2018-02-22-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: Seeing Each Other’s Individuality from God

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia




Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Good evening. Welcome--always and forever in our minds and hearts and our souls--welcome, dear parents. Please accept all the love we can send you, and accept our appreciation and thanks for all the love you surround us with, and right within us.


It’s such a treasure to be able to talk with you this way, and actually hear you respond to us. We remind all those who come to hear or read these lessons in the future, this is something we can all do. It is nothing special. Although I have been doing it for a few years, I don’t quite understand how it works myself, except that it does.

I do appreciate it, and I appreciate all the feedback I get from folks who enjoy these lessons. And so, dear parents, hang in here with us. We can use all the help we can get at times. We have come through a very sad time now with another rather senseless killing of young folks. Yet as we pay attention to the news around the world, we are confronted with literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of folks--old folks, young folks, and not just enemy combatants of warring armies, but all the really truly innocent folks caught up in these wars.

This makes us really wonder what it would be like to live on one of the worlds where they have had a high spiritual being directing affairs for hundreds of thousands of years. As our beautiful Urantia Book says, if we were suddenly taken to one of these planets and plopped down there in the middle of their populations, we would think we had gone to Paradise. So thank you for staying with us, and being with us. I invite you to speak to us now. Thank you, Mother Spirit. Amen.

Nebadonia: Good evening my beautiful, beautiful children. This is Mother Spirit, your Mother Spirit, for never forget, my dear ones, that I belong to you. I am here for you like all your earth mothers and fathers who so delight--almost worship--their own children for the miracle of this living being who came from them by processes that are still beyond the deepest knowledge of your whole human race. There is still some unfathomable mystery to what you call life. How you do treasure your children, and so you have some inkling, some great feeling for how Michael and I treasure each one of you. We are so blessed--and you can be too if you try--so blessed to see and experience the uniqueness of each one of you.

  • Seeing each other’s individuality from God

I know your hearts are heavy this evening over some of the things that have happened recently. You can wonder--as we do--just how much of the warfare and what you call crime--one human being preying upon another--just how much of this would cease if only each human being could see every other one as a unique creation of God; and then recognize that uniqueness as a seal of God’s creativity. Yet for people to relate this way--true enough, as you can imagine--such an enormous amount of your social life would be so radically changed. If nothing else you would all slow down quite a lot. There wouldn’t be so much anxiety moment to moment about living. You would literally give each other and yourselves the time to recognize and respond to each other as individuals.

Again, I encourage you to explore that part of the Urantia Book that talks about life on another, more spiritually advanced planet. You can even imagine the next phases of your eternal life on the mansion worlds where everything is profoundly changed because it is such a soulful reality. It’s the expressing of so much soul of all those individuals you will meet, both other ascended human beings, and then the more spiritual beings.

Each person’s own uniqueness of personality is so much more to the fore, so much more apparent to be seen and experienced. Even with all the physical glory you will be surrounded with, and with the one-step-greater spiritual bodies you yourselves will have--the greater mind and spirit you will have--this too will be your greatest treasure, my dear ones. It will be the ability to see and relate to each other in a much more soulful way because you will have all experienced the shock, and surprise, and glory of having survived.

In that more soulful kind of reality--there is no other way of expressing it--you can be more yourselves, and welcome this in each other. It is a treasure you might have already, those of you who are fortunate enough to have dear, close friends sometimes over many, many years; maybe even folks you have known your whole life since grade school, high school, and college; or just being close to each other in small towns or neighborhoods.

  • A more soulful, creative reality

This is what I’m talking about. It’s a kind of deep, deep recognition of the hand of God in each one of you. And as you can feel this in yourself, what security there is in it. More and more you cease to be a mechanical machine simply reacting to what is happening around you, or what has been planted and indoctrinated inside you. But moment to moment your creative spirit is in full bloom. You can feel it because you accept you are walking around in a constantly living, changing, dynamic world. This doesn’t frighten you, but thrills you, and excites you, and teases you to come forth and meet the challenge of the next moment never having happened before. This is how you approach closer and closer to this profound truth of God’s reality.

He is such a creative being, not only to set up all of reality to begin with out of his delight and joy, but to renew it each moment. He set up a situation that is profoundly, deeply, existentially growing. When you tune into this, all of a sudden you become more soulful. You can feel how you yourself are growing with experience, and how that experience is ceaseless, based on this ever-changing reality you find yourself in.

