are sharing his LOVE with it and all that you focus upon. Be in His PEACE, my beautiful brethren. Good day.