2018-03-11-A Judgment Free Zone

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Topic: Judgment Free Zone

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “The thought entered your mind that, whenever you access the Stillness, you are entering a ‘judgment-free zone’. Indeed, it is a place of Unconditional Love and such a Love cannot be watered down with judgment.

“As you choose to turn within and access your Inner Sanctuary, you are indeed treated like a welcome ‘refugee’ from the outer world — your daily battlefield. The Stillness is where you can take a well-deserved time of R&R. It is a place of ‘truce’ — a war-free zone, where you can regroup.

“Indeed, life constantly presents you with a multitude of challenges. No matter whether they stem from the external dysfunction of the outer world or are generated by your own life choices, they create tensions within you and generate feelings of uneasiness and insecurity. How often do you stop and wonder if you are doing ‘the right thing?’

“I know how difficult it is to identify what is right for you to do, as you are frequently faced with multiple choices. Just as in some of your school tests, there is sometimes only one correct answer. Yet, at other times ‘all of the above’ are correct answers provided that they are in alignment with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, as the Father is not a stern dictator. He is actually eager to see what you can manifest out of your creative free-will prerogatives. Indeed, the element of creativity requires the empowerment of your free-will to be unleashed. Ponder this for a moment and you will be in awe of the Father’s Vision for your life and the trust He has vested in you.

“Indeed, whenever you turn to the Father and to the highest celestial influences available to you, you enter a judgment-free zone where you can use these wonderful resources as your most qualified ‘sounding boards’ — a Faculty of loving and concerned Spiritual Advisors that will do their best to stimulate the best in you — ideal partnerships.


“In higher realms, Judgment is a sacred service assigned to the Ancient of Days — the heavenly Judiciary Committee. You can be sure that no rushed judgment is ever rendered and that this ‘judgment zone’ is tempered with great empathy and compassion, as its main objective is the rehabilitation of those who strayed away from the path of righteousness. There is absolutely no room for judicial errors there.”