2018-01-19-Treading New Paths

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Topic: Treading New Paths

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “Due to hereditary factors and genetics, you, as still imperfect creatures, have to deal with various levels of dysfunction. If you were personally ‘functional,’ you would be able to swiftly and adequately deal with external dysfunctions. You may not be able to instantly change them, but, at least, you would be able to prevent them from intruding on your personal space and disturbing the state of inner peace that is your true home base.

“You will never solve problems by the very means that caused the crises — by sticking to the old response parameters that have already been proved to be ineffective. You experience in your life recurring patterns of dysfunction. You are aware of their triggers, you are aware of the adversarial snowball effect they have on your life, and yet, you lack the necessary insight to ‘debunk’ them as they keep messing up your personal and relational life, in spite of your wishful thinking to resolve them once and for all.

“This is where I and your Guidance Team come in. We have the bird’s eye view that is much needed to objectively and wisely evaluate such scenarios, just as you can more easily provide sound advice to those with whom you are not so emotionally involved, as you have a more objective approach to their predicaments.

“Yet, as it pertains to your personal issues, you are frequently unable to distinguish the trees from the forest. Yours is to devise new creative ways to deal with these old dysfunctional patterns, as, very obviously, the same old same old won’t do the trick.

“What is the best approach? Again, the ‘Ask and you shall receive’ is fail-proof. As you ask Me or your Guidance Team, you are turning to those who are best qualified to help you and infuse your mind with new insights. By ‘Asking,’ you are moving away from your shortsightedness and the answers that will be forthcoming will be ‘from your inadequate emergency toolbox’. By asking — be it trusted friends or Higher Guidance — you are opening a channel through which new points of view will be forthcoming and present you with innovative response patterns that will break through the walls of painful dead-ends.


“Dear ones, what matters is that you are willing to change for the better. By setting such intentions, you will eventually draw into your field of vision that which is needed to be overcome once and for all and what was proved to be so detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

“It is not that you will cease to encounter similar trigger situations. Rather, you will address them in new and creative ways, thus finding the liberation you are seeking. By ‘responding’ differently, you will obtain a different outcome and the previously threatening cloud cover will lose its momentum and dissipate, without bursting into a mighty inner storm. The old patterns will become things of the past and your personal sense of freedom will increase tremendously. You will know how to deal with these emotional disturbances if they dare try to ‘kidnap’ you again.”