2018-01-08-The Walk of Faith

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Topic: The Walk of Faith

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to receive more of your LOVE and those qualities of Spirit that we need for our continued development. We are your children and you know us intimately even better than we know ourselves. And you know exactly what we need and you supply it readily, especially when we focus on you. So here we are in another year of growth, of progression in transformation, not only in our personal lives but on the planet as a whole. And we thank you for helping us grow in Spirit, that we may be more of the light-bearers and truth-revealers to our brothers and sisters who are still awaiting their awakening and blossoming in Spirit. We are ready to receive you and may your WILL be done now. Thank you.


NEBADONIA: My precious children, greetings to you all! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Take a few deep breaths. Let the chatter in your mind quiet. Allow your bodies to go into a state of relaxation. Set that intention to receive from us as your Divine Parents today and let your gaze settle upon your hearts.

Today we will discuss the nature of faith and how you remain in this spiritual energy throughout the course of your active day. All of life is but a path to lead you back to the Source of LIFE itself—to the primal Creator of all there is who resides in the sacred dwelling place at the center of all things. The term used to connote this sacred place is Paradise. It is a domain of superb splendor and beauty. It has physical energies and other higher frequencies that comprise its composition, much of which is unknown to you. But you will one day visit this sacred abode should you decide to grow on your path of reaching the Paradise presence within you in a real visible and material manner.

You are already on this path, albeit you are living a material life on a physical world very, very far removed from this central sphere. But it is your path and it is something that you co-create with the Spirit Within to help you walk this path with joy, assurance, security, peace, and an overarching desire and curiosity to find the source of all LIFE.

Today I would invite you into your path and to help you walk your path with more faith—a living trust that is already infused within you by your Spirit to help you walk this path with greater trust in its natural trajectory toward the central abode from which you originally embarked a very long time ago. Take some deep breaths and allow these words to settle in. And as we move through the experience and lesson today, I invite you to focus on the words MY WALK OF FAITH, and feel your desire to feel ever more interwoven into the faith energies that are there to guide you onward on this blessed journey.

The path given to you is contained within the heart of your Spirit. It is a path that is laid out for you, but it is your choice whether or not to follow this path. The spiritual endowment or quality that is provided to you by your Spirit is FAITH—the ability to live and grow in trust in the benevolence of this path and the LOVE in which you were created to exist as a child of God. FAITH provides you with this trust quality that helps you discern your way through the very rugged decision-making process you must undergo throughout the course of your life. This faith path is particularly rugged on the world you are now living because there were influences that were put in place by certain spiritual teachers who did not like the organic path laid out by the Creator of all. There are certain belief systems and energies designed to thwart your moral, spiritual, and emotional development. But that does not mean that you cannot surmount those influences, and FAITH is here to guide you.

FAITH is part of the organic relationship bond you have with the Spirit that lives within your very hearts. From this spiritual connection you grow your souls, when you combine your decision making and your desires to follow this path with FAITH and to live each day based on your best attempts to convey what that FAITH is teaching you one experience at the time. So you see, my children, this is a walk that you undertake every day, making steps each day along the path. It is a long journey. It is one that will cause certain senses of stress and strain, especially when you fall off the path and have a hard time getting on once again. But your Spirit is here to help you, to pick you up when you falter, and to help you perceive what your misstep was so that you do not necessarily have to repeat it and can make gainful strides once again.

So I invite you now to settle into this idea of the WALK OF FAITH, and just simply focus on the words MY WALK OF FAITH. And feel your desire to be more guided by your Spirit, and your Father and I will move in you now and help you perceive more light and space within your beings to help you perceive the leadings of the Spirit Within. Receive us now, my dear ones, and let FAITH expand within you. (Pause)

Your Father and I encourage you to sit with this concept of MY WALK OF FAITH each day as you spend time communing and conversing with your Indwelling Spirit. Your Spirit is the path. It has the plans for your projected life from this material vehicle you now embody to the great metamorphosis underway once you leave the physical body behind and embark upon the Spirit career.

