2018-04-08-Resurrection of the Divine Plan

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Topic: Resurrection of the Divine Plan Upon Urantia Through Justice and Mercy

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re here once again to join with our Planetary Seraphim to construct this higher level of reality into Urantian consciousness. We are very grateful for their presence on the planet and all the ways that they work on our behalf, on your behalf. Even though we do not all understand what they are doing. We are truly grateful for all their help and support at this time. Prepare us now to collaborate once again with them by connecting us in this circuit of oneness that our focusing may be very productive to build more of the circuits for love to prevail on this world. Thank you so much. May your will be done.


MANOTIA: Greetings, my dear brethren! This is Manotia. I trust you all enjoyed your Easter holiday celebrations as we certainly did enjoy all of the expressions of love and reverence for our Creator Sovereign, as many hearts were focused on Him and what He accomplished not only as Jesus but as our Father Michael. The energies of Easter Sunday are still highly resonant within the planet.

We will continue the focus on RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLAN UPON URANTIA today. As you take that familiar posture of internal focus on these words, feel also your desire for more JUSTICE AND MERCY to prevail in these circuits that the divine plan may continue to gain more space and stature in the circuits of human consciousness. Join with us now as we come close to you. All of the twelve sectors of seraphic involvement are engaged in this circuit of intention. We ask that you keep your gaze strong and steady on the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLAN UPON URANTIA. We will move in this now inviting the energies of MERCY AND JUSTICE to prevail. Let us begin. (Pause)

There is a call or yearning within the human heart for justice. Over the course of the years of the Correction Time, energies of DIVINE JUSTICE have streamed forth from the heavens to move in these circuits of consciousness and the human heart is perceiving those signals as a yearning for this to prevail. Now it is time, what you might call for justice, to break through the ground, break through the years of distortion and deception and the ways in which justice has been thwarted by the perpetuation of the rebellion agenda and mindset.

So in your mind’s eye, envision this word, JUSTICE. Ask it to move up from the earth plane as if it was breaking through the ground to stream up to the human heart. Let it feed that human emotional energy system for more JUSTICE to prevail. If it is helpful, you may envision this JUSTICE infusion moving through the circuits of the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLAN UPON URANTIA. Do your best to hold your gaze strong and steady as we move in what you are focusing now, my beloved brethren. (Pause)

All around the planet people are perceiving more of the need for truth to prevail. It is not so easily perceived within the human mind, but there is this growing awareness that there has been a perpetuation of distortion of reality and people want something new and better. But they cannot put their finger on it yet. So as we continue to minister in what you provide, let your own desire to see JUSTICE prevail to move into this circuit now. We can amplify this all around the planet and help individuals to perceive more truth, perceive that there is a great need for correction and it is coming from a higher source. (Pause)

Now we invite you to shift focus slightly. There is resident in Urantian consciousness a deep tendency towards punishment for the transgressor. Truly in the realms of the higher spiritual worlds this tendency towards punishment is upgraded, you might say) to the desire for rehabilitation—true spiritual rehabilitation through repentance and redemption. We invite you to focus on the energies of MERCY now coming again through this circuit of the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLAN UPON URANTIA. Simply ask for this to move up through the ground level, breaking through the ground and moving up into the human heart. We are moving all through these circuits where the mindset of punishment still holds a very concerted presence within the circuits of human consciousness. Allow these mercies to stream forth from the ground as they take their rightful place in the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLAN for this world. (Pause)

As you hold the focus for MERCY to prevail, ask yourselves, “Am I mercy minded toward my brothers and sisters?” Is this my prevailing attitude toward them?” Be honest with yourselves as your Spirits already know the answer in how you comport yourselves in relationship with your brethren. Ask for this infusion of MERCY to also upstep you that you may operate from this spiritual frequency, you might say, in your attitude and experiences with your brothers and sisters. Let your own desires swell that we may amplify this in the areas where it can do much good. (Pause)

In holding this MERCY MINDEDNESS focus you are helping to allay the energies contained within this need or desire for punishment. This will afford the bandwidth in human consciousness for more JUSTICE to prevail, for more repentance and redemption to occur that mercy may be accorded to each individual. Michael’s plans of correction and redemption reach far and wide and go very deep.

So help us do our work more effectively by adopting these attitudes of forgiveness and mercy toward your brethren and toward those individuals who represent a collective power base on the planet still beholden to the rebellion agenda and mindset. Ask for more of Father Michael’s presence to pervade these circuits as our Mother expands Her spiritual essence all around the globe for more of the divine Mind to prevail yielding these wonderful gifts of the spirit to awaken humanity and continue the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLANS to unfold. (Pause)


We have given you much to consider today, my brethren, as well as engaging you in these very deep circuits of human consciousness. We extend our continued invitation to you to collaborate with us during your daily stillness that these circuits of TRUTH and GOODNESS, JUSTICE and MERCY may continue to stream through the RESURRECTION CIRCUITS UPON URANTIA. Keep in mind it is up to you to adopt this attitude of MERCY MINDEDNESS toward you brothers and sisters and insure you are making gains in this every day, leaving behind those judgmental, condemning attitudes towards others that you may be freed from those spirit toxins which inhibit your growth and thwart your happiness.

Remember, you are all agents of change, and we encourage you to become more visible agents of change that we may work with you and through you and to help this world regain her rightful place. Great gains are occurring, much of which is still unseen by you But as we have indicated to you before, Michael’s plans for correction will not fail. So it is up to you how large a role you wish to play in this auspicious time.

We leave that for your consideration as we have completed our objectives for today. These circuits that you have helped us co-create and collaborate in will grow and they will extend far and wide to help in the liberation of this world. We leave you in the Father’s LOVE and may you grow in His PEACE and MERCY as you continue to live your human lives one day at a time on Michael’s beloved world. Good day!