2013-01-21-About Sharing the Truth

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Topic: About Sharing the Truth

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “There are many mistaken ideas in your world today. Because of this, you have been exhorted to share with your peers the truth that your Father is living within each human being and that everybody, in a personal, individual way and through the practice of Silence, can discover this presence and start having a direct relationship with the Father. This is the only way to ensure authentic spiritual progression, free of superstition and error. This is how mature personalities should get increasingly closer to the Father through their own religious experience.

“We understand your desire to share the truths that have been revealed to some of you in person. However, keep in mind that these truths have been understood by you thanks to the value of your own experience and your progressive enlightement. It can be said that you have ‘earned’ the right to know these truths, in the sense that you have endeavored to reach the spiritual level that makes these truths valuable and really beneficial to your spiritual path.

“Many on your world are not yet prepared for these truths. Many would react in fear or with violence when their lifelong beliefs are threatened by the ‘perceived attack’ of your efforts to clarify the truth. You are not here to erradicate the traditions and the beliefs of the past. Everyone in this group is here to illuminate, to offer alternatives, to exemplify a better path, and to let every individual choose their own path to the Father.


“Do not make the mistake of the first apostles on the day of Pentecost, when carried by their enthusiasm and inspired by the arrival of the Spirit of Truth in their lives, they started to share their joy for the resurrection of the Master, starting in this way a religion about Jesus, instead of teaching what Jesus had asked them to teach. Religion is not the belief or the acceptance of the truths of the morontial of spiritual worlds. Religion is the personal experience of a human being when he or she gets progressively closer to the Creator. Do not rob your siblings of this experience and allow everyone the freedom to make their own decisions because, in the end, their individual decisions are the only things that will bring each and every one of them to perfection.”