2018-01-01-New Era Transition 32

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Topic: World in Crisis, Raising Consciousness, Mark in History

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

TR: Daniel Raphael


Present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty and Jeff Cutler


MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. A distinct pleasure to be here with you. I am not usurping Sondjah’s time as the Grand Master of Team Development as he is away today. His work will become more evident to you in weeks, months and years that follow this time.


  • A time of waiting for developments

My message today is a brief one as we too are waiting developments on your world to allow us to move forward to implement the plans that have been made across your planet for the developments that will be initiated soon. And we apologize for being nebulous, for being so vague in description of what is occurring; it is necessary to be such at this time. It makes us as uncomfortable as it does you, for we feel your angst, your anxiety, your feeling of need to know and your willingness to engage something meaningfully with your lives. Therefore, today’s topic is not so much about the future as it is about the past, and the past is known to you. We want you to appreciate the past in this perspective, that the work that we and you are about to do together has always been dependent upon the developmental preparation of yourselves and developments in your world.

  • Your world is in an ongoing crisis

You know, as well as we, that your world is now in an ongoing crisis and that there is no abatement to this. There is no regression or recession to it but simply the ongoing development of crises that continue to heighten and to broaden into more and more fields of your life. There is almost no area on your planet, whether it is geologic, whether it is meteorological, whether it is social/political/economic or otherwise that is not affected by these crises at this time. From our perspective, it was not necessary for this to develop to this point, but we have taken and developed plans to engage this at this propitious time. Time is something that you are well acquainted with; the development of social/political/economic and civilizational development is something that we are well aware of and acquainted with and for which we have been trained and practiced in this and on other planets. To now begin to engage your planet in a meaningful way for its—not necessarily its recovery or its reformation, but for its re-creation. All history of humanity has a similar tenor to it — to rise, crest, and then to decline, with the eventual deterioration and collapse of societies, nations, and their dynasties, empires, and whole civilizations.

  • A time for change by you

It is now time to change that around. Very few people on your planet are not aware of the crises that your planet is now suffering under. If you look at your own preparation through the Teaching Mission, which is what you call it here that began in New Zealand, you realize that all of this time has been preparation. It has been preparation for the development of your character, your self-discipline, for your perseverance, for your tenacious disregard of all events that would take you away from this course that we are on with you. Therefore, you can see that there are very few around you who have had these characteristics, these traits of your personhood to bring them to the point where you can engage with us co-creatively. No, you are not elitist; and, no, we do not regard you as an elite corps of mortals. However, you are certainly respected as those who are worthy of being given far more responsibility and latitude of direction. And you as well know that it is necessary to commune with us in your silent meditations on a daily basis in order for us to guide you to keep you on track as our co-creative partners. The difficulty, as you know, is that many of you do not hear; you do not see what we are doing. But you can be cognizant of the developments around you and can piece these dots together to see a line that leads you into the future.

You simply are being led by your faith and the hope that you will be able to make a contribution. Now, dear children, these are incredible talents and skills, attitudes and characteristics of your faith that are signatory to those who will be the ones who lead your nations and your societies into the future. You are already team leaders; you are already organizers and initiators of teams, knowing—whether you know it or not—many of you will become facilitators of teams across the world, and some of you, yes, will travel to other nations to become effective team leaders there as well. This is quite an adventure you have begun, one where you tentatively know the destination as a country or a world, but you do not know the city or the community where you will be planted. The specifics have yet to be revealed to you and we trust that you will maintain your faith and your hope and your same self-discipline, your same faithful, loving relationship with Christ Michael and Nebadonia and your Thought Adjusters to be led into the future.

  • You will be led by opportunities

And yes, we have told you many times that you will be led by opportunities, which may come out of the blue, that you have no way of knowing now what those might be and that you do not necessarily expect that they will come, but you anticipate their arrival and you have prepared yourself for this. For this we give you our undying thanks for what you have done with us, for yourself and for your world. And remember too, children, that all of these accomplishments, this tenacity and this perseverance is written in your soul growth, it is in your aura, so that when you eventually graduate from this world, you will be among those who will recognize you and know where you have come from and they will know what you have done. And for that we—if you can imagine us clicking our heels and saluting you—that is what we are doing now. [This was said with great emotion.] We thank you!

If you have questions concerning this, please raise them at this time.


  • The use of the word “co-creative”

Jeff: I didn’t have any prepared questions, but I have 2 off the top of my head. Last time you indicated that we should not use the words “co-creative” in the class that Liz and I are trying to put together. Can you give me some reason for that? Is there a specific reason to reserve that for this group?

