2018-04-18-As Below, So Above

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Topic: As Below, So Above

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “As above, so below” entered your mind this morning, as you were thinking of the various ‘operating systems’ of your being — many of them still shrouded in impenetrable mystery.

“As above, so below” is a significant clue to help solve their enigmas. How so? You have heard of the term ‘parallel realities’. This too hints at the fact that an all-encompassing set of laws governs the various cosmic realities.

“Your physical body is the ‘below’ element of the quote. Let us look at it in that fashion. A child has to first undergo the hormonal activations of puberty before he can ‘conceive’.

“From that down-to-earth perspective, let us now look at the ‘above’ side of the equation. What about your thinking, your feeling, and the birthing process of your soul?

“These ‘organs’ are also subjected to a natural growth curve. If adequately nurtured, they too will become able to ‘breed’ meaningful and enlightening thoughts, as well as quality feelings, as your soul will become effectively cross-pollinated’ by Spirit.

“Millions of sperms partake to the ‘race for life’. They compete to make it first to the finish line — or rather to cross the starting gate of a new life. As below, so above. From Paradise hail staggering numbers of divine Fragments — spiritual seeds, so to speak. There too, the ‘survival of the fittest’ comes into play. This is the reason why each one of them gets an individual green light, programmed according to a wise divine timing.

“Has the human candidate for ‘spiritual fertilization’ demonstrated his ability to provide a safe environment for his embryonic soul? Has he at least made one moral decision? Just as hopeful adoptive parents are thoroughly screened by the adoption agencies, your propensities are taken into consideration before granting you the privilege of partaking in the ‘conception’ of your very own soul.


“Take time to ponder this. Once you recognize how privileged you are to be among the ‘chosen ones’, take to heart the feeding of your embryonic soul. You are both the parent and the child!”