2015-08-17-Keep in Mind Our Function

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Topic: Keep in Mind Our Function

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8)

TR: George Barnard



Dr. Mendoza: “Good evening. My human friends and students here call me Dr. Mendoza and I happily go by that name. Among my kin, Secondary Midwayers to be sure, I am known as MNO-8 — the eighth offspring born to the MNO or fifth family. I am a doctor of every legitimate means of healing body, mind and spirit of which you know, as well as many healing ways that are still mysteries to you.

“In time you will find answers to some seemingly hard to heal illnesses because you are evolutionary beings always trying to discover the whys and wherefores of life. Should I be given permission by my superiors, I would most gladly assist your capable researchers in isolating causes and finding remedies to the near countless infirmities that plague you, but this is rarely allowed.

“This after-hours get-together in your home was planned because of a need — a need to spell out what has been mentioned before, but scarcely was taken to heart. It is about meditation, yes, guided meditation, also. To get involved with meditation you need a number of essential things. First of all you need a quiet place where you will feel at ease. By the side of a busy highway is … probably not the right place.

“You need a tranquil mind, thus leaving your doubts, fears and worries at the door. You need assistance — there is no meditation without spiritual involvement. Let this be clear: your angels are by your side always. Your Thought Adjuster is ready before you are. Any number of other celestials will be noting the light you will emit as you turn inwards. The light’s intensity tells us a whole number of things.

“Make sure you are comfortable, make sure you are warm enough, but make absolutely certain you have the dedication — the best of reasons to be in meditation. Are you going to send Reiki to some unfortunate friend or stranger? Better learn it first or practice it on your dog or cat. If they like you fussing over them in this way, you may well be halfway home to being a healer.

“From my viewpoint, if someone wants to contact me just to take a look at me, or borrow my mind, I just won’t be there. I’m busy. We Midwayers are all busy — more than 20 hours each day. We are the planetary helpers of Urantia, busy as bees, and we have no time for idle chat so keep in mind our function. This is Dr. Mendoza. Later, fellow.”