MACHIVENTA: The reason was that the teams were originally constituted as having an organizer or initiator, a facilitator, a recorder, inquiring members and a TR who would bring through a Melchizedek as your consultant, and this was a spiritually co-creative team construct. We asked to have that word “co-creative” reserved for the constitution of that team. If it is understood that it is co-creative between individuals within the team and their society or community then that is fine too. We, however, see teams without a Melchizedek and without a TR as having a facilitator, a recorder, inquiring members and a consultant where the consultant is not a TR and uses their own native mortal expertise, knowledge and insights to consult with the team. These teams are called “social sustainability design and validation teams.” This is where the individuals in your terms, I suppose, would be called “co-creative design and validation teams.” You must be very clear about how you use “co-creative” because someone will one day ask you very pointedly what you mean about that, and we are striving to prepare you for that question and for an appropriate response. If you write that out ahead of time and know what you are talking about and what you mean then you are most welcome to use the term “co-creative.”

Jeff: Let me ask a follow-up then. Will we have an indication from you—you say you are preparing us for that—but are we going to have an “ah-ha” moment when we can say, yes, now I can answer that question appropriately?

MACHIVENTA: One moment. Your question seems ambiguous to me, to us. If you solely mean “co-creative” as being mortals without any celestial assistance, then you should be able to write that out and define that clearly for someone who asks you that question. We do not see a Melchizedek or TR in an academic design team in the future. We do see co-creative teams with a Melchizedek and a TR as an adjunct in a community where the members would request that a Melchizedek and a TR be present. These would be distinct. What we are trying to avoid is confusion/ambiguity and what this one calls the “woo-woo factor” of channeling and psychic phenomena occurring within a team in an academic setting. You would simply be hooted out of the university. The university setting is incredibly important for us, so that the rest of society, which constitutes well over 98% of your population, can relate to it in a meaningful way for improvements in their families, personal lives, communities and societies, both within the social structure, political structure and economic structures of their nation. We do not want you to be embarrassed and to be hooted out of the university. Can you draw that distinction?

Jeff: Yes, I can and I thank you for your enunciation of this; I think that makes it much more understandable and clear.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you; sometimes the colloquial is more appropriate, is it not?

  • Other observable cycles that impact humans

Jeff: Since there is a dearth of questions, I would like to ask: We know that there are cycles that are observable. We know that there are sun spot cycles, currently declining, at least to people in the northern latitudes it is getting colder, not warmer, and the sun spot cycle is pretty well known. Are there other cycles that are natural phenomenon that have an effect upon humans that we should be aware of when we are talking about sustainability or the study of sustainability? Are there things there that are—you don’t have to reveal anything that is not new or has not been discovered—but maybe obscure that we could add to the study in a larger context of historical perspective that would be of value in an observation of human behavior?

MACHIVENTA: Gladly. What I will provide you now has things that you know about peripherally, and which have not really been taken into account. I will state further that there are cycles which are unknown to you, which do affect the human condition and the factor of sustainability to which you will have no control over, and thus I will not disclose those to you as it would be ineffectual to do so and would only be a curiosity which causes more questions. What you can see through the history of human societies, politically, socially and economically is that there has been a cycle of consciousness, and that what has occurred since the dawning of the Renaissance and Enlightenment and the eras that have developed since then is that there is a broadening of consciousness. We have spoken of this some many months or years ago in other sessions that are in your archives. This is an important cycle than can lend much leverage and advantage in what is to come. It is our work to assist you to strive to raise your consciousness; you could see this as another factor we have spoken about as “raising the frequency of the harmonic of consciousness” in your race, and particularly in your societies, and most particularly in families and in your communities.

  • The raising of consciousness has been huge

This raising of consciousness has had a huge effect upon the good work of your civilization, yet as one of your philosophers have said, and many others have said many times, “There is much evil afoot that has transpired due to the inaction of noble individuals, rather than their action against it.” Evil and darkness will flourish where no one takes action to overturn it. Evil is overcome by the light and you individuals are the light. When you join together in your consciousness you brighten the light immensely. You know as we do that a water pipe quadruples its capacity as you double its diameter. So too, in the case of joining consciousness of light together, you more than quadruple it—it is almost exponential as you have the assistance of our celestial and angelic teams to reinforce the direction of your thoughts and your consciousness. Remember that what we have said in the past, the will to co-create can only be initiated by mortals; spirit simply proffers to co-create with you. When good people do not take any action, then they are dormant and then the darkness can creep over them like a slow moving mold. You must come together in your nations and in your societies to affect the outcomes of good action.

