2018-02-24-Trusting the Innate Faith Dynamic Within

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Topic: Trusting the Innate Faith Dynamic Within

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we thank you for this time to imprint upon your divine qualities as we continue to grow in who we are as children of God. Thank you for what you are about to bestow to us today that we may be ever more mindful to our relationship with you and with our Indwelling Spirits. We are ready to receive you now, and may your WILL be done. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children! This is Michael. As faith sons and daughters of God, you bring a unique quality of living trust into your relationship with us and with your Indwelling Spirits. This is the most profound gift that you give back to us in that attitude and expression of trusting in the nature of Spirit to guide you all throughout your lives, not only here on a material sphere, but in the ages to come as you refine your beings to reflect the spiritual tones and notes of the greater universe in which you inhabit.

We have begun a year-long study and exploration of this mighty domain of FAITH. And today your Mother and I are here to continue to support your opening and expression of your lives in this faith dynamic. I will also entertain any questions or concerns you might have about your own faith process and how you maneuver through this human life experience in this attitude and expression of faith.

To begin, simply allow your internal gaze to focus upon your hearts. Take a few deep breaths. Let the current of your mind begin to quiet. Allow your bodies to relax. In your internal gaze, focus the word energy of FAITH directly unto your heart center, and simply breathe. Stay in this meditative state for a few minutes while you receive from your Mother and me, my belovedchildren. Focus on the word FAITH and let it imprint more fully upon your mind. (Pause)

We have shared with you a perspective that faith is a living trust in the guiding power of LOVE and the spiritual nature from which it originates. Living trust is an attitude you adopt throughout your long course of evolution to higher states of consciousness. And so you go through various stages of developing your faith, and sometimes you do not always understand at what state you are presently experiencing. So today I encourage you to simply feel that need to understand the nature of faith and how it begins to expand you into a higher domain of this living trust component of the relationship that exists within you of the Spirit presences that comprise your relationship with myself, your Mother, and your own personal Spirit.

Some people are very curious about the stage of development in this faith dynamic, and FAITH is certainly something to understand more fully that you may engage with its nature and find more peace of mind and assurance that all is well and that you are being supported and guided all along your journey.

The faith dynamic ranges from blind faith where you simply place your trust in something completely unknown and new, to a heightened state of faith assurance where you perceive an internal knowingness of the reality of Spirit within you and that more satisfied level of understanding within you that you are on the right path and indeed acting according to the principles of the divine ways of universe life. So you are somewhere in this continuum, and wherever you are is fine because you are on a path, and you are growing in your understanding through life experience about the nature of FAITH. And your Indwelling Spirits are here to help you perceive where you are so that you can relax more in this living trust to hold you steady and secure as you move about your day-to-day activities.

So take a few moments to appeal to the Spirit Within. Ask the question, “What do I need to grow in my faith expression? Where do you see me as I am on the path in this continuum of faith assurance in growing in my spiritual nature?” Take a few moments to pose these questions, or whatever questions you would wish to express to the Spirit Within, and your Mother and I will continue to move in you now. (Pause)

All through your eternal ascension career you will be operating in this faith dynamic. The potential within you, seeded in you by the Paradise Creator of all, is designed to support you through your whole life expression. In this material life existence you are starting on the path. You are learning about who you are and the nature of faith. It is quite understandable that you would have many concerns and questions about if you are living a life of faith or where you are on this path. But rest assured, once you make this commitment to grow spiritually, it is if that faith relationship that exists within you innately starts to kick in, as you say, and operate more dynamically for you. And here is where you will begin to test the waters of personal expression because you are taken into realms of the unknown. You are, what you might call, a faith explorer and you are learning new things all along the way.

This is a rugged path for some, especially in the early stages. Especially when you begin to perceive that the human intellect and the way it is conditioned by many cultural influences begins to tell you that things aren’t always what they seem, and you know intuitively that there is a better way to perceive reality and the role that you play in how life unfolds on a material world. On this world the faith path is indeed very rugged, especially now when you live in such a time of great change, social upheaval yielding to a higher spiritual way of life based on the divine principles of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that comes from divine LOVE. But the Spirit Within you knows the way and has the path, and it is up to you to choose that path each and every moment. And sometimes in this choosing it becomes so labor intensive that you begin to falter and lose your way.

But when you return to that state of faith you will find an upliftment and an expansion. It is if that Spirit Within you is the wind beneath your wings, encouraging you to take off and soar and explore the multidimensionality you have within and the multidimensionality of the universe which is here for you to learn and achieve new understanding about your place and your role in the great creative design of our original Creator Parent.

