2018-01-13-No Reason to Fear

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Topic: No Reason to Fear

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Spirit Within

TR: Valdir Soares



The Spirit Within: “Human fear comes from adverse, negative, and insecure interpretation of past critical situations that establish a fearful pattern when similar experiences may be repeated. In other words, you have since early in your life created mental routines that misinterpret critical events in your life, creating fear. While you may be facing real danger, fear does not help; it is a misguided reaction of your intellectual/mental activity that lodges in a corner of your mind and re-emerges whenever a difficult situation appears. In fact, you have no reason to fear, for fear is a self-deception. Consider the following:

“Fear is created by you, not onto you. Life on a normal evolutionary world is not easy, more difficult still on a planet like Urantia, tainted by the sins of the Lucifer Rebellion. Only imperfect personal beings are capable of intentional evil against human beings or creation. Other natural events of accidental, biological, geologic, meteorological or astrological types have no evil purpose, although these could harm you. Human or not, intentional or not, they can cause you to react with fear. However, what they bring onto you is the danger of a situation, not fear itself. You create fear when you believe a potential danger is imminent and unavoidable. Fear happens when you lose hope. Stop creating fear within you. You are a child of God and nothing permanently bad can happen to you.

“You can cancel fear and its effects. Dislodging fear from your mind is not an easy task, especially when you have resorted to it so often in your life, making it a habit. However, it is not impossible. First, identify your current life situations you are reacting to with fear instead of with hope. Then, analyze them to recognize specific fears and admit you have created them; if it was not for that fear it would not be present in you. Finally, make the decision of disavowing these particular fears from your mind. Make this decision the most realistic possible, voice it out loud with chosen words, register it by writing, but most importantly, imprint it on your mind, replacing with it those old threatening fear-routines.

“I will help you deal with your fear. Dealing with fear is unpleasant because it brings unpleasant feelings. And it is no less unpleasant to deal with fear even when you have decided to extricate it from your mind. However, you are not alone in this task. I am right here within you to help you get rid of your fears. I have done many times before but there was not enough faith and no full implementation of my leading so my suggestions were only partially effective. However, the occasion prompted by this message might be different and you and all our readers may get lasting benefits from my guidance today. Thus, know it without hesitation: I will help you every single time you may face fear!


“Therefore, my child, fear is a farce, ultimately created by you. It may originate from real danger brought to you by other human beings’ actions or threats, by accidents, or natural events. But the experience of fear is your personal mental allowance. You now know how to avoid its accumulation in your life and being increasingly free from it. And I, your God’s Fragment Within, will be with you helping you at any time. You have nothing, absolutely nothing, to fear!”