  • Organic morality of social sustainability

In one instance of social sustainability you will compare the morality, the organic morality of social sustainability, to the diffuse and indistinct morality of your societies today and you will see that your morality is ineffectual to overcome the darkness that wants to engulf you. And yes, the moral decisions you make will be most difficult to make, but it is one that must be made consciously and intentionally for the right outcomes of what is to follow. Consciousness is something that must come to the forefront of your thinking on a daily basis as you commit to the day, just as you today make some of your intentions about the coming year. Most of you are making intentions concerning problems that surfaced in years past. It is more effective to make positive intentions for the future than it is to think about and work on intentions that concern problems of the past. Can you appreciate that?

Jeff: Yes, I believe that I can.

  • Raising consciousness is necessary to engage the future

MACHIVENTA: Therefore, the rise of consciousness is necessary to engage the future in a positive, constructive way. We have striven through these years to give you these hundreds and thousands of lessons to help you raise your consciousness to confront the future, which will soon be immediately in front of you. Will you be confronted with the need to create a new future, or will you strive to fix the past? We have told you many times that the past cannot be fixed or overcome by itself, but you must create a new future for your societies, families, lives and for your children, and they in turn will become the effective leaders in your economies and your politics and in your social lives. Social institutions are soon to be reinvented, as they must be because they are ineffectual to bring about good into your world. This includes your churches and your church organizations; they are wonderful institutions for the growth of souls that can lead people into a spiritual life that is independent of the church, but it too must reinvent itself in order to affect your societies, which do not have a soul, which do not have an afterlife, but yet constitute the very environment in which you raise your children and grow them to become good people of the future.

  • Reinventing the individual

Social institutions which have no basis in social sustainability are ineffectual except for the individual. They must now reinvent themselves to be effective for your societies, for your communities and for your organizations which operate in those societies. This is a new realm of social innovation that must occur through the consciousness of good leaders and followers and innovators and geniuses who will occupy those places in the future. It is now time to awaken those people to the fact that staying the course will submerge you under the waters of your world and you will all drown. This sounds rather dire, does it not? But my friends, your world is in dire circumstances certainly and fixing the problems is not sufficient any longer. Now you must create the future co-creatively with your friends in teams that can make sense of where you are going.

  • “Let’s try something new”

Jeff: Then I will ask this follow-up question: I gather over a period of time through your comments that it really is going to come on a planetary basis to a crisis that cannot be solved by the thinking that created the crisis. And in that crisis there will come a time when people are seeking a new paradigm and that really is what we are striving to do is when the new leaders take over in a failed society or failed concept of social management, and they look around and say, “Let’s try something new,” this is the “something new” and we don’t have to be in a hurry because that crisis is on its way and will unfold in the fullness of time. It’s more to have a well thought out plan that can be picked up by future leaders, and much of anything else that we can do. Is this correct?

MACHIVENTA: You are very correct, and thank you for making a nice summary of our last 30 years work. (Laughter.) The reality of your world is that there are so many crises and developing problems the momentum of which cannot be overcome. Global warming cannot be overcome; overpopulation cannot be overcome; the deterioration of your environment, your biosphere cannot be overcome; the depletion of the resources of the sea and of the land cannot be overcome by any of you at this time. The problems that have begun are of such momentous magnitude that your efforts now to fix the problems are puny and the problems are immune to any efforts to overcome them. You are on a collision course with the future where all of these problems come to a nexus and the economies and populations and political difficulties and military difficulties will all collapse.

Yes, you are totally right, there must be almost a self-evident solution that has evaded everyone that is applicable now to everyone and to all of humanity that those individuals who see the truth of that will come forward and accept it and initiate the beginnings of the re-creation of your societies. The future is much different than it is today and requires a much different set of thinking and conceptual constituent parts than anything that you have had in the history of your world. You are now in the process of reinventing the future of your world, both on a national and a local basis. It is essential that you have the mindset to accept this as a reality, even when you and your family are quivering in your boots within your houses for the circumstances outside. There is much difficulty ahead, but there is also an immense hope among many millions of you who see already that this way is not working, we need a new way.

  • How do we band together to bear fruit?

Liz: Machiventa, good morning. I feel your opening statement was very emotional for me and I feel you have a lot more faith in us than we have in ourselves, or certainly me. Sometimes I have glimpses of the future as it could be, perhaps as it will be, but boy, the path from here to there is completely unimaginable to me. When I think of what I could possibly add to this process, I feel like I come so short that I’m not sure what I have to offer at all. It just seems so overwhelmingly immense, and I know that I’m not alone in this feeling. How do we band together to bring this to fruition?

