2016-01-02-The Book of Your Life

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Topic: The Book of Your Life is Co-Authored

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, the thought just came to your mind that challenges are not curses, they are blessings. Without them, the soul would not gain wisdom. The Father is providing a private education for each one of His creatures as each one has a different life purpose. Challenges help the creature identify its strength and hone its skills. Challenges keep raising the bar of the creature’s achievements. They, too, are your life coaches and shape your life trajectory.

What you resist persists is a saying that is worth pondering. If you have an attitude of resistance whenever you face life challenges, you fail to see the good that they contain. You oversee the many blessings that are snugly wrapped within their seemingly unattractive package.

“Learn to look at your life events with a questioning attitude: Why is this event taking place in my life right now? Why is it unsettling to me? Which inner strength is it leading me to develop? Do not act as a stubborn child refusing to eat the nutritious soup lovingly concocted to promote a healthy growth and development. The child would prefer dessert. Yet, the best nutrition is contained in the hearty soup. Your life will present you with a blend of sweet and sour situations. Both are needed just as rest and recreation are needed after strenuous efforts in order to stay balanced.

“Your life trajectory is like the one of a pendulum swinging between two poles — each swing bringing you closer to your truest self.

“The book of your life is being co-authored. The Father created you and all the personas that populate your life. Your birth is the first sentence of that book. The Father set up the stage and its players and gave you the ability to improvise — to be resourceful and to think on your feet. Would you rather have a role whose script has already been written without making any allowance for your own imagination and creativity? What good would it do to the development of your character if you were prescribed how to respond and react in any situation?


“The trump card of your life is your free will that will never be impinged upon by the Creator. Whatever the Father gives, He does not take back. He wishes for His children to develop their gifts from their initial state of seedlings to their full maturity. Your life journey on this planet is to contribute to your self-discovery so that, once you have found yourself, you can put your expanded self to the selfless service of others. The Father’s modus operandi is always sharing — the pooling together of amazing resources that are sufficient to bring Life and Light on this planet.”