2018-01-02-Life Cycles, Changes, and Decisions

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Topic: Life Cycles, Changes, and Decisions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “Life cycles are demarked periods in an individuals’ life that signal critical changes in his or her existence. Human development is according to the life features projected for human beings by the Life Carriers. All of them are part of what we may call the evolutionary program which includes periodic and progressive changes in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life. These cycles are first functional on their planet of origin and after which in their continued ascending career on the worlds above. However, they do initiate in their birth sphere. What kind of phenomena may produce these life cycle changes?

AGE — “As life progresses through time, that is, as a person ages, certain changes invariably take place in his or her life, firstly due to growth, then as a result of maturation, and finally as a consequence of progressive and deteriorating aging, as physical life approaches its demise on their world of origin. In childhood, the first great spiritual change occurs when the Adjuster comes to inhabit the child on the occasion of its first personal and conscious decision which makes this child a being spiritually responsible for further decisions. Other spiritual changes occur when he or she makes the supreme decision of doing the will of God, and finally, if there is enough spiritual progress and time, there comes the spiritual attunement, the spiritual identification with the inhabiting Adjuster.

EVENTS — “Important, critical and repetitive events can also cause remarkable changes in an individual’s life, for such events are able to modify life habits, thoughts patterns and cause decisions of import for all human existence, even onto eternity. In the social arena, an event that usually transforms people’s lives is getting married and the upbringing of children. Tragedies and the losses they bring are also capable of producing changes of lengthy and profound impact in one’s life. The acquisition of a profession that routinely forces an individual to certain patterns in life is also of contribution for changes, both in personal living and to the world vision one may build over time.

DECISIONS — “Age forcefully changes one’s life as it advances its cycles, events are sometimes opportunities or demands for changes, but which really consummate changes in life and demark the life cycles are the individual’s decisions. Decisions not only evaluate the age conditions and the importance of events as well as determine how to deal with them. Decisions are the very source of bona fide experiences and the ultimate significance of life as a whole. The ability to make personal decisions comes with the Father’s gift of personality, but the decisions themselves are made by the human self, evolved through changes installed by age, and prompted by events, and certain spiritual ministrations but consolidated by decisions.


“Therefore, my pupil, life develops through cycles that invariably bring changes to one’s life — some of them of eternal import — but only when accompanied by bona fide decisions. Those changes brought by age and presented by events will not produce goodness, truth, and beauty unless they are sustained by the supernal decision of doing the will of the Father. Age is mostly a biological phenomenon; events are largely out of your personal control; but how you react to these life processes is subjected to your personal ability of making decisions and that — decisions — can determine how everything else will play in your life — good or bad — depending on their level of harmony with the will of God. I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Peace!”