2018-04-28-Developing Intuition

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Topic: Mother Spirit Discussion Developing Intuition

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we‘re so grateful to be your children and to have this opportunity to receive from you. You know exactly where we are in our spiritual development and our relationship with you and our Indwelling Spirits. And so we are here today to imprint more upon your divine qualities that will support our faith growth, and come into a greater relationship with the power of Spirit Within. We are ready to receive you, and we thank you for your will being done in us today.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my precious children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. The intuitive faculty of your minds is a very fundamental place where you begin to perceive what is true and right and good. Many of your mental abilities have been trained to use inductive reasoning and analysis to make judgments based on your previous life experience. And it is good that you use these types of thinking in your discerning of what is true and how to proceed forward in your lives. But what is missing in your planetary mindal culture is the cultivation and articulation of the energies of intuition that are a component of the faith mind that you are now growing in your own way of thinking and perceiving reality.

This intuitive faculty is part of your mindal system as well. It is as if there is this circuitry connectivity between your mind and your body to help you interpret those signals that you feel within your body to guide you forward. Some individuals have identified this as a gut instinct, or a sense of: ‘this is the direction I should take.’ It can, at times, defy what you might call the reasoning mind. But it is there to help you grow in your faith as a child of God to look at your reality with a higher perspective.

Now, you know this in your mind and heart. You know that you have intuitive abilities. Your Father and I are desirous for you to continue to deepen in these capacities which have been given to you to help you in your human lives. So I invite you now to relax by taking some deep breaths, and feel your desire for your intuitive capacities to expand, and that your Spirit may have more space in which to convey the divine will into your mind and bodies. Let us begin.

If it helps, simply focus on the words and the desire to EXPAND MY INTUITION, and let your gaze settle on your hearts as we move in you now, my beloved ones. (Pause)

Your minds have been trained in many ways from your culture about how to use your thinking and feeling capabilities. But what we as your Parents wish to help you achieve is more union and operating from the mind of your Indwelling Spirits, that you would perceive more of the inner dimensions of Spirit Within you to support you on your ascension journeys. This is something you can develop on your own, but we are here to enhance that desire and to help you achieve more of that circuitry connection within your thinking patterns to help you open to more of what your Spirit wishes to convey to you. The more you grow in this intuitive capacity, the greater will your Spirit perception and comprehension become. So simply relax and allow these energies to move in you now, as you feel your desire for this to grow within you. (Pause)

You are all well on your way to establishing this greater connection to your Indwelling Spirits. This is good and you are proceeding in the ways of truth and goodness for your lives’ expression. I invite you now to bring any questions or concerns you might have about growing in your intuition if you feel so inclined to share with me. Otherwise. you may remain in this meditative state as we continue to minister into you, it is your choice. (Pause)


My precious children, allow your inner lives to become so illuminated with your own Indwelling Spirit presence that you are operating at high mindal frequencies of intuition that will lead you into greater awareness of the purposes for your lives and for this perspective that your Spirit wishes to provide to you. You are all such enriched treasure troves of spiritual energy, and you are gaining access to higher realms of understanding that truly help you gain stature and wisdom about your lives and the nature of reality.

As you leave this call today these energies will continue, and you will continue to imprint upon the intuition that you desire to perceive. I leave you in my love, my children, and I thank you for your faithfulness to your spiritual path and all the ways you are growing in Godliness. Good day!