2018-03-25-Angels of the Nations and Loyalty to Father's Will

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Topic: Angels of the Nations and Loyalty to Father's Will and Peace on Earth

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate with our Planetary Seraphim for the furtherance of more love and peace, truth and goodness to engage with the circuits of human mind. You know where we are in this time of correction. You have the greater plan. And while we cannot see it at the human end, we trust in you and we trust our Seraphim who so diligently endeavor to upstep the circuits of Urantian consciousness. Thank you for connecting us as one in your love, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, Spirit-to-Spirit that your will may be done to our efforts, and we are ready to begin. Thank you.


MANOTIA: Greetings one and all, my dear brethren. This is Manotia! I am very pleased to be here with you as are all of the Seraphim who are here to facilitate the distribution of the energies that you generate from your hearts. We will continue to focus on the LOYALTY energies as they stream into, what you might call, denser bandwidths of human consciousness. This is very important now as the Correcting Time agenda pursues a more rigorous course of spiritual energy to move through these circuits of your planet’s consciousness to bring about this great change and understanding, not only from the intellectual perspective but from the perspective of the heart.

We have been working with the theme of LOYALTY TO FATHER’S WILL and we will use this focus again. But now we ask the Angels of the Nations to move into this focalization for more of the upstepping necessary in these various areas of planetary consciousness connected to the institution of national life. As we begin, we invite you to simply place your gaze over your heart centers. Feel your desire for more peace, goodwill, harmony, tolerance, and fraternity to prevail in these circuits all around the globe that pertain to the way the national interests of each nation operate in human consciousness.

Take some deep breaths as you settle into this LOYALTY infusion. Send that into the planet as a whole. You may certainly use that familiar visualization of spiraling the words LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL all around the globe in that counter-clockwise rotation as we engage now with the Angels of the Nations. We begin. (Pause)

Allow your hearts to swell with that desire for peace to prevail as we use what you are generating to place it into the areas where much good can be accomplished through our efforts. If you wish, you may also visualize the words PEACE UPON EARTH as you continue to allow these energies to stream from your hearts. Maintain a strong and steady gaze as best you can as we move into these circuits through your love and desires. (Pause)

All around the globe, the human heart is responding to this call for PEACE UPON EARTH. There is, what you might call, a great change of heart now underway, recognizing that the attitudes of discord and disharmony are very toxic to the human condition. More and more people are sensing that there is a better way to conduct the affairs of national life. This is a ground swell momentum of energy coming from the common individual who is ready to open to more spiritual circuitry. As you hold this focus more individuals are responding to the spiritual pressure within that the ways of conflict are destructive to the human condition. So we encourage you to maintain this attitude and desire for PEACE UPON EARTH to prevail as we move in these circuits now, my beloved brethren. (Pause)

As this desire for PEACE UPON EARTH to gain greater presence within the human constructs, will you see the cooperation among nations move in a positive direction, away from such warlike posturing and jockeying for position. While this will take many years to outwork, you can certainly provide more of that human desire by collaborating with us and the Angels of the Nations that their endeavors may produce more productive fruits wherever they have receptivity to instill what you are generating from your own heart desires.

As you know, there is much to outwork upon this planet, and we encourage you to continue to spend some time in your stillness practice to engage with us; simply sending your love from your heart into the planet’s constructs of consciousness wherever you would wish to see more positive change occur, more peace to prevail, more love to dominate. And here you are providing a great service to the planet as you now act as an agent of change to help the world overall. So continue for a few more moments to engage with the energies of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL and PEACE UPON EARTH as we continue to minister in these circuits, my brethren. (Pause)

Ensure you are doing your part each day to be that PEACE UPON EARTH. Maintain that composure and centeredness in Spirit you need that your own energy systems may radiate more of that quality of peace and good will to others around you. We know that this can be challenging at times, but it is now important for you to take responsibility for how and what you think and what you are conveying into the circuits of planetary consciousness. Be responsible for your thoughts. Allow your hearts to be filled with love and peace and patience, for the Divine Sources in you are so open to you, so available to you to keep that flow moving into you and through, but you must maintain that composure and posture throughout the day.

So ensure you are taking enough time each day to quiet your minds and replenish yourself in spirit that your soul light may shine outwardly to a world in great need and be that PEACE UPON EARTH that you may leave this indelible mark upon the higher circuits of mind upon the planet. Maintain that focus for a few more moments LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL and PEACE UPON EARTH as the Angels of the Nations and the other Seraphim use what you generate. (Pause)

There is one additional focus we would invite you to generate from your hearts. Envision these words in your mind’s eye IT IS TIME FOR THE FATHER’S WILL TO PREVAIL UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME FOR THE FATHER’S WILL TO PREVAIL UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME FOR THE FATHER’S WILL TO PREVAIL UPON URANTIA. Let this generate from your hearts, embrace the globe as we move in this now, my dear ones. (Pause)


My dear brothers and sisters, thank you very much for your participation today. We have completed our objectives, but we continue to minister in these circuits following the conclusion of this call. We ask you to share a part of your stillness time with us that your light may be added to the light of the world and add more spiritual vibrancy to what is occurring all across the globe. This is the time of the great outworking. It is the time for inner reflection and development and for loving service to others as this world is gently being guided toward her destiny of Light and Life.

Continue to participate as best you can, ensuring you are doing your part each day to be that conveyer of love, conduit for peace and light to prevail, as we all work together as one in our Father Michael’s plans of correction and rehabilitation for His beloved world. I leave you in His PEACE and I wish you all a most blessed and joyful good day.