2018-05-17-About Discernment versus Discrimination

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Topic: About Discernment vs. Discrimination

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



“The chief inhibitors of growth are prejudice and ignorance.” ( 1094:04)


Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, let us examine the above statement. Indeed, prejudice and ignorance are two major stumbling blocks to growth — especially spiritual growth. How so?

“Prejudice has much to do with the emotional standpoint you take toward those you fail to understand — including yourself — due to your intellectual ignorance and emotional immaturity. Human beings have the innate need to make sense of their life. Yet, being of the evolutionary type, some of the important pieces of their personal puzzle have yet to be located. Are they settling for the incomplete and fuzzy picture, or are they making it their life’s pursuit to put their finger on the missing elements that are needed to solve the greater mystery?

“Those are not freely given to you, as you need to demonstrate the ability to question your prejudices — the ill-fitting pieces — and consciously partake to your divinely ordained spiritual curriculum aimed at dispelling your current state of ignorance. How do you go about this?

“Jesus, during His human incarnation, addressed all these issues and personally demonstrated how to remove these stumbling blocks. The love He expressed from His wide-open heart was devoid of any type of social or personal prejudices. He was empathic and compassionate. He was NEVER sarcastic or pontificating toward anyone! Never, was He discriminative. Yet, He was discerning and knew where to wisely plant the seeds of Spirit to get a maximum return on His investment.

“He strived to quash the divisiveness among people, by addressing what they had in common — the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, a demeanor that He modeled to perfection.


“Dear ones, if you are serious about your spiritual growth, take His shining example to heart. Become aware of your personal prejudices so that you can work at uprooting them. Expand your understanding by turning your attention to what truly matters: How can you bring forth the fruits of Spirit in your own life? Work at removing all emotional and intellectual toxicity from your modus operandi, which you can liken to refueling your human vehicle with high octane fuel, rather than low octane gasoline.”