2018-03-23-Manifest Love in Action

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Topic: Manifest Love in Action

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “The thought entered your mind that the expression of True Love goes way beyond the words, ‘I love you.’ Indeed, as for anything else, the spoken word has much creative power; yet it is powerless if it is not followed by creative deeds.

“Ponder this for a moment. In the course of your human life, you are building heart-connections in many forms, one of them being friendships. Sadly, many such ‘friends’ only deserve the title of ‘fair-weather friends’. They express their positive feelings toward you when everything is OK in your life; yet, when rainy days come around, only the ‘all-weather friends’ remain with you to lovingly help you weather your storms.

“If loving actions do not vouch for the sincerity of your kind words, those words were not truthful and it ensues in disillusioned hearts. This is the reason why the Master said that ‘you will recognize them by their fruits’.

“Dear ones, the next step in your spiritual awakening is to manifest Love in Action. Such a type of Love is the real thing and by far transcends Love in Words. If you are sincere in the spoken expression of your loving allegiances, the resulting connections will be enduring and sustainable. True Love is everlasting. This is the type of Love your Heavenly Family feels toward you. This is also the reason why you can be assured that they are very involved in your life, as it is what Love is about — always concerned, never indifferent.


“May your loving actions validate the sincerity of your words. Such actions will, indeed, be the irrefutable truth that ‘you meant it’. They also will become an integral part of the foundations of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as only True Love is deemed to be an adequate building material. As you act lovingly, you are as well becoming increasingly aligned with your Godlikeness.”