2018-03-10-Gather the Fruits of the Spirit

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Topic: Gather the Fruits of the Spirit

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Damascus Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “To live a fair and righteous life is like climbing a mountain the very pinnacle of which you are to reach at the very end of your days on this earth. There is a good and healthy reward for lazily sauntering up the eastern slope of your mountain. It is this eastern side where you can climb at a leisurely pace, almost unobservedly gaining in height by just a 1 in 20 rise. This eastern side of the mountain is the easiest side and suits the father or mother who will provide for their spouse and teach the children what is right and leave the neighbors in peace.

“To live a difficult yet righteous life is like climbing that mountain from the northern slope which is exhausting, quite steep and boulder strewn. There is time to catch one’s breath by sitting on a boulder, but the north face is a cold life’s journey. The southern slope of our mountain is similarly steep but the entire way up is through thick jungle-like ground cover. Moreover, it is a hot and tiring path to your life’s journey. Of course it is your choice entirely if you are to take the northern or southern path up that mountain. North or south will suit the mother or father who will teach the children what is right, provide for them and the spouse and have time to spare to give to friends and neighbors alike, care for the sick and be teachers and healers.

“So very few are those who climb the western side of the mountain, for it has a near vertical cliff face, few hand- and footholds and it cannot be scaled without special gear and rope ladders in the fight with a wet and slippery rock-face and with a sharp wind whistling by. These are the achievers who will accept any temporary ‘punishment’ in their lives on terra firma to honor their Master Michael and ensure their future arrival at a much better place with all those they got to know during their long climbs up that steep wall to the top. Their sheer strength of will and endurance allows them to stay with the task, to heal the ills, to clear so many confused minds, to teach the undeniable truths, relate explicit beauty and unequivocal goodness and become the example for others through that tough climb to the top and to finally rest from their exhaustion.

“However, what extensive rewards will ever and again greet those who accepted the western approach, the short-term pain to be Michael’s servants, His trusted bellwethers in their short years, no sooner begun as to come to an end, on terra firma of a decimal planet.


“We entice you to seriously consider a break from the routine of ambling leisurely to the summit and taking on the western approach to be one of Michael’s apostles and have many follow you and Gather the everywhere-present Fruits of the Spirit.

“Such is the way, indeed; all must climb this mountain as your Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, made clear to you.

“I greet you, My son. I am the Damascus Scribe. Talk with Me often.”