2018-04-10-About 20-20 Vision

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: About 20-20 Vision

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “Let us further investigate the Christ Consciousness. Why is it such a game-changer to connect with it in the course of your earthly life? Jesus Christ was born as a mortal of the realm — the Son of Man. Yet, He understood the divinely ordained calling for each human being to get in touch with their divine sonship — a precedent He established during His material life in this world.

“He demonstrated the positive transformative power of His teachings by constantly applying them to His own life, thus becoming the most qualified personal Life Coach you could ever wish for. Can you fathom from His exemplary life the tremendous impact that one single life can have on an entire universe? Such a privilege is yours as well. What will it take for you to follow in His still lingering footprints?

“After His tragic execution, He dispatched His Spirit of Truth to be poured over all flesh, simultaneously with the motherly Holy Spirit and the Divine Fragments hailing from the Father. What an unprecedented event it was! What a vote of confidence it represented! These spiritual presences are here to stay — forever and ever — in order to assist YOU.

“Ask to be connected with the Consciousness of the living Christ. He will help you to ‘truthfully’ make sense of your current predicament — just as He constantly addressed areas in need of higher understanding while He walked the earth. He patiently and lovingly pointed out the erroneous beliefs and misguided human behaviors. He fiercely advocated against the rampant emotions of shame, fear, and guilt that were hampering the spiritual progress of humanity. He courageously lived a life devoid of self-deception, never compromising His personal integrity and constantly checking in with His Father, knowing well that isolation can become a treacherous danger zone.


“Dear ones, by studying the life and teachings of Jesus, you will become able to integrate them into your way of thinking, feeling, and doing. By asking for the Christ Consciousness to enlighten you, you will be equipped with powerful spiritual ‘night vision goggles’ that will pierce through the dense fog of ignorance and insecurity. Your footing will become more assured and you will progress much faster in the right direction, as no longer will you be part of the herd composed of the blind guiding the blind. You will be guided by the One who enjoys a 20-20 vision, coupled with a 100% spiritual clarity!”