Gaining a sense of trust within your own mind of the presence of Spirit Within is one of the primary objectives of the human life. You start here and you grow in experience, adding comprehension to your knowledge base of how the Spirit Within you combines with your own thoughts to render you more receptive to higher ideals and truths. The challenge of your lives is to discern what is true from what is error. And you live in an environment on your world where there are many, many errors in how you perceive your reality. The Spirit Within is here to shed light on those errors to reveal to your mind a more simplified and truthful way of understanding your own life and your role in expressing your God-given nature.

Too many times the intuitive aspect of your walk of faith is neglected or undeveloped because the reasoning, analyzing mental chatter will interfere and try to take you off course because that part of your mind is still attached to information that is erroneous. The Spirit Within is here to help you sort through that which is true and real, and that which is distorted and thwarts your growth. So when you deepen your commitment to walk in faith, you are essentially saying to your Spirit: ‘I do not always know the way, and I do not always perceive what I am experiencing accurately, so I need your help. Please show me what is true. Help me sort through that which I understand or lack of understanding and allow me to see how you perceive the situation or this idea.”

Your Spirit loves you more than you can even imagine. Its deepest desire is to one day conjoin with you as one, when you and the Spirit are no longer separated and you remain in this continual flow of spiritual perspective to help you walk your path with greater faith certainty and that exquisite trust that comes from the human child totally relying upon the Divine Parent’s guidance and support. Allow these words to settle in and allow your Father and me to continue to move in you, expanding you in light and space to help you walk your path with more faith certainty and intuition. (Pause)

Many people at the start of a new year make resolutions to improve the quality of their lives. Your Father and I encourage you to resolve that this year is a year of faith growth in the relationship you share with your Indwelling Spirit. This is an inner journey that will take you into some very rich dimensions of your inner selves that you may perceive yourself more from that divine perspective—how your Creator Within wants to collaborate, commune, and encourage you on your walk of faith. As you do this you will notice over the course of the year that you thinking processes become more clear and simplified. Your productivity increases as does your own creative impulses because there is a treasure trove of potential within you, my children, that your Spirit knows and sees and encourages you to bring forth throughout your days.

If this is a resolve you wish to make for yourself, know that you will receive much help and guidance that you may indeed grow in faith and walk your path with more joy and peace and assurance and confidence that you are indeed bringing forth those unique treasures of your own being to be a light into the world. And as you deepen in your faith, you will find other wonderful qualities and abilities in you sparking anew, even surprising yourself at times. And this is the way your path has been designed. But it is a long journey to bring forth all of those potentials and your Spirit knows the way each and every step. And when you deepen in your faith, you are essentially collaborating and cooperating with your Spirit more and the inner dimension of your being takes on new form and shape and luminosity and bears testimony to the world that this is a God-led soul on the planet.

I will leave you now, my children, as your Father wishes to address you. Nevertheless, my presence in you continues to help you expand into new ideas for your consideration as well as new spiritual energies to help you perceive the Spirit Within and the LOVE your Spirit has for you. I leave you in that LOVE, my children, and I am here to foster your growth. You may call upon me anytime you need an expansion, and I will breathe my LIFE FORCE through you and help you grow. Goodbye, my beloved children.

MICHAEL: Greetings, my children, this is your Father Michael. Today’s lesson and infusion in the WALK OF FAITH is being designed as a year-long exploration into the nature of FAITH: what it is and how you cooperate and grow in your faith-comprehension as a child of God. The nature of reality is so vast—so full of life and adventure—and when you start out on a small material world and gaze upon the heavens, you are wonderstruck at the immensity of all it is and what it means! The Spirit Within has all of the answers and is only awaiting your curiosity and spiritual hunger to ignite that flame within that will speak to your heart and grow your souls and satisfy you to the depths of your being. This is a very rich vein to explore, and your Mother and I are here to support you on your WALK OF FAITH, each and every step.

Our roles are different than that of the Indwelling Spirit. We are, what you might call, your support system to help you perceive what the Spirit Within wishes to convey. And there are many, many lessons along the way. And each day there is a lesson to be apprehended and comprehended to the Spirit’s presence within. But do not let that deter or daunt you because faith will pace you, and there is a rhythm to this path you are on. It has cycles; there are times when you feel you are expanding, and then there are times when you feel you had already achieved what you’ve learned and you might feel a little stagnant for a few moments in time. And that is a clue that you are ready to grow again—something new wishes to come in. And we are here to provide you that environment of expansiveness in Spirit that more of that spiritual energy may flow from the Spirit Within into your mind and uplift you into that realm where you can perceive the answers.