Take a few moments to allow these words to settle in as you maintain that focus on FAITH, and in a few moments I will entertain your questions. (Pause)

My children, your Mother and I appreciate the faith steps you take each day and how you open yourselves up to us that you may grow in this faith dynamic of the truths living within you. Should you wish to address me with a question or concern I will be happy to receive it. You may stay in this meditative state if you wish and continue to receive more of the spiritual energies you require for FAITH to grow within. It is your choice. You may begin now if you are ready to speak.


STUDENT: Good morning! I have a question. How best may I receive more love and how do I better radiate that love to the world?

MICHAEL: Well my son, that is a question that many people share, and the best way to achieve this is to take it one day at a time. Look neither to yesterday nor to tomorrow. Stay in the present moment. This is a skill that you develop one day at a time. Simply have that intention to do your best each day and to ask for opportunities to come your way each day where you can demonstrate that love to another person. Many people, as you say, jump the gun in their spiritual development, trying to achieve great things without having the proper foundation constructed underneath you.

One of the building blocks of this foundation is the ability to stay present in the moment in which you now exist. This begins to expand the heart connection that is hard wired into you from your Universe Mother that maintains a flow of spiritual energy. And it is up to each individual to practice, practice, practice staying in that moment to maintain that love flow in order to express it more easily and readily to your brothers and sisters.

This is where most humans have the greatest challenge, especially when you are confronted with the desires of your own human will pitted against the desires of others. And because you live on a world where there is still so much self-centeredness and you are trying to achieve more selflessness in demonstrating that love, it becomes exhausting over time if you spend too much time pondering “how can I do better; what must I do now?” But if you stay in that present moment with that open hearted attitude of “I am doing the best I can here and now,” you maintain that open state of fluidity in and with grace so that you can be that conduit of love in simply sharing goodwill and good wishes for another person.

Now you will not always know what another person needs, and that is not your responsibility because each individual must be responsible for himself or herself and the relationship that each individual has with the Spirit Within. What is your responsibility is to remain in that open state where the love flows easily from the Spirit through you and into another person. You can practice this by simply connecting an imaginary line from your heart to the other person’s heart and simply hold that intention of “I am a conveyor of divine LOVE to my brother or sister” and then simply let go. Do not engage your mind as to what you must say or what you must do, because that individual’s Spirit knows what that person needs, and the love that you convey from your heart to that person’s heart is perceived by their Spirit, and that spiritual energy can then produce a correlating effect within that individual, depending on that individual’s receptivity. But you will not always know what that receptivity is, so you are simply letting go into this dynamic of faith, trusting that you are this living conduit and you are doing your best.

The simplicity of living in the moment will then continue to expand in you and you will find greater peace of mind because now you are not engaging the intellect with questions of “what should I be doing or how am I doing?” and you are relaxing more into this dynamic of faith where love can flow.

Does this help, my son? (Excellent! Thank you.) You are most welcome.

Enjoy practicing this very simple practice each day of staying in the present moment, and while there may be frustrations with it because it is a refocus time and again, this simple technique will take you farther on your faith path than most of the practices of trying to engage the intellectual mind of the reasoning and judging that is so common to human life. And while your brother has directed this question to me, this answer is directed to all of the children of this world. Be in my PEACE as you practice this and more will be added to you.

My beloved children, FAITH is a living spiritual quality, and it is an endowment that is innate in your beings, but you must use it. And each day, set that intention to live this life of faith. Let this be your spiritual perspective and agenda for the day. Do not spend time in regretting what you did yesterday or pondering what will happen tomorrow for FAITH will guide you on this path and your Spirit will be able to inlay more information into your waking consciousness for things for you to consider about the nature of who you are and your relationship to living this material life here upon Urantia.

Your Mother and I are here to support you, and you may come to us at any time during your day, no matter how busy or uncentered you may experience in your emotions of your mind. Come to us and simply take those few breaths to relax your bodies, to quiet your minds that you may begin to experience that uplifting momentum which is FAITH. And the more you develop this habit the more space and light and spiritual perspective will imprint upon your mind and feed you with the positive thoughts and feelings that grow you into this living container of divine LOVE.

Do not berate yourselves when you fall off the path, but simply know that this is all part of the human experience, especially now when you live such challenging lives going through this time of change. Be gentle and compassionate with yourselves, and trust in the human nature that has been given to you as a great gift and learn to enjoy it more. So that will add to your ability to stay on this faith course with more assurance and peace of mind and heart.


I will leave you now in this manner, my children, but I am always here living within you through your Spirit of Truth, helping you find the goodness and the beauty within as you move in the direction of your Spirit and in the potential that has been given to you to craft your human nature into a work of artistic beauty and divine LOVE. Thrive in my PEACE, and enjoy your human life experience more and more each day. My blessings are upon you. Good day.