2018-05-06-Rescue Your True Self

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Topic: Rescue Your True Self. Your Essence is Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Bettina



Thought Adjuster: “My little ones, why do you suffer so much? Why do you entertain those thoughts filled with grudges, guilt, fear, and judgements, when you are love?

Rescue your true self, recover what you really are. Your essence is love. Remember what you really are.

“You are love and you are peace, because you come from Me, the source of all love and all peace.

“Do not let your path through life be clouded by thoughts that move you away from your true self.

“This is the challenge. This is the decision to be made. Here lies the opportunity I give you by putting you on earth — your free will.

“Free will is not about applying the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ labels to the events of life. These are just outcomes, but you decide if they hinder you or help you grow. “Only in your thoughts do you pass judgement, assign labels and classify the outcomes.

“It is in your thoughts where you decide the motivation for your actions. Is it love, faith, understanding and forgiveness, or is it hate, grudges, envy, judgements and jealousy?


“I provided everything you need to live your life experience in peace and love. I also gave you a mind to let you choose the way in which you want to experience life, but you have forgotten that you are more than your problems, your body, or your thoughts. Your true self — your spiritual self — is well beyond all that.

Remember this, remember you and remember Me. Nothing will make you feel afraid, sad, confused, or distracted anymore and you will then live your life’s experience from your true self of love, light, forgiveness, peace and faith.”