2018-01-21-Is Your Answering Machine Turned On

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Topic: Is Your Answering Machine Turned On?

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “As you deepen your conscious connection with Me, you notice that your thinking is becoming more insightful and richer. Indeed, just as an IV brings much-needed sustenance to ailing physical bodies, you could say that there is a spiritual feeding tube connected to your mind upon your asking. ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ Just as a patient has to give his or her consent to receive treatment, I too need your wholehearted permission to step into your mental field.

“Mutual trust is the prerequisite for such a process. You have to trust that I have your highest good at heart, while My trust in your abilities to grow in Godlikeness is a given, as I am the One Who gave you these abilities.

“Once your mind is open to receive, I take charge and infuse it with My Insights to help you along your ascension journey. At times, I remain silent, as I know you are doing just fine and I wish for you to grow in self-confidence. At other times, when your footing is tentative and unsure, I whisper words of encouragement to entice you to keep on keeping on.

“There are also times when you are clueless and urgently turn to Me for Guidance. How do I provide it? I take advantage of these windows of opportunities when your mind is most receptive. This is the reason why it is said that ‘you should sleep on it.’ It is not that the time of the day really matters. Yet, at night, if you consciously surrender yourself to My watchful overcare before you go to sleep, after confiding in Me what is troubling you, I have a great opportunity to convey to your receptive mind new insights, as, being in an idling mode, it does not stand in the way.

“As well, at night, the chatter of Mass Consciousness and its distracting factors are also more subdued, thus allowing you to hear what is otherwise muffled by the cacophony of the outer world.

“Dear ones, before you go to sleep, turn off the ringtone of your mental line but do leave your answering machine on. This will allow Me to download precious information for you to acknowledge upon your awakening. How many times do you experience that your mind can much better process things in the morning after your nightly timeout? Take advantage of these great nightly opportunities but do not forget to check My messages!”