2018-01-14-The Angels of Enlightenment and the Races

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Topic: The Angels of Enlightenment and the Races Upstepping Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, as we settle into our hearts may we be more fully encircuited with our Seraphim today to provide certain human heartfelt energies and intentions for more healing and transformation to occur through the efforts of our Planetary Seraphim. We thank you for this opportunity to serve. We are motivated by love and compassion and truth and we are so grateful to be able to share our hearts with you and with our Seraphim. Please use our energies in the ways that you know best and as always may your WILL be done. Thank you.


MANOTIA: Greetings, one and all! This is Manotia. 2018 is shaping up to be a year of tremendous change and upliftment as more circuits continue to be more woven and intersected into the circuits of the planet’s consciousness from more of the divine level, as you might say. Over the last several months you have conjoined with us to build more spiritual energy into various circuits of planetary life. We primarily focused on the Angels of Progress and the Angels of the Races as a means to bring more harmony and unity into the racial relationships all around the world.

We will continue in this way but also invite the influence of the Angels of Enlightenment to cross-fertilize in these circuits of the Angels of the Races that more harmony and upliftment may progress throughout the spectrum of the racial influences and cultures and customs to reach higher levels of awareness of Spirit.

As we begin, we invite you to simply feel that desire or intention to collaborate with us. Take a few moments to settle into your hearts. Allow us to come close to you to help the vibrational systems of your hearts and minds to expand, that the frequencies contained within your beings may be heightened and added into what these two angelic groups will be performing today. Let your internal gaze settle on your desire to collaborate with the Angels of the Races and the Angels of Enlightenment and we will begin. (Pause)

What is enlightenment? This is a term bandied about in many quarters of the development of your planet’s consciousness. It is a means by which an individual or a collective body grows in recognition of divine values and relationships. It is not only a conceptual rendering of higher ideals to achieve through your individual efforts. It is also, what you might call, an emotional state of being very grounded in those same ideals that you are beginning to perceive. It is helping you to reach states of being-ness where you are truth, you are good, you are beautiful, and this is all a growing soul attainment that will continue to progress over your individual ascension career.

It does operate in a similar manner in the collective. There are circuits upon circuits within your world’s construct of consciousness that need to ascend to these higher levels—certain cultural concepts, you might say, that need to be upstepped to reflect more of the divine ideals of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY. So as you collaborate with us today feel your own desire for more of these divine qualities to permeate and penetrate into those circuits of the racial influences that more upstepping may be gained through the ministry of the Angels of Enlightenment. Simply focus from your hearts and feel that desire for the Angels of Enlightenment to collaborate with the Angels of the Races as we move in these circuits now, my dear brethren. (Pause)

It is helpful for you to focus today, we suggest you might keep your gaze centered on ENLIGHTENMENT IN THE CIRCUITS OF URANTIAN CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE ANGELS OF THE RACES. And if you wish to use that familiar visualization of the energies spiraling around the globe, please feel free to do so. Feel your desire for these energies to move into those areas of great need for this level of upstepping of enlightenment as these two angelic groups collaborate and cross-fertilize. (Pause)

Each individual on an evolving sphere is conditioned by the evolutionary culture in which they are birthed and raised. There are numerous cultural influences all threaded through Urantian consciousness. Some are directed toward this ministry of enlightenment and some are not. Where we focus today is to provide an opening in the constructs of consciousness where there is receptivity for more enlightenment to be perceived. Some of these frequencies need to go very deep into those areas where there is still much error and evil existing. Enlightenment is a quality of spiritual liberation to free the humanly conceived ideologies to open and comprehend the higher universe culture.

The more you seek this in yourselves the more you seek and participate in helping these circuits expand and receive more of this energy of what you call enlightenment, and it is a form of light. It does lighten the heart. It gladdens the soul. And it is designed not only to foster more HARMONY and UNITY and unity among the races but to truly bring about that familial feeling being members of this great universe family, the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity under the Parenthood of God.