MACHIVENTA: (Chuckling.) I chuckle because we have given you the steps before and we will make them clear again, because when the question is asked there must be an answer to follow. And the ways are very simple: Let me put it in the positive— when you look at the whole problem and its resolution, it is overwhelming and you will almost become catatonic. However, there is one very simple process that is connected to the future. For you and Jeff, we have urged you to work with the academics in the local university. We know and you know that many of them are quite arrogant in their knowledge of what they know and that they have an answer for everything. But sometime, yes sometime in crises, when all of their solutions, when all of their knowledge is insufficient to make even a small dent in the problem, someone will raise their hand and ask, “Does anybody have an insight into the solution that could resolve this?”

That’s where you come in. You must be patient to wait for the question. Then when the question is asked, you stand up—yes, you stand up—in a conclave of individuals who are in a conference, who are puzzling about this most difficult situation and you will stand up and you will forthrightly give the answer. You have the answers in the values of social sustainability and these values come from within the very being of each individual who is attending that conference. These are organic to you; these are the truth of your humanity; these are the values that have proven themselves over the course of over 200,000 years, or approximately 8,000 generations of your species, and have assisted your species to make decisions that have enhanced its survival and its sustainability, its growth, and its development in many ways. You will have all of the documents, which we have prepared for you. This is the way forward. It is a simple common sense approach that can be applied more broadly from your species survival to the survival of your societies.

  • There has been no organic value system for social constructs

You must grasp this, that there has been no organic DNA value system within [the] construct of societies, communities, organizations, governments and corporations to sustain them, and so they have crumbled in time and disappeared. Now, it is necessary that you, you individually, and you as a group inseminate larger groups with these values to build those values into their organizational constructs, the founding documents, the operational procedures and policies of organizations so that they can survive. Societies and organizations will not survive without these values being impregnated within them. We literally mean impregnated within them; they must be put into the very DNA, the organizational constructs of organizations so that when individuals of say an organization of 5,000 employees, needs to make a decision, they will go to these policies and procedures and have the values given to them to make the decision. Yes, your question is very good; it is very appropriate; it is very timely, because as you know, the crises in your world are not diminishing, but are increasing in number and frequency and in volume and amplitude. So I thank you for your question. My question to you is, are you willing to raise your hand and stand up and give the answer?

Liz: Yes, of course. And patience is not my strong suit, as has been shown to me in the last year with increasing…

MACHIVENTA: You are struggling because you are in the process of building character and self-discipline, are you not?

  • A new web site for the 7 core values

Jeff: Liz, can I jump in front of you and ask a specific question of Machiventa? Is this an appropriate time? As you probably know, Liz and I have reserved a domain name on the Internet: 7corevalues.org Is it premature at this time, or is it appropriate at this time that we start populating that web site with working papers for items that could be used by a family or at the local level? Are we ready for that, or is it too early?

MACHIVENTA: Your timing could not be better.

Jeff: Well, Liz, you are the writer!

Liz: Alright, I’m on it. Thank you, Machiventa.

MACHIVENTA: We do caution you, however, not to write it in such a way that you exclude 98% of the world’s population, meaning that we ask you to write this to the secular.

Liz: Yes, of course.

MACHIVENTA: We understand the “of course” of your statement, however we want to make explicitly clear that Planetary Management is for all people, and not exclusive to those who have certain beliefs.

  • Our intransigent culture in terms of making drastic changes

Roxie: Machiventa, knowing how intransigent our culture is, including all of its aspects of the churches, the corporations, the government, etc., I don’t see that they are even going to be somewhat open to making drastic changes until the decimation happens. I think by then the population will be decreased enough that a lot of the “old stanchions” will be disrupted and make a place for some new ideas to come in. Is this correct?

MACHIVENTA: No, it is not. I make that very explicit. What we have said over the years is that there will be an increasing intensity of crises and their severity and the greatness of them, and that this will continue until there begins a cascading of events, which lead to multi-area crises in your world. It is not just the decimation, but it will be economic collapse, global economic collapse, it will be the onset of militarism, which will increase immensely before it too becomes [unable to move] its tanks and troops forward. This is a global crises of multiple perspectives and you are right in some ways, but it is not an either/or, it is not a “one only,” but rather a multiple cascading of developments that are progressing and will progress rapidly and even exponentially in a short period of time so that your world will be almost unrecognizable within less than 12 months. The course before those 12 months begin will look very similar to how they look to you now.

