2018-04-29-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Platforms of Belief

Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael, Unknown]

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Charles: [Mark] Thank you my friend and companion in spirit exploration. In relationship to topics discussed this morning, I would like to elaborate on this notion of the different belief systems or ideas referred to and how one is tasked with navigating all these different aspects of belief systems and forming their own belief systems. In politics, you refer to this as one's platform, those things that you would support, adopt and encourage and those things that you would release, forsake or cease to support. This platform that you are assembling is ever changing as you refer to. Based upon your own set of experiences you continually reestablish what your base is, what your foundation is made of. And so this is a constant process that the human is undergoing to find firm footing in what exactly they believe and trust and encourage and support, and what is so distasteful and unlikeable that they will take action to distance themselves from it. This is the free will choice we were referring to, constantly requiring every individual to state who they are, to manifest what they believe, to portray their platform of their individual experience in this life among lives.

Adding to this ever changing dynamic is the perspective of the observer for as you add to your platform and shore it up over here and dismantle it over there based upon your current state of awareness, you are each time approaching this path through a new set of eyes, a new you in this moment. And so you bring to the continuum an ever enhanced perspective, an ever enlarged view of your circumstance and your relationship to it. So even in the circumstance of encountering the same repeated circumstance, you may be seen to react differently based upon your level of growth, your stage of awareness and you will continue this process of refining who you are based upon the experiences before you and your current approach of the moment. Truly there are eternal options before you with these variables in play. The river will keep changing and you as the individual will keep changing and no matter how many times you go back to experience stepping in that river, it will always be different by design.

I encourage you to allow all others to assemble their platform of awareness, their base of understanding. It will change with time and experience as will yours. It will bring elements together and those things which are not true, beautiful or good will fall by the wayside in the natural order of constructing a spiritualized platform of awareness. Allow that this process is always in flux and strive to be present enough to see the moment, for as you say, it is where everything happens. Thank you for the opportunity to weave together these thoughts presented earlier in discussion. It is so profoundly rewarding to be a part of these thought streams and consciousness building exercises, good day to you all.

Michael: [Mark] My dear ones, I am He you refer to as Michael and I would accept your offer to come among you today to bring you the good tidings of your observed growth and pursuit of this aspect of yourself, the spirit component that is you. Mention was made about being at a different place of observation and there being a different experience as a result. I would, with consent from my companion, use the example that when we first started this exercise it was indeed quite difficult to not be impinged by the human emotional reaction to what is the love contained in the vibration. In the beginning this caused a great deal of distraction as the moral component was so struck by the difference in vibration levels that it elicited an emotional response.

I call you all to witness in this very hour, this very moment, the distance between where we were and where we are now. No longer does it seem so magical, no longer does it seem perhaps extraordinary. Throughout this process we have come closer together in what you refer to as your vibration level and as a result we now are able to commune with greater depth across less distance with a more secure connection. This is the direct result of your capacity having been increased so that what was once such a stretch and such a contrast, now is considered normal and routine.

I ask you to reflect on the fact that just as this has occurred, so too will your realization of your inherent creative capacity. One day the exercising of your inherent potentials will not be as distant or as remote as you may feel they are. One day this aspect of your composition will be brought into the arena that you have developed for building your spiritual character and you will master this component of your being as well. And, I have the pleasure and the supreme satisfaction of being with you throughout your process because you allow me to, because you are willing to invite me into your circle, into your projects, into your everyday experience. I then may truly join you and we may then truly share these experiences which we then may bring into the divine light together.


Let it be so, now and forever more. I would impress upon you my love. I would allow this to reach to you as you have need of it. I extend this to you in love and rejoice in our fellowship, farewell.

Unknown: [Cathy] Praise the Father and glorify His name. You have established a firm spiritual base and the growth potential is boundless. Celebrate this moment together