So as you focus on this enlightenment through the Angels of the Races, feel your need for greater upstepping in your own beings that you may participate more fully in this great changing,, transformative time. Continue to focus as we continue to minister in these circuits, dear ones. (Pause)

If you wish you may expand your own internal gaze by envisioning the word ENLIGHTENMENT and the energies contained therein to act as a refracting stream of spiritual consciousness into the various racial strains. If it is helpful, you may see a rainbow with the word ENLIGHTENMENT streaming through each color strand—through the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet spectrums. Simply hold this as a focus as the Angels of the Races take these energies and apply them where they will do much good. (Pause)

As we minister in the spectrum of the racial endowments, feel your desire for more HARMONY and UNITY to cross-fertilize through these various circuits to bring about more of this enlightenment that all humans belong to a loving vast family, and you are all brothers and sisters together. Desire better communication and understanding, that racial relationships may improve and outwork those energies of separation and divisiveness through this greater infusion of HARMONY and UNITY, that more enlightenment may occur.

You see, my brethren, we need you to hold that focus for human will to conjoin with the divine plans for the evolution of the planet to regain its rightful unfolding in the WILL of the Father. There is much acrimony to be outworked, but so much love to be gained, so much more compassion, cooperation, and understanding to be fostered. With you holding this intention and focus at the human end we can work in these circuits more effectively and provide a more expanded means for the collective to receive. Simply maintain that desire for more HARMONY and UNITY to flow through these circuits of the races as more ENLIGHTENMENT from the angels embraces Urantian consciousness. (Pause)

Enlightenment forms a vibratory field within the circuits of Urantian consciousness that more people may perceive within their own hearts and minds that a change in perception and feeling will be very beneficial to them. There are so many embedded circuits of error and distortion that create very paralyzing effects of fear within the human mind and prevent people from opening up to these higher circuits. The truth of the infusion of ENLIGHTENMENT today is that it is acting as a magnet to elevate those circuits of mind that there may be more intellectual comprehension and emotional liberation as to what this wishes to provide to human consciousness.

So allow yourselves to also be upstepped in this that you may become more harmonized with your brethren to see them more through the lens of UNITY as one with the Father as you are one with the Father. (Pause)

As your own energies calibrate to these higher circuits, you may notice some shifting awarenesses of how you respond and react to your brethren when they share their opinions and feelings with you. They too are outworking something very large and important in them but at their own pace. And when they make comments that you find difficult to accept—do not contend or strive with them. Instead, ask for their own Spirits of Truth to resonate a higher value that these encircuitments of HARMONY and UNITY through the influence of ENLIGHTENMENT may upstep them and give their indwelling Spirits an opportunity to convey more TRUTH and GOODNESS into their minds and hearts. Let your energy systems become so full of light that you can hold this for them—this space of safety and acceptance that their Father Fragments may convey what it is they need to comprehend and experience.

Let your lives become so enriched with HARMONY and UNITY that you can indeed hold this as a source of ENLIGHTENMENT for another person and that their Father Fragments may convey these higher values because you are acting as that catalyst for this enlightenment to occur within them. This is indeed what is occurring all across the planet but many people are still confused. It is through these circuitry enhancements that more transformational energies are applied to uplift not only the human psyche but also the creative imagination that more perception of the divine levels may be perceived and experienced.

So do what you can each day to play your part well during this time of the correction. And know, the more effort you make in reaching higher levels of enlightenment, becoming more harmonized and unified in your own personalities, the more you will be effective in ministering to the brothers and sisters who come upon your path. So let these thoughts circulate through your minds. Let the desire for this shines more brightly in your hearts. We will amplify your energies now and add them to the collective. (Pause)


This is the era of spiritual enlightenment, my brethren, and you are playing an important role in this time. Let your hearts be full of joy and thanksgiving for how the heavenly realms are touching the material ones and bringing all things back into the bosom of the Father.

On behalf of all the Seraphim and all who minister and serve you, I thank you. This is truly a collaborative undertaking of Spirit, celestials and Divine Personalities embarked upon for the great transformation of this world and the others that participated in the Satania rebellion. But it is over now. The correction is underway and the role you play is only conditioned by your desire. You can have a larger impact as you spend more time in stillness communing with your spirit, asking Mother Nebadonia to expand you that you may collaborate more with us and help this world cast off the shadows and emerge more fully into the light. Enjoy how you are transforming your own lives and witness how the world itself is being transformed though the GRACE and GOODNESS of our Parents and the LOVE of our Father in Paradise. I leave you in their LOVE, my brethren, and I wish you all a most blessed and peaceful good day.