2018-04-11-Come Closer, I am Waiting

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Topic: Come Closer, I Am Waiting

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Bettina



Thought Adjuster: “I am here, next to you, with you always on your path.

“Open your heart to My presence.

“Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Calm that tidal wave of thoughts that makes you feel anxious, sad and worried. Stop. Rest. Submerge yourself in the ocean of My love.

“My love overcomes all situations in this world. My peace is absolute and once you find it again, you realize that all those things that worried you are not really so big. There are only normal situations on your path through life. All this will pass. All is fleeting.

“My love for you is eternal and absolute. The situations you experience today on Earth are temporal and relative, just experiences.

“Your spiritual being is well above all situations. Do not let yourself forget that you are much more than these situations you are experiencing today, that seem so overwhelming. They are not.

“Let me fill you with My Light. Let me fill you with My unconditional love. Let me rescue your spiritual being so you can regain your strength.

“Rest in Me. Recharge your light, your peace and your love in Me, the never-ending source of light, peace and love.

“I am here. Receive My love. I shine My light upon you.”