2018-04-22-Your Wishes, Not Mine

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Topic: Your Wishes, Not Mine

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer, Mathew (33-3-33), The Damascus Scribe

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: “I’ve been by your side for over one hour now to give you energy and courage, inspiration and insights. It pleases me that you no longer see the ‘disappearance’ of your (Midwayer) friends as a loss, but as a necessity for important work to be done by them all. Here is the Co-ordinater of all Thought Adjusters, as well as others, at their tasks in His domain. I will stay and be quiet.


The Scribe: “My dear co-worker in our Michael’s universe, this is the Damascus Scribe once again to assure you that all your brave soldiers (Midwayers) are at the front. Whilst the eastern ‘rim’ of Asia is so much in the news and the near endless squabbles in Syria are demanding of much attention, there are other places of greater concern — the generally smaller countries bordering both Belarus and Russia.

“It is there where the Midway workers are concentrated. It is there where a tiny spark may ‘harvest’ a conflagration of pent-up ill will and hoped-for recourse against the masters of a quarter century since. Long ago! Long ago and no longer of any concern. It is from the Baltic Sea and right down to the Black Sea where the first arrow may leave the longbow and mankind will learn to ever regret the actions of one fired-up zealot who may cause the next war to doom all in utter poisonous misery.

“Never before has the entire globe been held to ransom by just one individual or one small group of men. One could almost say that in recent circumstances that is kind of likely if not almost warranted. However, the kind of armaments your world is proud of would leave few of you, if any, alive. Apart from the fact that we wish for you to get fully involved in this new phase of your life — and we see you are proceeding with that challenge — the Midwayers’ time is best spent right where they are.

And so, I want you to record this prayer, and also pray with me now:


‘Dear Father in Heaven, We want You to hear this prayer from the many hundreds of millions of us who want to see Michael’s cherished planet be forever at peace. Please give all our celestial friends the right to make us all safe in whatever honest way they see fit when they think of our children and our children’s children just as we do on each day. And may Your wishes and plans come true — Your wishes, dear Father, not ours.’

“I say pray, My son, pray. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s note

There were easily 5 pages to this transmission, but most were private and of no real interest to the 11:11 Progress List.