2018-01-21-Awakened Andite Genes and Minds

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Topic: Awakened Andite Genes and Minds

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Primary Midwayer, Andrea, The Damascus Scribe

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: “. . . it’s also good that we can talk without us having to alert a Secondary Midwayer. Your place, wherever on this continent, will always be a second home to us — your Midway Co-workers of long ago.”

George: “Thank you, Andrea. We love to have you near to us as it proves that our friendship does not change. It’s forever. We love you all.”


The Scribe: “Your friendship with the most essential spiritual movers and shakers of this world is something many of us in the higher spheres admire, even treasure to encounter. For us, cooperation is a given; we know no other way. Right now I’m here to explain a little about your recent remarks that Urantia long ago took a wrong turn, quite unbeknownst to herself. And I say, it is merely intuited by you that things of importance were withheld from your global curriculum by those (celestials) who were directed by the Gods to do right. With them all gone, devious human ‘teachers’ took their places. One needed great minds. Tesla, did so much! You needed many, many Teslas, however.

“It’s all in the education you received on this planet — you got much of what you did not in-the-least deserve, little of what you really needed. Your education was warped. The physical world was starkly separated from the spiritual world and supposedly there was nothing good in between. Free energy has ever since been wastefully overlooked in your ‘pay-for-what-you-get’ economies, but more so have your evil-biased educators steered you wrong.

“The future, you will find, will give up its secrets to young, oh-so-sharp minds and the planet will be celebrated for the miserable dark globe it once was and for the prestigious, illuminated and choice ‘study destination’ it will soon become.

“Will you still be here, you ask? I don’t wish to say. However, if you are moved on you will still come to see and wonder about the brilliant minds and question the awakening of the Andite genes and minds, yes, the Adamite genes, minds and inventiveness and you will look back at your life and know without any doubt whatever that you were a tiny but essential part of that whole process, for you followed Michael’s advice to do the Father’s Will.


“I am the Damascus Scribe and we will speak again.”

George: “Amen!” (Note: Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33) was also here).