Over the course of the last few years we have been encouraging you to grow on your path of self-mastery, and this is all a part of it. For faith is what will propel you along this path of mastering your minds: how you think, how you feel, how you respond, and to help you get more into that physical synchronization of the nature of your path, and how you may walk more fully in this living trust of the Spirit Within to guide you each and every step.

So let me embrace you now. Let me embrace you in the FAITH that I can provide to you, not only from that perspective of a FAITH enhancement, as my relationship to you as your Spirit Father, but also as your human brother Jesus. For I lived on this world as you now live, and it was part of my faith walk with the Creator to have human life experience to understand precisely what you undergo. So I have a dual perspective to provide to you, my dear children, and my faith as your brother Jesus will help you be fortified in your own human faith assurance that the Spirit Within is alive and moving, coaxing and urging you on in your exploration of who you are and your relationship to the Creator in yourselves. Receive me now, my beloveds, rests in me and receive. (Pause)

When you are confronted with challenges in your lives, divert your focus from the problem to the Spirit Within, wherein lies the solution. Each obstacle you have placed upon your path is there to teach you a very important aspect of the nature of reality. You will not necessarily comprehend it at first sight, but if you spend time in quieting your mind with the intention of perceiving the Spirit voice within to provide you the solution you are actually living in that FAITH dynamic, because you are saying: “I do not understand what is before me, but there is something within me that does and I am ready to listen and perceive what I need to learn to overcome this obstacle.”

This is a very important and significant dynamic to comprehend, my children. If you develop this habit of going within when you have a situation that is troublesome or quarrelsome to you, you will receive what you need to move through the challenge into victory and triumph. And what you will have done for yourself will leave a lasting impression upon your soul, and your soul grows from these faith experiences. And even at times humans tend to grumble and complain about challenges, they are there to provide the stimulus for your spiritual development, and much good will come of it. But you must remember that place to find you answers. Let the Spirit Within guide you. Let the presence of the Spirit’s receptivity gain greater space, depth, breadth, height, that your internal vision may expand to see the eyes of Spirit, from which you can then comprehend the situation anew.

Continue to receive and allow these words to settle in, as I share my FAITH with you and help you grow. (Pause)

Growing in this faith dynamic also has many positive effects upon your physical system. The mental chatter and the mental stress that you place upon yourselves because you try to use your own intellect and understanding to overcome a problem can be very debilitating at times. You have heard the term, ‘you spin your wheels’, and the wheels of the intellect are turning and trying to find your solutions. This, in turn, has a very devitalizing effect upon the physical body, and the more stress you have because of this increased mental confused activity, the body can weaken and disease and decay can set in.

Now, this occurs over a long period of time, but the more you adopt this faith attitude toward your life and seek the Spirit’s guidance every day, you will find that you begin to erase that stress as your thinking simplifies and becomes more clear. Your emotions begin to unruffle. You find more peace and assurance within and this has a very positive and healing effect upon the physical body. The Spirit Within knows every part of your being, even down to the tiniest subatomic particle that comprises your physical body. And what you are doing when you WALK IN FAITH, you are adding more space and light that your bodies need that the natural order of healing and cellular regeneration may occur.

So I also encourage you to spend some time each day asking for this FAITH energy to tickle your cells, to energize them and to help you perceive that your Spirit moves through the mind and into the body to help you deepen in this FAITH dynamic.


Let me embrace you once again before we conclude for today, as you focus on MY WALK OF FAITH and allow these energies to build you in a firm foundation of living trust in Spirit and the divine plans within you. (Pause)

Grow in FAITH, my children, it is the surest way for you to find the happiness, the peace and the contentment with yourself and your life that you seek. Your faith walk will take you into many new experiences and circumstances, all designed for your edification and spiritual advancement. Relish and cherish each experience, and know that all things in your life are conjoining as one to propel you on this rich inner dimension of your being that you may collaborate with your Spirit more and more each day, and grow in the beauty of your soul now sparking new lights twinkling on the planet. Let your light shine, my children, and let your faith soar to new heights as you grow in grace and goodness. I leave you in my LOVE. Good day.