2018-02-10-Mindfulness Approach to Faith

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Topic: Mindfulness Approach to Faith

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to receive from you and grow in those gifts that you provide to us. We are your children and we need your loving support, just as young children need from their human parents. We turn to you now as our Divine Parents and we thank you for what you bestow to us that we may gain more strength in who we are as children of God, and be able to help our brothers and sisters during this very challenging time on the planet. We open our hearts to you and we thank you for your WILL being done in us now.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my beloved children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Seeded within your beings is a very great gift. It is the gift of LIFE that comes to you from the Creator Source of all life to accompany you throughout your long evolutionary journey, to be received in the bosom of the Father in whom all things exist. The gift contained within this energy of life is FAITH. FAITH is the growing awareness of your relationship to your Creator and the attitude you bring to the Creator Source to follow the divine leadings of the Spirit Within.

This is a very fundamental principle of life that you begin to perceive during your mortal evolutionary experience. And your Father Michael and I are here to support you in your faith growth in comprehension of who you are as a son and daughter of God that you may enjoy a more enhanced relationship with your Indwelling Spirit, cultivating the requisite trust in the Spirit’s presence within that you may increasingly learn to cooperate with it and where it is taking you on your life journey of experience.

So now I invite you to take a few deep breaths. Focus on your relationship with the Spirit Within—that which some of you may know as your Thought Adjusters or Father Fragments. Feel that desire to be more consciously attuned to the leadings of Spirit to this endowment of faith. Your Father and I can provide you with a greater bandwidth, as you might say, to grow in this attribute of faith and to help you maintain an attitude of faith as you go about your activities moment by moment.

There is a mindfulness quality to living in faith. You are essentially saying to your Spirit: “I do not always know or see where I am being guided, but I trust in you and your love for me that knows the bigger picture and how to improve the quality of my feeling and experience as a child of God.” So let this be set as an intention in your mind and heart now. Focus on the word and the energies of FAITH, and allow your Father and me to move in you now, my beloved children. Allow FAITH to fill you and uplift you into a realm where your mind impinges upon the Divine. (Pause)

Your minds—your ability to think and feel and act—are gifts, given to you to experience life. Much of the time your life is experienced in relationship to your material reality, and there are many belief systems operating on your planet that condition how you think, what you think about, and the feelings that those beliefs generate. Also, you now live in a culture wherein you are constantly being bombarded with certain influences of your material culture to keep you focused upon it. This tends to interfere with the faith dynamic which operates in a very different manner. We are encouraging you to move away from the external stimulus of your culture and into the internal focus on Spirit that you may perceive that higher purpose and perspective for your life, and to follow the leadings of your Spirit wherever you are being taken.

This is an undertaking on your part of great trust. You are now letting go of what you think you know and believe in favor of the Spirit’s guidance to take you on this magnificent journey of creative self-expression and loving service to your brethren. Faith is, from the human end, a gift that you give back to your Indwelling Spirit that says: “I no longer need to fully understand where you are taking me because I trust in your watchcare and benevolence and know that you are leading me into experiences where I can test my mettle and grow from that place of authenticity of who I am as a child of God.”

Now, how many human of this world truly live from that place of faith? And so one of the components of these calls is to help you develop more faith within: faith in yourselves, faith in the Spirit Within and the ways in which you are being encouraged to explore the great creative potential seeded into you by our Creator Father of all that you may live more God-centered lives and be inspiring to your brothers and sisters. This is one of the dynamics that this world needs now, and we are here to encourage you to develop more of this faith component within your beings that you may more clearly intuit the leadings of your Spirit and cooperate more each day.

Allow these words to settle in. Let them go into those places within your beings where you might still find some of your own controlling mind operating, and allow FAITH to help you move forward in that living trust attitude of the LOVE of God within you. (Pause)

The more you trust in this faith dynamic that is already given to you as a gift from our Creator Parent, the more you will change how you perceive your material reality. It is as if the beliefs you hold will now yield to a higher perspective and be altered through your continued life experiences. In many areas of your culture the concept of faith is relegated to dogmatic belief systems that have been humanly derived and developed over the long period of evolution upon your world. And so many people substitute this faith dynamic for beliefs in certain traditions, concepts, ideologies that really hold them in very rigid forms that have a hard time opening to the faith dynamic.

But here is where we encourage you to move beyond that understanding of faith as, what you might conceive of, a context of religious beliefs into the arena of living trust in the presence of Spirit Within who knows you better than you know yourselves and can guide you more assuredly and securely on your path of creative self-expression in divine rightful order. Many people harbor this sense of faith attached to belief systems and become confused, because the Spirit is trying to convey a signal to their minds of something of greater value, but the belief container confuses them and operates in a way to constrain their feelings, their own ideas, and they have to pit their own lives against what their belief system is telling them and to find the higher truth kernels that the Spirit is trying to convey. Many times when people operate in this dynamic of what they think faith is will falter and continue to feel anxious, insecure, and unsafe in the material world because that faith bond of their relationship with Spirit has not developed according to their own needs.

