2018-04-01-Become More Discerning

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Topic: Become More Discerning

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “For you to wholeheartedly believe in things unseen takes a lot of faith on your part, yet it is as nothing once you wade through your river of doubt and disbelief.

“Rather than you concentrating on your doubts and give them power, I would have you come to Me more often and rest in My presence and know that all is well.

Practice the Stillness more often, so you can take Me with you in everyday life.

Trust that I will never lead you into situations you cannot handle. However, the prerequisite of course is; that you are willing to listen to Me. The more you bend your inner ear in My direction, the easier is becomes to hear My Voice, rather than listen to the clamor of this world.

“Come alive in Me as I am alive in you. Discipline your thoughts and become more aware of any negative input from the outside world. Allow Me to help you sort out matters in relationship to their level of importance.

“To gather knowledge is good, but it needs to be of use for you to know it. Will it be to your advantage? Does it direct you to grow God-ward, and does it uplift your thinking towards truth, beauty and goodness? Or does certain information gathering incite fear and restlessness of mind, which sooner or later translates into mental and physical discomfort?

“This is a choice you must constantly make, for much time is wasted on negative and low level thinking, which has regretfully become so commonplace on this planet.


“I am endeavoring to teach you to become more discerning so you can make your personal decision and choice about how to think, and thereby become more creative in your thinking. I long to plant Higher Concepts in your mind, but this I can only do in a willing, open, orderly, trusting, clear and sincere mind.

“Please ponder this, so you no longer thwart My efforts to teach and I can point you towards the way of life everlasting.”