2018-01-01-About Effective Guidance

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Topic: About Effective Guidance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown Teacher Group

TR: Anyas



Teacher: “How do we guide you? In order to understand that fine process, ask yourself, what is the most effective way for you to inspire and guide others to new spiritual realizations?

“First of all, they have to be open to receive your input, as a closed mind and a closed heart are not receptive. Indeed, both these inner receptors have to be turned on, as our guidance is not just meant to be mental and intellectual. Your mind may be the first at detecting our input, yet such an input is meant to be filtered and integrated into your heart. Once your heart has been moved, it will happily team up with your mind to enhance the quality of your life and of your interactions with others.

“Secondly, an inquisitive mind is the much-needed fertile soil that will benefit from our input. You are on a journey, which infers that your life’s horizons are ever-changing, taking you to previously unknown territories. At each one of these milestones, you ask yourself “where do I go on from here?” This is when you need to consult with us. The very fact that we have volunteered to belong to your Guidance Team implies that we are equipped to successfully assist you, based on our accumulated personal experience.

“We are a team — a rich pool of wisdom and knowledge. As a team, the power of many comes into play. As your Teaching Faculty, we come together to evaluate your progress and accordingly define your curriculum, based on our overall expertise and the love we feel for our human pupils.

Jesus, a Divine Son, lived a human life in the flesh. This brings us to the third point of our message. He had to face many situations where His message was not well received. How did He address them? How did He coach His disciples to respond to similar resistance in their own future ministry?

“His behavior — not His words — became the messenger. Never did He lose His dignity. Never did He lower Himself to the level of His detractors by responding in kind, thus polluting the purity of His heart by harboring festering grudges and resentments. Rather, He forgave them on the spot, with the fatherly understanding that they did not know any better. Then, after shaking the dust of His feet, He moved on, searching for those who were ready to receive.


“Dear ones, do become such skilled character readers and invest your energies where they will get the highest return. Trust in the snowball effect. What matters is that you are willing yourself to be a divine instrument of change. The Father will tell you what sort of instrument you are and He is the one Who will put you to good use.”