So here is where we look to you, as our children, to grow in your own faith bond with your Spirit that you may continue to enjoy the enhanced relationship that provides you with a sense of security, purpose, and placement in the creative unfolding of God’s grand design. Continue to focus on FAITH, and continue to receive what we are providing to you today, my beloved children. (Pause)

Faith will take you into deeper areas within your own beings of your personality potential. You might say there are unexplored or unexcavated areas in your own being that the Spirit wishes to help you develop. Many times this comes with feelings of uncomfortableness, unsettledness, anticipation, and you can feel that there is something that wants to be expressed but you are not sure how to go about it. If you can continue to remain in that attitude of faith, Spirit will be able to guide you better in that internal perception and external expression of what it is inside you waiting to be birthed and manifest through your actions. And here it is where you begin to function at higher levels of consciousness and creativity, and it is our desire for all our children of this world to live at this heightened state of faith perception and cooperation with Spirit.

Again, we look to you to be the way-showers for your brother and sisters, but you must be fortified in faith and grow in your own relationship with your Spirits to demonstrate those most lovely fruits of the Spirit that are so enticing to your brothers and sisters. So make that commitment in your heart and mind to live more dynamic lives of faith, and know that every faith attempt you make is being supported by your Spirits, is being supported by your Father and me, and much help is given to you to continue to progress on this dynamic path of FAITH that will take you from Urantia all the way to Paradise.

So as these words settle in, continue to receive, and in a few moments your Father Michael will address you. (Pause)

My precious children, there is so much life for you to explore on this adventure of being a human and growing in your divinity one step at the time. Truly it is a magnificent undertaking, and you are well-equipped with what you need to take this journey. But it is a faith journey, and the more you develop this faith attitude and perspective in your heart and mind you will find greater peace, security, and joy in growing in who you are as that faith son and daughter of God. Enjoy your human experience, for it is yours to develop as you desire, the more you grow in faith and the more you appeal to Spirit for your guidance and perspective, living from that place more and more each day.

Thrive in our LOVE, my children, and may each day become one that you experience great joy in who you are and in the love in which you were created. Good day!

MICHAEL: Greetings my children! My PEACE is upon you! This is Michael. I come to you today not only as your Creator Father but as your brother Jesus who experienced the fullness of human life. I share with you my human life experience as Jesus today, and in the faith I developed as a human in my Heavenly Father to walk my human path and to come into a greater awareness of what the human range of creative expression allows for your lives.

Do you realize what potential is within you? It is hard to convey to the human mind the vast repository of information that your Spirit holds for you, and it was not meant to be conveyed all at once, but through your living experiences one day at a time, that you may enjoy a greater understanding of who you are when you come into that place of great trust of the Spirit’s presence guiding you forwards on this exquisite journey.

In my human life I too had to develop my faith in the Father. So now with this infusion that your Mother and I are providing to you I would encourage you just to shift to focus slightly and ask for me to share with you more of my human life faith experience and attitude that it may fortify you and help you make that own transition in your perspective and attitude about living a faith filled life. So allow me to minister in you now, my children, and fill your need to also experience more of the faith that I achieved as your brother Jesus. (Pause)

Human faith is a great gift you give to our Father in Paradise, for it discloses your willingness to cooperate with the divine will and ways of creation. When you look upon the vast canvass of reality your mind is staggered by the enormity and immensity of creation. And so you are not expected to learn about the nature and reality of life all at once. And it is through this faith connection you have to your Spirits that takes you on this journey one step at a time to discover, comprehend, and experience those truths your Spirit is trying to help you manifest. This is how you grow your souls. You amass your understanding of reality through experience and you grow in wisdom. You begin to operate from that higher place and perspective of reality that says: “Yes, I trust in the goodness of life and I am willing to cooperate in what it is trying to teach me.”

In my own human life, as I developed faith in my Father, I began to understand the greater implications of human life, and therefore I could see the bigger picture of what it was that human life is here to perform on the material worlds. It is to build that heavenly culture of peace and truth and goodness and love, cooperation, community and harmony amongst all the races, all the belief-systems, and operate according to the divine principles our Creator Father has put in place for the operation of all the dimensions of life.

So do not demean your human life experience, but rather relish it fully and know that it has great meaning and value, and it is there for you to explore in all its arenas depending on your desires that have been seeded within you and the inherited tendencies and inclinations that Spirit wishes to flesh out through your actions in day-to-day living. So as you make this transition in your mind from being so influenced by the external culture to the influences of the Spirit Within, know that all things are moving in the right direction, and there is more space and light coming in to your minds and bodies to support you on this faith dynamic in your human adventure. And know that I am here to support you as your Father and your brother, and to help you at those times when it is hard to see beyond what is before you: the problems that you may encounter, the crises of life that come your way from time to time.

Let your faith pave the way through these experiences, and trust that you will be given everything you need to equip you to walk through the situations of your life that are new and challenging. You will grow in strength and courage, patience and perseverance and find those deeper places of peace within. So allow me to continue to minister in you, my children, and share with you my human life experience as a child of faith. (Pause)

Through this faith fortification today your energy systems are being upstepped and recalibrated to the faith endowment within your beings. You will have opportunities to test this, to perceive where it is taking you and how it alters your perspective on your life, and to give you more of that exquisite trust that only you can convey to the Father of His loving and guiding Presence within you.


I will leave you now in this manner, my children, but truly, we are always connected and you are always faith fortified, especially when you make those decisions in your heart and mind to be a child of faith, and to live from that place of unknowing in the future but trusting in the best outcome for yourself and others.

We have given you much to digest energetically, mentally, and emotionally, and this will prepare you for the days to come when more change is apparent in your culture, breaking new ground for the ways of Heaven to be built upon this earth plane. Grow in faith and enjoy the journey. It is yours, and it is one of great beauty and majesty! Thrive in my LOVE and PEACE, my children. It is always yours. Good day!