2016-02-19-About the Inner Stairway

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Topic: About the Inner Stairway

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown Teacher Group

TR: Anyas


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Teacher: “Dear child, whether you are listening to the Stillness or to the whispers that reach your conscious mind, you are receiving our input. Do not doubt the process. Sometimes all we need to do is to give you a spiritual “chiropractic” adjustment — no words need to be spoken. It is our privilege to do so as we know you in the entirety of your being and are privy to its complex multi-layers of which you are not even aware.

“A lot of information gets subliminally downloaded in the beings of those who ask; — those who give their heartfelt permission to be guided to higher spiritual grounds. No one will be dragged against their will to these healing grounds as any resistance is counterproductive.

“It is urgent that all the human beings living on this planet be educated in the Art of Introspection. By taking the time to go within and to examine one’s inner life or lack thereof, foundations are being laid upon which Spirit can start Its Labor of Love. Going within is what allows Spirit to express Itself into your life as it is where It resides. All moral creatures have been gifted with a Divine Fragment — a pilot Light that burns at the core of their being. Yet, for many this Presence has not been grasped as a reality in their life and they do not tap into this amazing inner Source of Love and Guidance.

“Going within will lead you to discover that your carnal abode has many secret rooms. It has higher floors equipped with skylights that are at all times bathed in the Divine Light. All the creature has to do is to climb the inner stairway to Heaven. Yes, there is a stairway within you. Which way will you choose to go? Downward toward more darkness and anxieties or upward toward the soft rays of light that draw you to better emotions and life experiences?”