This is a developmental process that will lead you to the point where even you will be on your knees with your head on the floor, crying buckets of tears for the world situation. That is a situation then in which even intransigent corporations and governments, dictatorships and others will then become pliable to the option of meeting together with others of like thinking to wonder how they can possibly overcome this situation. And the truth is, they cannot overcome this situation until it has run its course like a fever, and then when the fever breaks and the cascade begins to reverse itself, begins to disappear, then you will be able to have your conclaves, your conferences and people will raise their hand and ask for solutions to recreate the world in a way that becomes sustainable. The very intransigent nature of those very arrogant individuals, who think they can overcome everything, must be taken to the point where their immediate survival is in jeopardy. Then you will see the melting of those attitudes and the willingness to explore other options, the ones that I have spoken of shortly beforehand.

“I know what to do; give me the knife”

Jeff: I want to ask a tangent question to that. Many years ago, my very best friend, _______, his wife had a cancer that was blooming at the top of her spine, and no one really knew what to do about it, and a young surgeon said, “I know what to do; give me the knife, there is no time, I must act now.” And it did save her life for a period of time. Are you suggesting that in a like manner, that we should be trying to train a group of people, perhaps worldwide, that in a crises like a cancer that is growing observably fast that threatens the life of the unit of civilization, that into that chaos we have trained some people who say, “I know what to do; give me the knife?”

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you are correct in the larger frame of things. Yes, and I like the analogy of the cancer and the difficulties in your world. The problem with it is it seems so specific to a special group of people. The solution which we have provided to you through social sustainability and its morality is that it is applicable humanity-wide, and it is basically very simple; it is simply about making decisions using a new set of values. In your web site, it is necessary that you teach people how to use those values to make new decisions that will assist individuals anywhere in the world to help to create a world that they desire and would be willing to live in.

  • This solution is for all peoples of the world

The beauty of this solution is that it is non-special interest oriented, it is non-political, it is non-religious and it is applicable to all humanity with disregard to their socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, political, religious and national roots. Your educational material must be couched and framed and focused with this in mind. You, you individuals are the individuals you are talking about, and your classroom is the Internet and is making materials that are useful to people in all cultures. Yes, we know that you will begin it in English, as English has become in many ways the lingua franca of the world in business, the Internet and through social media. You are most welcome to begin with the English language. Eventually when you have honed your materials they will eventually be translated into other languages so that other people can use this material for self-help to assist them. It is our hope that what will happen is that there will be enough English speakers in each and every culture, ethnic group and nationality and language group that will take those materials and translate them for you to assist their people. Your job is to persuade people—not necessarily convince them—but persuade them that this eventuality is highly likely and in fact, inevitable and that they are the ones who must be self-chosen to become the teachers of their own people. This is a multiplication process that will be effective and will work. The special group of trained people are in fact, you.

Jeff: Well, Liz, I guess we have some things to do in 2018, don’t we?

Liz: I think we have just received our marching orders; I’m up to the task—I hope I am.

  • Seek validation of your work as being free of bias

MACHIVENTA: We ask you to seek validation of your work as being free of bias or special interest. We know that you are sincere, but we also know that mortals come from cultures, they come from nationalities, ethnic groups and religions, and they carry with them an inherent bias in their thinking, which often invades their writing and their conceptual development. You will do yourself a great justice and a service to us and to your fellow humans throughout all humanity if you will have your materials checked by others outside of your immediate group. Let them know what they are looking for and can detect this and can recommend changes to you. This is much like being a cultural and ideological editor that you are seeking when you write your materials. We hope this is not too offensive to you, or requires too much of you.

Liz: Thank you for that admonition.


  • Chiseling a mark in history

MACHIVENTA: Let us bring this to a close today. Here we are in this first day of the calendar year of your world. This time, all of your time zones of your world have now entered into the next day. This also begins a new year and we have been speaking to you for at least 3 years that 2018 would be a momentous year for you and that it will create a mark in the history of your world that will not be forgotten. Remember, you are the ones who will chisel that mark in time with us, and that yes, when you chisel a mark in granite on a mountain it will stay there for tens of thousands of years. And yes, the mark that you will make with us co-creatively will leave a mark of such significance as that. Know that we do have faith in you; we do have hope in you and we do have your allegiance, your loyalty and alliance to count on to assist us to do this, for this is a time to change your world to one that becomes sustainable in all regards—not just socially, and not just materially—but morally and specifically spiritually. And for this, we give thanks to you for your willing participation. Good day.