2018-01-28-Angels of Enlightenment and Spiritual Gravity

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Topic: The Angels of Enlightenment and the Spiritual Gravity of the Planet's Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for connecting us as one in this circuit of your LOVE. We are ready to join once again with the Seraphim of our planet to assist in the upliftment of the constructs of consciousness, that this world may be full of light and life and love and alignment in the Father’s WILL. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve. Our hearts are open to you and our Seraphim now, and we thank you for your WILL prevailing in this call and may it be done now. Thank you.

MANOTIA: Greetings, my dear brethren! I am so pleased to be with you once again. This is Manotia. In our last time together we began to engage with the Angels of Enlightenment. We will continue in this manner today. And as you deepen in your own minds and bodies into the spiritual energy that we are now making available to you, we invite you to focus on the energies of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY. Set your gaze on these words for a few moments. Take some deep breaths. (Pause)


SPIRITUAL GRAVITY is a movement of Spirit throughout the circuits of planetary consciousness. You might call it an upward and inward trajectory to help the circuits of this planet ascend to higher circuits of cosmic relationships. As you focus on this term and energy dynamic today, the Angels of Enlightenment will use this to infuse more spiritual pressure into the circuits of planetary consciousness to elevate the circuits of mind all around the globe to receive more of the light that is being made available to this planet in all of its various frequencies and attenuations.

So take some deep breaths and continue to focus on this term and dynamic. The Angels of Enlightenment are ready to engage now. All we ask is for you to feel that desire for more SPIRITUAL GRAVITY to move within the circuits of the planet as the Angels of Enlightenment move in our energy configuration. As usual, if you wish, you may use that familiar visualization of spiraling these words around the globe, counter-clockwise as they move in what they can provide to this world. Let us join as one in this circuit of intention and unfolding. (Pause)

Spiritual energy operates in various circuits all throughout the planet’s system of mind. As you hold this focus, keep the desires of your heart strong and centered on the desire for more spiritual vitality to draw the circuits of mind upward into the domain of the universe of Nebadon’s currents. This planet may receive more of that higher type of mindedness that renders your thinking and feeling and experiencing Spirit to greater depths and heights and breadths of the overall planet’s circuitry. You might consider this as an upliftment process underway as the Angels of Enlightenment imbue these circuits with what they can provide, creating another matrix of energy to pull human thought to higher realms of divine ideals and ideas. This will also provide more fertile soil of the mind for more people to perceive that there is something underway on the planet that is highly beneficial and constructive to their minds; even though they may still feel a chaotic response within them as the change energies continues to move through the circuits of Urantian consciousness.

This infusion today is designed to provide more of that spiritual momentum that is part of the gravity movement of light and love and life for your world to transform. All walks of life upon Urantia are undergoing transformation. Much of what you see is the first steps of transformation as the long entrenched belief systems are now opening up to new concepts, fostering more unity and harmony for collective thought to align in the Father’s plans of evolution. The Angels of Enlightenment are here to pull you toward those higher frequencies, as you might say, to actually help the circuits of human mind perceive the higher divine ideals that render human life much more positive, healthy and liberating to all. Continue to focus on SPIRITUAL GRAVITY as we continue with our ministrations. (Pause)

Today’s infusion of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY with the Angels of Enlightenment provides more light and space to move through the lower levels of human thought, especially those still operating under the influence of the rebellion. This creates more, of what you might call, polarization between that which is good and that which is evil and sinful. This will help people to make more of that conscious choice more organically as their minds perceive the higher spiritual emanations from their own indwelling Father Fragments conveying more truth and goodness.

This is a time of decision making at the human end, and more people are being awakened and impressed with these higher circuits that they may choose the way of Spirit and perceive that the sophistries of self-centeredness are no longer serving them. Many people live in a state of flux, wavering between choosing good and still resorting to error and evil. It is not that they are intentionally, consciously doing this. It is their minds fluctuating with these changing energies on the planet. SPIRITUAL GRAVITY provides a greater means for the human mind to calibrate to the higher tones and notes and frequencies of Spirit.

What you are doing today is anchoring these energies at the human end for more light to penetrate into those shadowy veils that still constrain human consciousness. Continue to desire this SPIRITUAL GRAVITY to take up more space all through these circuits, even down to the denser levels of human consciousness where more change and transformation is required, that more LIGHT may pervade these circuits and more TRUTH be imparted upon them. (Pause)

Over time as these circuits become more operative within the overall construct of Urantian consciousness, more minds and hearts will flow to the Father’s bosom. More spiritual information will then be imparted to the human mind that more people may choose the way of the Father and all that brings to the satisfaction, creativity and enjoyment of human life. So many of the individuals of this world live with such emotions as anxiety and fear. But I tell you, my dear brethren, there is so much joy to experience as you cast off those deeply embedded shadows within you and experience that upliftment within your own systems to the SPIRITUAL GRAVITY now pulling you into the embrace of the Father. Truly it is wonderful to behold the inner lights sparking greater internal luminosity within the human mind. The soul light gaining strength one-by-one as each individual responds with SPIRITUAL GRAVITY operating in each person.

We encourage you to see this transition time in this way, and we will help you as will your own Spirit provides you with that perspective to see this time of change through the lens of joy and creativity. So let this SPIRITUAL GRAVITY circulate in you and that you may continue to send it outward into the planet, letting more circuits harmonize, unify and align in Father, that the evolutionary plans of ascension for Urantia can proceed according to Michael’s objectives and Mother’s LOVE. (Pause)

Many areas of your planetary system of consciousness are being mended. This vast interlacing of circuitry contains all different kinds of frequencies,and through this upstepping today more spirit vibrancy is able to infuse these, what you might call, lower circuits that still harbor much darkness that confuses the heart and mind. But know this! The outworking continues and it will continue for some time to come. But the great correction is underway now and it is unstoppable. Do your best each day to maintain your own connections to Spirit and gain greater trust and faith in what is occurring as Mother embraces this world and provides the means for all life to be healed.


On behalf of the entire Corps of Urantia Seraphim, I thank you. We have completed our objectives for today and we will be with you again in two weeks to continue. We are grateful for your participation, and we encourage to speak about what is occurring upon the planet when you feel moved and motivated by your Spirits to share this with your friends and family. If it is not too much of a stretch for them, invite them to participate on these calls that they may begin to perceive within themselves the beckoning of Spirit Within calling them to a greater life adventure of discovery of the WILL and the ways of Father. And they will receive much help to make this change in their own understanding and perception and encourage them to open to what is underway upon Urantia.

We will leave you now in this manner but you may continue to stay in meditation and receive your own upliftment through these circuits of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY. May the LOVE of the Father stir your souls, gladden your hearts and elevate your thoughts that you may perceive more from your own indwelling Father Fragments and grow in grace and beauty. Enjoy your days, my beloved brethren. They are yours to use as you will but hopefully more fully aligned in Father each and every day. Good day, my dear ones.