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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Free Will Dignity

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Michael, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we ask for your blessing tonight, to smile upon us as we gather around in this circle of fellowship and come together to approach you, to come closer to you. We're so grateful for the opportunity, for the chance of grace that we accept at this time to come together, circle up in spirit and commune with you and your emissaries. We ask that you join us and drink this cup with us, of goodness, of love and light and peace. Partake of this with us at this time and feel the love, feel the joy that we have as a result of this opportunity to come together. Take it into your being as we attempt to take in the grace of your presence as we assemble here tonight. Help us to make it so in our lives, in our experiences. Even now, let it be so, thank you.


Teaching Mission

Machiventa: Good evening to you all, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am here in response to the question: What would the teachers want us to know at this time because I feel somewhat responsible for the lesson plan, for the methodology and for the efforts made to this end and toward this goal. So if I was to say to you, some of the goals of our Teaching Mission have been to help you acknowledge and realize for yourselves how integral you are to the whole plan of supreme attainment, how much a part of the spiritual family you are and how cherished as the result of being a member of this spiritual family you really are.

But that was one of the goals that we have striven for in this process and perhaps those who have been involved have experienced a sense of belonging, a sense of welcome, a sense of being part of the grand scope of the plan and the operation at hand. If so, then we have accomplished this goal. If I was to tell you that another of the goals involved in this program has been to expand the perimeters of your awareness, the very definitions of your potentials and possibilities by bringing you a greater picture, a different vantage point for you to use to see yourselves, an alternate perspective of you in relationship to the grand plan.

If, in our efforts to bring you this greater awareness you have felt any increased capacity within yourselves, any boundaries being pushed, any areas within you that have been expanded, then has our mission met with some success. If I was to tell you that part of the mission was to bring into your awareness this idea of connection and communication and the part you play in this process, this whole process that you witness even now, is as a result of not only our efforts to make it so, but yours as well. You have indeed met us part way out on the playing field of spirit and now we commune here, we exist in this place that we have created and fashioned by our desire to do so.

This citadel of spirit that we have enjoyed, explored and experimented with has been a direct result of our combined efforts and so if this were where we wanted you to be, this is where we find ourselves. More success has been accomplished in this process when we observe you expressing yourselves in spirit and exploring with that dimension of yourself. If you have been encouraged, if you have been inspired, if you have been motivated to explore these dimensions further, then we have met with more success and are where we would have you be at this time.

We would like you to know all of these things and, you will witness, that they have come into your existence, they have come into your focus and been part of your reality. So one could say that of the many many goals of the Teaching Mission, this whole idea of what has been accomplished and what may still be yet to accomplish is interesting to investigate and we can see many advances and accomplishments that have been made. Still, any plan of this magnitude aims high and comes with many many potentials, many of which never become activated or actualized; nevertheless, we view the entire process as a success when we count the many ways that you have grown in this process.

This entire episode of which we are all a part of is nothing more than another experiment on an experimental planet. We have been given the latitude to try some things and to offer some opportunities and you have been given the opportunity to accept some opportunities and to develop some of these gifts. And so we are writing the book on how well this goes together. Nothing has been mandated from on high that must happen, instead, this entire program relies on the creative potential inherent within all the contributors and I, like you, am simply a contributor to this great enterprise. I, like you, give it my best shot, make my best effort and then like you, I must accept the outcome, how it turns out or how it appears to turn out. I, like you, can certainly wish and hope for the best and desire more from every circumstance or opportunity. But, we are together in this dynamic circumstance of which we are only a part and must adapt to the organism that we are a part of. But it is a pleasure to be a part of it with you, to join in these proceeds together, to offer our contributions in faith and in love together, to seek divine guidance and inspiration together and to create together, side by side, the organism of which we are a part.

It brings me great pleasure to participate with you in this endeavor. I thank you for the contribution that you all make to this energy field and like you, I make my contribution in faith and in love and with the best possible intentions and desires. I am grateful for this opportunity that is presented for me to join you and reflect on your reflections. I now open this arena for use by others, thank you.


Michael: I greet you all my dear ones because I can. I am Michael and I am drawn to this gathering to make comment on the feelings expressed that one could do something in this life which may appear so grievous as to be condemned to an eternity away from divinity. I would make you this analogy my dear ones: Picture yourselves all as kindergarten students on the playground. Any adult will understand that there will be errant behavior which exhibits itself on such a playground of such young ones. There will be many things which are felt, which are said, which are done, which are expressed in many ways, which are simply the result of immaturity and innocence.

