2013-04-28-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Flow of Mercy

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, Serena

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris



Flow, Change

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, I would step forward first this morning to enjoy a few words with you, picking up on some of the threads that you offered here this morning. It's delightful to have you witness to the rising encouragement of the human heart because it is a challenge no doubt for individuals in your position to not succumb to the numerous accounts of the disorder of things, the disease of your surroundings. You are literally bombarded with daily reports of the state of affairs which are hard to rise above and yet, even with all this barrage of apparent negativity thrust upon you, you can each bear witness to the glimmer of hope within the human spirit and the desire of your brothers and sisters out there to look out and seek and find and make and create the goodness, the truth and the beauty.

This speaks to the association of the experience here on Urantia with its divine nature. It is undergoing great change and will eventually transform from a crude beginning into a partially enlightened peoples. This step of transformation is so glorious to behold because it bears witness to the inherent goodness that is behind the plan. The long term intention behind the Creator will become manifest; the eventual design purposed for your lives and for your universe will be achieved. The success of the story has all but been written and now we observe as grace percolates through the process, even from the most foundational level, and provides the stimulus for all good mortals to respond to the call, the call to associate with goodness, the call to be a part of truth, the call to represent the beautiful.

These are the longings of the human spirit who is in awareness or who is coming into awareness or who are just seeking awareness. This is the path that all those are seeking for and that each who seeks, find in their own way. This is the direction, the flow of the gigantic river of the divine and it is with such great pleasure that I observe those so eager to participate in joining the flow, being part of the flow, assimilating into the flow and even representing the flow because you have become part of it yourselves, you have realized your association to it and it has infused your lives with new meanings and purpose, with greater values.

I always appreciate the opportunity to come among you and share our energies. We each contribute to each others understanding of where we are coming from in our perspective. And so it is I value so greatly this opportunity, my association with all of you. It provides me such a gift of grace that I shall cherish it forever. I now allow this opportunity to be accessed by others, thank you.

Action, Self Forgetfulness

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings this morning, it is good to be here connected amongst you as a spiritual presence and a spiritual force. Though the act is important, the person is not. What does that mean, the person is not important? Well, the importance of the person is the importance of the persons ability to function for the utmost of the group, not necessarily for their personal interest. The Father loves you all the same, everyone the same. The Father does not single individuals out. This is why the Father lives within, to work personally with you as an individual, but the person itself is not as important as their act or the consequence of their life.

A greater understanding spiritually comes from the ability to separate yourself and understand that you are only a small part of things. It's like separating your mind from your thoughts. The mind can function in a greater capacity when it is clear of thoughts. This is why you say well, don't think about it, just do it, meaning that it is something which is automatic, it is something you already know, you do not have to think about it. Of course this is the great challenge in life, to separate yourselves from yourself. Who are you really? Many times who you actually are and who you think you are are not the same. Actually you are a son of God, a child of the universe seeking to become one with this universe and the great personalities in it.

The ability to separate yourself from yourself speaks of consciousness. To act upon an awareness, takes a consciousness of who you are. Too many times people are holding on to themselves and who they think they are and do not have free hands to grasp who they could be. Many times their minds are full of who they are so that the thoughts of who you could be, what you could be doing, who is trying to help you, who is trying to get in touch with you cannot have any effect on a mind that is full, a mind that has all of the blanks filled, its cup filled to the capacity [so] that nothing else can enter.

The ability to truly become free is the ability to be free of yourself, your emotions, your sentiments, the little personal things that keep you separate, the . ...words seeking to tell you that everything is okay in your own world for you. Everyone else may be doing something else but you are okay. It is this overemphasis on the self which is a tremendous detriment to spirituality, to Adjuster contact, to the whole amassing in its true form. Yet, this is a constant human condition, it is something you are constantly working to gain control of.

The great human architects were not wrong in designing the self. There are times when the self and self preservation are tremendously important yet they are nothing more than scaffolding to help you get somewhere else, to a different level of understanding, a different level of acting and functioning and it is this level of acting and functioning which truly exhibits the spiritual in your life. It tells of your connection to divinity. The potential for all to act in this spiritual act begins with the individual, the one who is able to separate the self from the individual person creating this act, this act of forgiveness, this act of faith, this act of compassion, this act of love.

So it is good to hear talk of these exercises and venues in which a person has to step outside of themselves to become something else. It is this ability to become something else, something more, that is the area in which spirit works, the area in which spirit can be of tremendous help, to live on the edge of understanding and the edge of knowingness, to live on the edge of self, to be in that place which is in between us all, the interstitial space, for in the real essence there is no space between you, you are all one, you are all one and you are all perfect. In this life you have here in this imperfect world, it is easy to get caught up in the differences of space between each of you, between all of the differences between each of you. The human level is a confounding level, it is ironic, sometimes perverse, tremendously entertaining and beautiful and by the very breath of your soul you are involved coming here to this place to which you are now yet you are true, you are whole and you are perfect. It is like you are waking up in a dream and discovering your true reality. Bon voyage my friends, take care and have a good week, thank you.


Mercy, Decision

Serena: [Cathy] I join this conversation about the transformation of aspects of spirit in daily interactions. We are indeed working to increase the spiritual awareness on your planet. Part of our mission is the revelation of compassion. We will only be able to proceed with our plans when the inhabitants of your world are aware of the mercy offered to all by our Creator. In the acceptance of mercy, the extending of mercy to others will increase manyfold. In the attempt to reverse error that has resulted from the original rebellion, it will be necessary to extend forgiveness to all who have acted through this pattern of error. It is indeed true that in this universe it is always possible to make another choice. It is possible at all times to choose another way. Living in the present moment, all have the capability to choose in each moment, all can create the reality in a new direction. Needed for this is the acceptance of the power to choose. Let us choose love, let us choose mercy, let us choose brotherhood, let us choose the Father's will. Together we can create this world in His way. Have the courage to make a choice in a new direction. We will support and love you always.