And so you have a foretaste, my dear ones, of the worlds to come because your reality is becoming more soulful. You’re beginning to have a big toe in testing those waters of what is to come, and not only in your next life, but right in this one. This is where you find the space to keep growing, to keep learning new, interesting things. You’re open to meeting new people for all the challenges they bring you.

  • Growing your abilities

Another great part of your growth, my dear ones, are what you call abilities--being able to do more and more in every realm of your being, mentally and physically. You’re understanding more and more of the physical world around you and how it works so you are in tune with it. You are not stubbing your toe on all these mechanical devices that are so much a part of your lives now, but taking delight in them.

There are your abilities of ways of enjoying other folks, things like taking walks together, all the different team or individual sports like tennis or golf. Think of all the ways you can dance with each other, both with the music and a great band, or the music in your own minds as you tip-toe through the tulips with a dear friend, skipping along through life for a while.

This is what we mean by soul, this growth in learning new things and getting greater and greater abilities. It’s a way of escaping the cultural straitjackets you were raised in. It’s why in the more advanced societies the role of the sexes are more and more overlapping so that men and women can enjoy what was traditionally, in ancient times, very rigidly demarked between them. Women can handle and delight in all those mechanical things in the so-called male realm, and the men can get out in the kitchen and enjoy whipping up some delicious things which were once the sheer province of the housewives. This way you can enjoy so much together and appreciate what each can do.

  • Spiritually healthy in body & mind

These are all the things you have to look forward to, ways you can grow and keep growing. This is what being spiritually healthy is all about. Keep embracing all you can learn about diet and what you are putting into your bodies. Work these bodies that thrive on physical activity. Glory in the fact that now, after tens if not hundreds of thousands of years of people being broken at a fairly young age from the sheer labor involved in surviving, there is a greater percentage who can look forward to actually getting out there on their own in something not required of them, but enjoying an ever greater physical activity to stay strong and healthy. They are meeting the challenge of the old bugaboo of just being lazy to death.

My dear ones, let me cease all this teasing for you to get out there--and inside yourselves--to keep growing. Just keep welcoming more and more. Now let me open myself to your questions and comments. You help me and Michael keep growing too--to answer what you have.


Student: Yes, I have a question. Can you give us an exercise with which to get more consciously in touch with our spiritual team? I understand we have a team--a guardian angel, of course our Thought Adjuster—God’s presence, also yourself and Michael. Are there some others--Midwayers perhaps? Is there a way to become more conscious of their presence, and to more consciously interact with them?--communicate with our team?

  • Being conscious of spiritual company

Nebadonia: Yes, my son, this is the primary purpose of what you have designated as meditation. Think of it as an intermediary between your spiritual team and your ego consciousness--that part of you that is self-aware and can make decisions. Meditation is deciding to set aside some time in which to do almost nothing but make this contact. It’s why we suggest a kind of meditation in which you more or less say, “I’m going to sit down in this chair and just be open.” You can make up a list of questions to ask, yet we caution you that when you ask a question in your mind, be very careful to realize the very next thought can be the answer.

The more precisely you can delineate and formulate a very particular spiritual question about meanings or relationships--whatever it is--the more precise the answer can be that it will appear as a thought. Very rarely will you actually hear a voice in your mind. Some folks are visualizers and will get little inner visions of things. Other folks are more in tune to words and will get very discrete thoughts. You won’t always know if they are coming from your Thought Adjuster, even though you accept the presence of God can give you actual thoughts.

This is where it is so handy--especially if you are just starting out--to write these down. Take notes as you meditate, because you can be so afraid, once you have a great realization, that you will forget it and lose it. It helps to write it down so you aren’t stuck there for a while. It’s wonderful to realize something with an inner movement where you’ve not only known something intellectually for a while, but it’s suddenly become real for you.

  • Making space for spirit input

This is how you get out of all the pre-programming you have given yourself to do each day, to get through the day. Think of all the people you are relating with, and all the enormous complexity of your life. How can you set that aside to tune in and let your spiritual company speak to you?

Another way is right in the middle of something that requires a certain amount of creativity. Your spiritual help can speak to you simply by augmenting your own creativity. This is especially true in any kind of a dance with other folks, literally getting out on a dance floor with some kind of music and having someone in your arms, or engaging in all your different shared sports, or all the different ways you relate with people at work or at home. Don’t be surprised if your spiritual company is helping you in this because they too enjoy all your human interactions. It tickles them because it is something they can’t do directly. It is something you are doing with them.

