2015-07-09-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: Challenges of Any Moment

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, join us in our circle of trust and love and peace and grace. Help us feel your presence among us and with us as we circle up, seeking for you, seeking for our relationship with you to be enhanced, to come together with you and receive greater guidance and understanding and some of your wisdom. It is our delight and pleasure to approach you at this time. Accept our actions as the gift of love that they are intended to be and meet us as we reach towards you in the process. Let it be so, even now.



Inner Voice: Greetings to all assembled. I come to you tonight by way of the very same miracle that brings you here, that brings us together, that enables us to have this contact and make this connection. I am known as the Inner Voice; I am known by many other names as well. I am here to respond to this inquiry which is so commonly expressed as mortals of the realm attempt to do service and bring forth their ideals and manifest them in this process. Truly the soul and the mind can imagine very many different possibilities that could arise and could be implemented and augmented and seized and nurtured and known. Indeed, at times there are so many it appears overwhelming when considering the number of options before you to choose.

I understand this, I observe it even from your perspective and I witness you grapple with deciding where to put your mortal energies; moment to moment, hour to hour, day by day there are a series of choices we make and remake and affirm and commit to and forsake and recommit and rekindle and abandon. This series of choices is life itself manifesting. Each juncture, each choice is this unique moment in time and space in your eternal ascension career, this juncture of all that is going on. Each choice and every choice presents you with the chance to choose again and to make a new choice.

So when one has adopted a direction, seized an idea, even an ideal and moved it forward in their consciousness and awareness to the point of action, then they have demonstrated the many levels of commitment necessary to make it so. These intentions become manifest as the project itself. They are tangible and observable but they are also spiritual and the values inherent are eternal. So what you do from hour to hour, from moment to moment matters very little. What does matter is with how much spirit, with how much awareness, with how much intention and purpose do you infuse your equation with and in so doing, how do you steer it more towards divine principles and values? Anything you do, everything you do may be sacred equally. There is no certain chore or task or demonstration one could make to above all ultimately define their intention, but what does define it is your continued approach, your willingness to apply yourselves over and over to whatever is before you. This is the character you build in your personality. This is the foundation that you assemble on which you will stand and grow.

So I encourage you all to be at ease whenever considering whether you are most appropriately allocating your energy resources because if you are led to do so and if you do it with spirit, with love and in accordance with the act of grace that it is, then you can do no wrong and I assure you your Divine Parents are well pleased that you have exercised this opportunity and demonstrated faith in action. This does not mean to say that there are never opportunities to reexamine ones direction, to reassess ones circumstance and to ask former questions again to verify current answers. This indeed may result in a different choice, a new direction, an altering perhaps ever so slightly of the course and this is all well and good. You are indeed on route to perfection and your desire to pursue perfection is all that is required.

I would like to leave you with a new sense perhaps that even as a Fragment of Perfection that your Inner Voices represent, they also are keenly aware of your mortal circumstances and quandaries and while it may not be possible to manifest absolute perfection in this mortal time/space existence, it certainly is possible for you to be a reflection of the Divine Light that accompanies you and of your own Divine Light within in harmony. This is entirely within your jurisdiction. I invite you to consider this deeply. It can be whatever you will it to be and if in doubt ever of the direction, simply ask; petitioning the assistance is the key to opening that door at will.

I will attempt to address another question on the floor in reference to large changes in the environment and the population and to this I would have a similar response. The key is not what is going to happen 'out there', things will happen 'out there', you can count on it. Therefore, the key is in how these will be received, how they will be navigated, how much fear will be allowed to run rampant in the equation or how much calm and peace and grace may be infused into the same occasion. This choice again, is up to you. Every aspect of how you are affected will be up to you. Your portrayal of these events to others will be up to you, your reaction left to you.

So, whatever scenario arises before you, see it as a challenge, see it as a test. How spiritual will your stance remain in the face of a given obstacle. Will you still have faith and consult in spirit? Will you portray your faith confidently and lovingly to your fellows? Is it possible for you to maintain your stance as situations change and flex or will you be buffeted about by the winds of change and the tides of adversity? Will you be unsecured and swept away with the emotional tides or will you be moored securely and ready to endure the external changes? Because you are confident internally, you will not be shaken in spirit. Your age will face its challenges, your time its own dilemmas; all times have, all ages will.