Any wise adult knows that someone of such immaturity cannot be held responsible and liable for the outbursts of immaturity. That is how all of your life experience is viewed by all those who are in places of greater maturity. You are all seen for what you are, developing beings at the beginning of your careers. You are allowed to make your mistakes, your outbursts, have your temper tantrums, develop your relationships. A kindergartener may promise another one that they will love them and be with them forever but they are too immature to make such a statement and be held liable for it.

Likewise, they may have outbursts which may cause great discomfort or harm but similarly they are not held liable ultimately for such immature outbursts. Your Divine Parents love you so much that they will certainly love you throughout any act you may do, any thoughts you may have, any intention you may possess. Anything you can imagine is only as the imaginings of the kindergartner. You are fledgeling spirit beings just now discovering yourselves, just now finding out a little more of who you really are and not even truly associating yourselves with your divine family. But all this will be yours in time and it is part of the plan that it will be yours in time; that is why there are many opportunities created for you, to expand your awareness, to mature in your abilities to function and at each juncture your new attainments will be celebrated, your past grievances will diminish.

And so it may be truly said, that there is virtually nothing that you can do to cause your divine family not to love you, not to care for you and foster your growth and your being. There is no act you could do or thing you could say which would terminate your ascension career short of your making the individual and personal decision to not accept the gift of grace that you are offered with your ascension career. No one is forced to proceed forward against their will, but no one is condemned from on high for anything, ever. That is the magnitude of the love that your divine family has for you, that is the scope of the grace that exists for you.

Whether or not you can believe it or accept it, that is what is in store for you. And just like the kindergartner you will make mistakes as you grow and just like the immature child, you may not have the capacity to fully understand the magnitude of this statement, but you will. It will all be made clear to you. We will stop at nothing so fear not my dear ones, fear not. Only love, only create love and joy and peace. Don't waste your energies on anything which is not. In this way you steadily approach divinity, step by step, choice by choice, action by action.

It is my desire that you feel my communing peace and that it be with you and rest on you as a cloak and that you take it with you and be comforted by it and know that I have touched you with it. I have comforted you with it. It is my desire to fellowship with you and bring you this peace and comfort. Therefore am I grateful for this opportunity that you provide for me to do so, this chance that you have given me to reach you in this way. I cherish it, I have embraced it, you have embraced it and we have come together. Thank you Father for this gift, for this connection, for this opportunity to be together.

I leave you now in words but I never leave you my dear ones. I have given you another cloak tonight that you may use to shelter yourselves and feel the comfort. This is my desire. Go now and be in peace and be with me as we go about this life together. At your invitation I am there, at your invitation I am there. Let it be so, farewell.


Light: Yes hello, I am Light, desiring to borrow a phrase. There is a phrase that I have access to: "History is made by those who show up." This would be my response the question posed about who may be in charge, what will happen, what about the leaders of today, who are the leaders of tomorrow and how will this all shake out? I would use this phrase that history is made by those who show up. You are here in discussion of these issues, you, the ones alive in this time and space with these issues at hand, with all this transpiring around you. When you wonder who will be the leaders of tomorrow, it will be the likes of you, those of you who feel this inner stirring and urge, who feel poised on the edge, ready to be propelled in one direction or another.

There are millions of you. Many people feel deep inner stirrings of change. Many individuals have flashes of intuition or inspiration about what is to be. Great strides are being made, quantum leaps in thought about what is possible, what is potential and what should be. This is where you find yourselves. You may be the fulcrum, you may be the turning point, you may be the inspiration to others. You certainly are players on the field. So I invite you to see yourselves and all the others around you as players on this field of change and rather than ask who are the leaders of tomorrow, look around you and see who is on the field. Those are the ones who will make history, those are the ones who are showing up to play the game and you are among them.

None of this is ever set in stone. There are no mandates from on high as to how anything will turn out. There is only projected desire and then there are the players; there is you and the others on the field and this projected desire will manifest and be made real by the likes of you and the others. So, perhaps expand your consciousness and instead of looking around for who will step forward and lead you, look around and see the players on the field and see yourselves as equally valid among them because you are.

All the great leaders of the past have sprung up from their humble places and risen to great heights, riding currents of change and they are no different from you except they were in their time, they showed up and made history. So now, as the ball rolls, I invite you to see yourselves as the ones called to the field. Time for you to play and witness the others and make history. Just some thoughts for you to consider my friends. It is really not complicated but rather surprisingly easy how it all happens. Fear not, as your Master has bid you and I would say, have some enthusiasm because it is your turn to be on the field and be playing. It is your role to play at this time. Play it well and enjoy.


Thank you, those are all the words I would like to bring to you this evening. I now will take my leave with the others and bid you all have a good spiritual journey, thank you.