2018-01-05-Turning Cain

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Topic: Turning Cain

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “The story of Cain and Abel recounts how Cain in anger and frustration slayed his older half-brother Abel who was taunting him. This tragic episode abounds with lessons. Indeed, at times, an unfortunate event becomes a great teacher, as it clearly demonstrates the impact of an unwanted chain of events.

“Let us look at it from an ‘out-of-the-box’ perspective — an innovative approach. If you turn within to examine your own nature, it is very obvious that there is a constant inner struggle between your Abel and Cain propensities, each one doing its best to prove the other wrong and subdue it.

“There is a Cain in Abel, and an Abel in Cain. Indeed, no one can pridefully claim superiority over the other, as by doing so, Cain wins by default. It is the Cain side of Abel that triggered this powerful anger and resentment in his brotherly bullying him and causing him to feel under-appreciated and inferior. Indeed, if Abel had acted tenderheartedly toward his less privileged sibling, he would have nurtured the Abel side of his brother and disarmed him of his hateful intentions — thus winning him over.

“As you go through your day, examine how you respond to any given situation. Who has the upper hand in your inner negotiations? Is your ‘inner Abel child’acting as a loving big brother toward your less privileged ‘inner Cain child’, encouraging him and lovingly lifting him up? Or does he behave as a prideful and entitled Pharisee, thus deterring his younger brother from looking up to him as younger siblings are naturally inclined to do?


“Do work diligently at understanding the rebellious part of your being and shower it with unconditional love. This is how you will win this inner battle and, unlike the murderous outcome of the brotherly conflict of old, you will ‘turn’ Cain and he will willingly bow down to his older brother, restoring the family unity. The rehabilitated Cains will then join forces with the Abels in becoming effective ‘motivational speakers’ toward the unification of a very divided outer world. As always, love is the answer.”