2018-04-01-Resurrection of the Divine Plans of Urantia

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Topic: Resurrection of the Divine Plans of Urantia

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are so grateful to be participating in this Easter celebration today, as we remember Michael’s human life and what He did, for not only this planet, but for all of the universe of Nebadon. Thank you for connecting us as one in your love, heart to heart, soul to soul, Spirit to Spirit, that we may receive these energies and focus them where they will do the most good that your will may prevail here upon this world through our efforts and yours as a co-creative collaboration between humans and Spirit. And may your will prevail and be done now. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings my beloved children! This is Michael. My PEACE is upon you. I appreciate your joining in this call today as we move into the circuits of Urantian consciousness to restore and regenerate the divine plans for the evolution of Urantian consciousness. Please join with your Mother and me and all of the other celestial helpers who are now engaged with us to bring about more spiritual transformation and redemption to my beloved world. Take some deep breaths. Settle your gaze upon your heart centers. Allow the energies of RESURRECTION to gently pulse in your mind’s eye and upon your hearts as we prepare these circuits for what is to come.

The evolution of a divine plan for a planet is a very long process. There was an interruption in this process upon your world, as you well know. But during this particular period of the Correcting Time your Mother and I are making available the maximum spiritual help to afford all levels of Urantian circuitry to open and imprint upon the corrective energies that will bring about the evolution of the divine plan as this world moves forward in her trajectory toward Light and Life.

Today I invite you to join with us once again in these circuits of consciousness. Feel your desire for the divine plan of evolution for this world to become more fully resurrected throughout the circuits of consciousness all around the globe. You might consider this the restoration of those circuits from the earth plane level of consciousness to connect with the morontian levels where there has been much spiritual reformation afforded to this planet to help you not only in your own individual growth, but in the furtherance of the divine plan all upon the globe.

So as you continue to focus in your hearts, feel your desire for the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLANS OF URANTIA to intersect with what is now coming in through these higher streams of spiritual energy. As you continue to breathe deeply, hold this focus while this reconnection is forged all around the globe in the places where much good can be accomplished through human and spiritual efforts: RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLANS OF URANTIA. (Pause)

There is within the human heart a great desire for truth and goodness. Allow your hearts to swell with the desire for these divine values and attributes to prevail. It is as if TRUTH and GOODNESS were breaking through from the ground up, streaming through these circuits of evolution to connect with the higher circuits now imbuing the planet. Feel your desire for the energies of TRUTH and GOODNESS from this earth plane visualization to stream upward, connecting with those universe circuits that are now streaming and bathing the planet.

Many people all over the world are celebrating my resurrection on this Easter Sunday. It is my desire to amplify these energies with my children who are more fully aware of who I am as your Creator Father and Universe Sovereign. Allow your hearts to stream forth this desire for TRUTH and GOODNESS to prevail. Let this be concentrated focus on your part, holding the space at the earth plane evolutionary level for these energies to more fully connect and intersect all around the globe, as the higher frequencies continue to bathe this world, building more spiritual pressure for these divine values to prevail throughout human consciousness. (Pause)

If you wish you may add another level to your focus. In your mind’s eye, visualize the word and the energies contained therein of REDEMPTION. Let it stream forth from the higher realms to embrace this world in that familiar counter-clockwise spiral, north to south poles. The energies of REDEMPTION, as they encircle the globe, connect with the evolutionary circuit for TRUTH and GOODNESS to prevail. We are weaving these together in a more cohesive holistic energy pattern to feed the circuits of consciousness and insert that into the places where much transformation can be accomplished. Hold this focus for us now, my dear children, as we amplify the energies through your Mother’s LOVE. Maintain that desire for the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLANS OF URANTIA to increase its capacity all around the planet. (Pause)

Your brothers and sisters need to know and feel that they are deeply loved and cherished, not only by you as their siblings, but by the universe family. This is part of the redemption process, you might say, and what we are accomplishing today is an energetic awakening—a quaking within—of the truth and the goodness of the universe and the LOVE of the Father that exists within each individual. This is part of the divine plan for Urantian consciousness. It is a major component, and you are assisting us today that more individuals may be touched and nurtured and become aware of what is available to them through this RESURRECTION AND REDEMPTION process. So maintain that focus for a few more moments. (Pause)

My beloved children, what a glorious adventure awaits you as you move more into these higher circuits streaming into the planet! Your adventures have truly just begun, and there is so much that awaits you! But you are here now on this planetary assignment of being a human. Your Mother and I would wish for you to experience more of the JOY contained within the fact of your humanity. We share this with you, and we now invite you to open yourselves that you may breathe in this JOY that comes from us as your Divine Parents and Sources.

Take a few moments to envision this word. Let it settle in your hearts, and as you begin to experience it, send it out into the planet, that you may feel a renewal in your own sense of self and begin to appreciate your human nature with more relish and gusto. (Pause)



My beloved children, it brings great JOY to my Father’s heart for all the faith you demonstrate as you go about your earthly lives. You are just beginning to experience more of the underlying support system to which you are connected through these circuits of mind; that your Indwelling Spirits may inlay more TRUTH and GOODNESS into your beings. For truly, you are among the agents of change for this world as it continues to outwork the ways of the rebellion that the divine plans may be more fully secured in their cultivation and expression all around the globe.

I am very grateful to each one of you for spending this time with me today, for truly it is a great time of transformation, redemption and rehabilitation upon this world and the other worlds who are also being transformed through these universe circuits. Remember to play your parts well each day and to collaborate with your beloved Seraphim that these circuits may form a tighter web of LOVE around Urantia and grow that divine plan to become stronger and more pervasive: to heal your brethren, to heal all life, that the glory days of Light and Life may continue to progress one day at a time through your efforts and ours. My blessings of PEACE are upon you, and I wish you all a most blessed happy Easter as you celebrate with your friends and family. Good day!