2018-04-07-Trusting in Your Heart

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Topic: Trusting in Your Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for all the ways in which you provide us the spiritual energies to help us grow into our potential as children of God, living here on the physical earth. This is an important time in our lives, from both the collective and personal standpoint, and we thank you for your patience and guidance and love and mercy that you always make available to us as we grow in who we are. We open ourselves to you now that we may continually imprint upon your divine natures. And may your will be done now. Thank you.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my precious children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks! Take some deep breaths as you relax into your bodies. Allow the mental chatter to quiet. Envision or imagine these words in your mind’s eye as you place them upon your heart centers and remain in that place of your heart with the focus on these words: I TRUST IN MY HEART. I TRUST IN MY HEART. I TRUST IN MY HEART. Gently affirm this in the quiet of your own thoughts and feelings as your Father and I move in your now, my beloved children. (Pause)

The spiritual bonding you contain within your beings exists at a level that can be perceived through a particular sensing mechanism which we have shared with you known as intuition. As you grow in your intuitive capacities you begin to perceive that there is something very grand and glorious within you that is awaiting your awareness to bring it forth from the fruits of your labors. This greatness within you is cultivated by trusting in your potential seeded into you by your Creator Parent Source to help you manifest those abilities there contained within the deepest places of your beings. Trusting in your hearts will help that awareness grow within your thoughts and feelings that you may cooperate with the Spirit’s guidance within to manifest those potentials and make them real in day-to-day living.

The first step in this process, you might say, is to have the faith to recognize that you are connected to us by faith at this higher dimensional level, and that the more you open your heart to who you are, the more this faith bond will grow, enhance your intuition, and help you trust within and in the potential seeded in the core of your beings.

Today, as we enhance you with more of our energies, we simply ask you to feel that desire and have that thought that you wish to trust more within your heart. And here is where we can amplify what is already forming within you of Spirit, helping you gain greater awareness through your intuitive abilities and allow the Spirit Within to guide you more consciously and directly throughout the day: I TRUST IN MY HEART. Let that be maintained as your focus. (Pause)

There is a holy purpose for your lives, my children. The goodness and the greatness that lives within you is awaiting your expression, and only you can make this real, because it is your potential to manifest. You do this one day at the time, allowing the Spirit to guide you, and to make that a priority to live a God-centered life, demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit as best you can throughout all your normal day-to-day activities. The potential within you is vast, and you never know how you will be guided to bring forth one of those exquisite possibilities within you. And here is where we have encouraged you on your paths of faith to gain more of that intuitive access and to feel that desire for these potentials to manifest.

Your human life experience is very valuable, and your value to the universe is immeasurable. Even though your culture may diminish your potential from time to time, putting in impediments of fear and anxiety to contain you, you can rise above this through trusting in your heart and desiring that what is seeded within you to bear the good fruits of love, peace, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and other spiritual fruits.

So the more you trust in your hearts, the more you begin to glean that there are many, many good things within you that you have to share with your brothers and sisters and with the world. And I encourage you not to hold back in thinking that you are too small or insignificant. But to go beyond that and recognize you are a child of God! You have a rich and rewarding life ahead of you that you can experience now exactly where you are by trusting in your heart and allowing your Spirits to nudge you forward in expression of your potentials.

Sometimes the nudgings you get are very, very subtle, and you may miss them from time to time. That is understandable. But because you miss a nudging, do not let that deter you from trying again and having that great heartfelt desire to be aligned with where your Spirit is guiding you forward in expression of the gifts seeded within you. So remain in this place of I TRUST IN MY HEART, as your Father and I continue to minister into you, my children. (Pause)

My dear children, you are all so precious! It is time for you to perceive your full value as humans. For you have much creative potential and great creator possibilities to make those potentials real throughout your day-to-day living. I nourish you in Spirit that you may perceive what is deep within you and feel more of that impetus and ambition to bring forward the gifts contained therein.

I will leave you now that your Father may address you and help you become more enlivened in those creator potentials within you; that you may enjoy fulfilling and satisfying lives of helping your brothers and sisters become more of who they are, of sharing your gifts with the world. My blessings are upon you, and I leave you in my LOVE. Good day.

MICHAEL: My PEACE is upon you my children! Drink deeply in it. This is Michael. Your human lives are very important to us. You have lived on a world where humanity has been devalued, you might say, because of the various cultural influences that put emphasis on other factors. But your Mother and I are here to reinforce the potentials within you, that you may trust in your hearts and feel more of those desires and inclinations to express those gifts that have been so richly and generously deposited into your beings.

On your walk of faith, you are living each day as a child anticipating what is to come. And what we encourage you in this anticipation attitude is to trust in your heart that good things are coming your way, and that you have great veins of truth and beauty and goodness to share with other people. Now sometimes the experiences that come your way are challenging because they are there to encourage you to bear these fruits of the Spirit to your brothers and sisters who still do not know who they are and are slumbering and not connected to their own potential.

This is why the faith path is so rigorous, because you never know what is coming your way. But when you trust in your heart, those potentials within you are more readily and easily cultivated. It is if you want to convey more forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and patience with your brothers and sisters. You want to do this because you sense that this is right and good, and that something of great value can come from the exchange and interaction. You are allowing the creator part of you to be expressive when you do this. And as you focus on I TRUST IN MY HEART, what I can reinforce in you is more of that creator potential, that you would feel more empowered and emboldened to convey the fruits of the Spirit to your brethren when you are engaged with them.

So as you focus on this trusting energy moving in your heart, also feel your desire to be more imbued with the creator energies deeply embedded within you, and I will move in you now, my children. (Pause)

The time is upon you now, and you are being encouraged to increasingly convey and demonstrate these creator potentials through your creative gifts in many ways. Pay close attention to the cues of the Spirit and the clues around you that come from your brothers and sisters. Sometimes the need for spiritual sustenance will not seem very clear to you. But you can convey an essence of love and compassion by simply trusting your hearts and allowing that energy to flow from your heart into that other individual. And over time it will seem more effortless and natural that you are indeed being a loving conduit for them, because your heart is so opened and you have gained so much more trust bandwidth in your faith walk as a son and daughter of God.

Continue to allow me to move in you for the next few moments letting the trust expand in your heart as I help you become more imbued with your creator potential. (Pause)


Trust in your hearts, my children, as you grow in the faith relationship that you have with the Father’s presence within you. The beauty of this relationship is beyond human imagination. Yet you can grow in this a little bit more each day as you faithfully hold that desire to be a creator and creative force of love and peace upon the planet. And your ability to manifest more of your potentials will be realized, and over time you will look back and see how far you have grown in your humanity, as you continue to ascend on your path to divinity.

Walk your path faithfully and joyfully each day, knowing that your Mother and I fully support you and are here to help you when you feel confused or anxious or wondering what it is that you must do. We will help you see the bigger picture and relax more into the expression of your evolving soul.

Grow in your soul’s beauty, my children, for this is truly what you are now manifesting as you walk your own unique path of faith, gaining in your intuitive capacities as you trust in the goodness within. Thrive in your human experience, my children. I share that with you! And I will help you whenever you feel you need that extra boost of support that you may continue to allow your light to shine upon a world in great need. My PEACE is upon you, and my LOVE lives within you. I leave you now, my children. Good day.