2018-04-22-Divine Justice, Peace Among Nations

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Topic: Divine Justice, Peace Among Nations with the Angels of the Nations

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come together once again with the intention to collaborate with our beloved Planetary Seraphim who work behind the scenes of our lives and our culture. We thank you for this experience today as we are connected as one in your love, that our energies may be amplified together in this circuit of oneness, connecting us to our Seraphim that we may operate together in a very harmonious and synergistic manner to bring more of your WILL to this world. We are ready to begin. We thank you for this opportunity to serve. May your WILL be done now. Thank you.


MANOTIA: Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters. This is Manotia! We are pleased to have this opportunity to collaborate with you in these circuits of consciousness to build more of that presence for Spirit to prevail throughout the circuits of this world.

To begin, we invite you to make contact with your indwelling Father Fragments. Take a few moments to place your gaze upon those words that you use to commune with your Spirit. Take some deep breaths as you allow the Spirit Within you to gain more space or presence within your own mindal circuitry. Take a few moments to do this now before we begin our outward focusing. (Pause)

There are many circuits of LIFE and LOVE and LIGHT that are streaming into the planet’s system. These subtle energies provide more circuitry interlacing all through the various levels of the planet’s mindal system. It is very challenging to describe this complex circuitry to your minds. But if you were to draw a simple image in your mind’s eye, it would simply appear that this world is plugged into a unified source of energy that refracts into many different frequencies to operate at different levels but all designed to function as one. You might say that within the workings of the Paradise Trinity and the Isle of Paradise this giant source of LOVE is pulsing and this world is connected into it by this vast resource of networking all designed to support the evolution of this world to the era of Light and Life.

As you maintain that focus and contact with your Spirits, we invite you now to simply move the focus of your gaze down to your heart centers and simply ask for all of the spiritual circuits now to be infused with that overarching LOVE that comes from the Paradise Source to pervade the planet. The twelve Seraphic groups will engage with your heart energies now. Simply allow the gaze from your hearts to embrace the world. And if it is helpful for your focusing, see this planet simply pulsing on the energies of Paradise at the center of all things. And we begin. (Pause)

The Paradise plans of perfection are imbued within the personalities of your Divine Parents. They are the ones who are charged with evolving the material worlds to those higher levels of divinely inspired living. Where the Seraphim are involved is in the support system for the evolutionary humans to collaborate more consciously that we may assist you on your own paths and your personality expression to build these ways of truth and goodness upon the planet.

Now these are all concepts that you recognize and comprehend to varying degrees. But what we utilize is that desire or motivation that comes from the ideals placed within you that you would wish to see this world reach its divinely ordained objectives. And because the circuitry of this planet is undergoing so much change at this present time, we ask for that motivation for the ways truth and goodness to prevail here and for the presence of those Paradise energies to have more room to function.

This is particularly relevant at this time as there is so much upheaval in so many of the countries of this world as they face their challenges of how to move forward in this Correcting Time agenda. But we are charged here with implementing these plans and we delight when humans participate with us. We encourage all of those humanly inspired efforts to make contact with the angelic realms to bring about these changes.

Now that we have provided you with a bit of an overview for what we are about to do today in bringing more of these plans of correction to the world, we invite you to feel that desire for more DIVINE JUSTICE to strike in the heart of individuals—the need, the appeal, the desire, and interest for this infusion of DIVINE JUSTICE to work within all of the planetary circuits, but most particularly focus in the areas of national life for the Angels of the Nations to use. As you maintain that focus from your hearts, envision the words DIVINE JUSTICE moving into these circuits going down, down deep, settling upon the earth plane, soaking into the ground, and the Angels of the Nations will move in this configuration now.

Do your best to focus, and if your mind wanders, simply call upon your Indwelling Spirits to redirect you that your focus and gaze may continue to stream into the planet in these circuits for more DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail, especially among various nations that the Seraphim charged with this can do their work more effectively. (Pause)

To enhance this infusion and to amplify the circuits for the Angels of the Nations, we invite you to visualize these worlds PEACE AMONG THE NATIONS to once again stream from your hearts. Let this form a bubble of light energy embracing the planet and going into those deeper levels where there are still old patterns operating that are attached to the rebellion agenda. Let the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE and PEACE AMONG THE NATIONS conjoin as one as we continue to minister in these circuits, my brethren. (Pause)

And they invite the power presence of Michael’s MERCY and Mother’s LOVE to expand these circuits and convey more spiritual energy into the planet as a whole. The parental nature of their LOVE is the antidote for all of the social ills prevalent upon the planet. This level of LOVE is the apex of compassionate understanding and merciful ministrations for all life to flourish here. But as a whole your planet has never fully come to apprehend and appreciate this. But now, your desires for this to prevail with a need for parental love that comes from Divine Sources to pervade this planet. The synergy of all these energies is now being used as one to promote more PEACE and MERCY to prevail here as more JUSTICE ensues during this phase of the Correcting Time. (Pause)

There is much change occurring all through the various bandwidths of this planet’s circuits. One may not understand all of the ramifications of what is happening. At a more intuitive level you perceive that much is indeed occurring behind the scenes of your lives, and this will continue for a time as so much of this energy of the past continues to outwork. Be not dismayed or daunted by what you see occurring as more truth light reveals the past and what has occurred here. Trust that every effort is being made at, what you would call, the celestial realm to help this world regain her rightful place in the family of Nebadon. It is already there, you might say, but from the perspective of humans recognizing their rightful place. This is still a collective consciousness that the world needs to understand. And it will as it is growing, and whether or not you see evidence of this, it will continue to expand until all hearts are touched and all minds are given the chance to choose the ways of TRUTH and LIGHT and GOODNESS and LOVE aligned in the Father’s WILL for this world. (Pause)


We have completed our objectives for today. Once again we thank you for all of the ways you collaborate with us—your prayers, your exhortations, your actions. When you share them with us, we use them to further this objective of Michael’s Correcting Time agenda. Remember, you are in a transitory phase and that the human mind is being challenged. Do not be daunted by this but to celebrate the awareness that things are on their way to becoming more aligned in the Father’s WILL.

Please remember to spend time in your stillness with us focused on these circuits of change, building more PEACE AMONG THE NATIONS, for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail, for the RESURRECTION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA to continue to unfold.

I leave you now in this manner, my brethren, and I ask our Parents to continue to support your lives that you may be more effective agents of change during this auspicious time upon Urantia. Thrive in the Father’s LOVE and enjoy how your humanity is growing more lovely each day. Good day.