2018-04-08-The Secret of Waiting

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Topic: The Secret of Waiting

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “The hardest lesson to be learned in life is that of waiting, yet all good things come to those who wait.

“‘Wait upon the Lord’, the Lord of all creation, who holds the blueprint of every created being, evolving offspring, and all manner of things within himself. He knows all, sees all, and experiences everything with, and in His Creation.

“There simply is nowhere where God is not: this almighty Overseer, who has divested himself of any and all duties, and has delegated everything to His created beings, is therefore totally free to experience anything and everything with the lowest of the low, His evolving mortal will creatures.

“By their free will choice and decision making, they return to Him, climbing the long ladder of evolution, rung by rung into the light; literally coming forth out of the dust of their natal planets far out in space.

“In order to experience everything together with them, He gave them a Fragment of Himself to help them in their journey back to Paradise, where there is room for all the pilgrims from space. When they finally after a long and exhilarating ascension journey, bring with them their own unique story of music and color in multiple shades of vibrational, experiential perfection, they will sing to the glory of the One, who in His great love made all this possible.

“Co-incidentally they will have added to the enriching experience of the evolving Supreme Being, the God of space and time.


“Meanwhile, the creature is also knowingly enriched in exercising his or her free will prerogatives by following the leadings of that indwelling Fragment of the Universal Creator God, whilst enjoying and learning the lessons which lead the mortal to perfection, even to the degree that this Fragment is perfect to whom they are betrothed and become one with at the appointed fusion time.

“This is the secret of waiting for that glorious moment of culmination in oneness, which will surely come to those who ‘wait upon the Lord’, and train themselves to become perfect.”