These are ways you can be conscious of what spirit is doing for you, as well as the fact you are spiritual being yourself. Remember: you are a being who is literally, moment by moment, co-creating everything you are experiencing. So it is all kind-of blended together. The hard part of your being human is knowing: what am I doing?--and what are they doing with me, or for me? There is a very delicate dividing line here, yet this distinction is what your meditation gives you. You get the feeling, if you just stop doing things yourself to be open and see what comes up all by itself. See what they have to suggest.

  • Reflection & review

One great thing they’ll do is simply get you to reflect on your life. An old philosopher once said: A life without reflection is not worth living. We call it: The two-hundred-percent-ness of life! You not only have your life in what you are doing, but you have the conscious reflection on it as well. They are very much a part of this as you sit down and let whatever wants to come up. Maybe the first ten or fifteen minutes of your meditation is simply, but profoundly, reviewing/reflecting and coming up to date with what has been happening to you.

These are ways of being conscious--by stopping everything else and putting your focus on just being open-minded. Does all this make sense?

Student: Oh yes. It is a practice that I do. I was curious about differentiating between various help-mates, but the impression I’m getting from your answer is that it makes no difference. The answer is the answer, regardless of which of my various celestial compatriots said it to me.

Nebadonia: Yes, that is true, my son. It is even mentioned in your Urantia Book that in this first phase of your eternal life--in your human life—they are hard to distinguish because they are very coordinated. They are spiritual beings, right? They are never working at cross purposes and so, in one way, they are like a chorus singing to you, and they are always in tune.

Student: A Greek chorus, yes.

  • A harmony of spiritual notions

Nebadonia: They are so much in tune, and it is such a perfect harmony, it is hard to pick out the individual voices. Believe me: they really enjoy doing this. Keep in mind, my son, you are much their purpose for being. This gives you the sense of humility of: my goodness, I hope I’m not disappointing them! But just take time out of your life to sit down in the middle of the day and say,” Hi!” Initiate this contact yourself whenever it occurs to you. Just take a few minutes and say, “Hi guys. Hope you‘re enjoying this life of mine as much as I am.”

Remember too: they are right here with you when you really need them. Sometimes you can recognize their input in times of stress when all of a sudden you get what you call a “zinger”--a realization so strong it is more than what you yourself could have come up with. These are so precious most folks recognize and treasure them. It is what we call “realization”--where you suddenly realize something you’ve known intellectually, or imagined, for a long time, yet it’s only now become real for you. Your world has just changed, and grown larger. This is largely their work.

So don’t forget to say hello. Michael and I always do love that, just like we love this transmitting, and we love your receiving.

Student: Thank you. It is invaluable.

Nebadonia: And fun--the kind of fun called deep joy--pure cotton candy for your soul. Be in my Love.

Student: Thank you.


  • God’s and human spiritual nature—sharing

Nebadonia: Well, my dear ones, if there are no more questions or comments. I started tonight by acknowledging these heart-heavy times you go through just by opening yourselves to being aware of each other’s suffering. Now there is a national discussion about the fact that school children were killed, yet I had to remind you that, as you look around the world, every day there are tens of thousands of folks being horribly killed, or terribly wounded for the rest of their lives. This is both by what you call nation-state organized warfare, yet then too in every community what you call crime where one group of people is preying upon another. It includes all the economic ways that people prey on each other and take advantage of each other. If the essence of God’s spiritual nature—and your own--is one of sharing, think of all the poor, crimped, stingy souls who are dead set on not sharing anything--if they can help it--with others.

Keep all this in mind as you realize, as Michael and I do, the goodness and the sharing within this good old human race is a thousand times greater than all the warfare and crime. It is all the joy--as your poet said—of, “Eyes seeking responsive eyes, Bring out the stars, bring out the flowers.” Just walking down a busy city sidewalk, think of all you can share in a split second moment of meeting another pair of eyes.

  • Open your heart, have courage, stay open, and keep growing

The hallmark of wisdom is a sense of proportion. It’s having the courage and the strength to stay open to both extremes--of pure joy, and sometimes the pure hell that folks are going through. Open your heart. This is what I leave you with, my dear ones. Have that courage. Stay open. Keep growing, and be in my love. Good night.

Students: Good night.