There will be those who rise up to meet the challenges and overcome them in confidence and in faith. There will be those who are swept away by fear, doubts, uncertainties and tragedies they need not embrace. You will decide how you fare through what will or will not transpire. So I offer you these words of encouragement to keep on keeping on as you are, to have a sense of peace that you and your spiritual foundation may be unassailable, may withstand the assault from all manner of negativism and be undaunted.

I feel as though this has addressed the issues on the table. I would open the floor to allow for any questions.



Question: You mentioned the word grace. Can you expand on that a little more?

Inner Voice: Expand on grace; what a privilege. Grace is represented in the fact that we are here having this conversation. Grace has made this possible. Grace is bestowed upon you. It is your life and everything in it. Your very nourishment, the very oxygen you breathe, these are all acts of grace. Grace has been manifest in the many examples that your Master Michael has so clearly portrayed. He lived a life that demonstrated the existence of grace. Grace is the ingredient, often thought to be missing for when it's there, everything works, everything is in harmony. Everyone rests so thoroughly on grace for the simple operation of their lives that they entirely overlook it most of the time. When they are threatened somehow they may have a new awareness that the grace they had counted on is not there and they need to supplicate to some god or condition to restore it.

Grace is so much around you and all of us that we would do better trying to identify where it is not. Images that come to mind which seem barren of grace would be images of the ravages of war, of children who are starving, of death and destruction. These are images that you can clearly detect have very little grace in them and I bring you these crude examples to attempt to illustrate to you that just as you are an infant in the womb, you are surrounded by the grace of the fluid around you which suspends you and keeps you perfectly intact. You are also feeding off of the grace of the flow from the Mother which has changed from an umbilical cord to the food that you eat and the air you breathe. Nevertheless it is the same grace bestowed to you freely.

So I appreciate this question because it is largely hard to define something which is so prevalent that you can barely imagine places where it is not. Thank you for the opportunity to express an awareness of this term. [Thank you for the explanation.]

I thank you all for bringing your energies into the equation this evening, being a part of this thought stream, this energy field, this spirit connection that we share. This has indeed been a wonderful opportunity.

Question: I have another question if it's okay?

Inner Voice: Say on.

Teaching Mission

Question: I'm just wondering, is there is a role for the Teaching Mission group still, is that still a viable option of some sort?

Inner Voice: That question may be best asked of the participants of the Teaching Mission. I am personally aware of a number of individuals who gain a great deal from the normal regular weekly activities of groups they are involved in. This is purposeful, this has meaning. I think what you may be inferring implies to effects on a larger scale and I can't really speak as to whether or not numbers of people will find these teachings and whether they will be relevant to them; but I will say from my perspective, from our perspective, we are only concerned with one, you individually, personally, your ascension career, your willingness, your choices to move forward in the direction of divine principles.

This is all that matters to the Inner Guides, the Inner Voices, the Thought Adjusters out there with you all right now. They are not concerned about worldly affairs. The world will take care of itself. We are concerned with the glorification, preservation, enhancement and growth of you as an individual and us as a team. If we are all paying attention to what is immediately our own business and our own growth, then the world will in fact become a better place and roles will become readily defined as to where you are led to be and what you are led to do.

Trust, have faith, that you have not been led this far for nothing, that certainly your talents and your willingness will be accepted and utilized. Trust that all things work towards ultimately the perfection of the Supreme and this, whether it be the Teaching Mission or your own individual ascension career, are no different. Be at peace with the ride and be inspired to be active and put an oar in the water. Lend a hand where you can see you can and if this is what you choose to do and you do it with spiritual integrity, then I assure you, you have succeeded. That is all that can be asked and you have offered it.


Thank you all who are in attendance tonight. You are cherished and loved and known, each and every one, a vital and valuable part of the whole. I now will take my leave and bid you all a joyous stance as you are confronted with numerous opportunities before you, so be it.