2018-05-17-Developing and Trusting Your Intuition

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Topic: Developing and Trusting Your Intuition

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to connect with you, and for all that you do to support us during this time of spiritual transformation. As we settle in our hearts we ask that you expand us in your love and divine attributes, that we may continue to grow and become more of who we are as we express our personality and our potential. You know exactly where we are in our journeys, and we thank you for helping us attain greater levels of insight and understanding. We are ready to receive you. May your will be done. Thank you.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my precious children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Today I would like to take you on a little journey into a greater place within your beings. You are all on your own inner journeys, and this is good because you are beginning to have a greater taste for what it means to live a spiritual life.

The place where I wish to take you today is into this place of your intuition—that place where you perceive with a deeper level of faith in something that is being cultivated in your awareness to open you to something that will be of great benefit to you. Your Father and I have been helping you understand this quality or attribute that you term ‘intuition,’ and to help you begin to make more gains in accessing this part of your beings that you may perceive the leadings of the Spirit Within and operate more in conjunction with where and how your Spirit is guiding you forward on your spiritual journey.

To begin I invite you to simply focus on the words MY INTUITION as you take some deep breaths, allowing us to open you to a place of greater depth within your beings. Let your thoughts quiet as you focus on the words MY INTUTION. Allow your bodies to relax. Simply feel what is now moving through you, and allow yourselves to breathe deeply as these energies move in you now, my children. (Pause)

Your intuition is a very deep sensing ability that has been hardwired into your beings to perceive a reality that you in your culture has identified as Spirit. This sensing ability is innate. It is organic in your human natures. It comes from the endowment of mind or consciousness, as you might say, to help you perceive that which is still unexplored and unexplained in your life. Intuition serves as a springboard for faith to function, to propel you into a place of action where you depict and convey certain ideals and ideas and feelings that come from your Indwelling Spirits that demonstrate the lovely fragrant fruits of the Spirit such as love, compassion, and understanding with your brothers and sisters. Your intuition also expands your parameters of understanding as it begins to broaden your perspective on how you look at your outer world because you get some inner clues from your Spirit as to what is occurring in any life situation.

So this intuition is a very important gift of Spirit to help you perceive the inner workings of your minds. But yet it is so largely undeveloped in your human consciousness because of the predominance of the intellect to be used as the means by which you live—the reasoning, analyzing abilities that have been very, very well developed and defined by your culture.

Your intellectual development is good, and it is right that you would want to develop these capacities that are innately bestowed to you. But one ability should never be developed to the degree that it blocks out all of the other abilities that you have innately within your beings. And so in today’s infusion we encourage you to really open your hearts to your intuitive faculties that this may blend more with your intellect, and help you see a broader perspective that your Spirit is trying to convey to help you with your intellectual reasoning and how you perceive your outer reality.

There is nothing that you need to do during this time where your Father and I are ministering to you other than to simply desire to become more fully available and to use your intuition more regularly throughout your day. This is one way you begin to exercise this very, very strong sensing ability within you, to make it more real and operative within you.

So let these words settle into your minds, and let your feelings expand with the desire to be more directed by your intuition. Continue to receive. (Pause)

Growing your intuition will help you in many ways throughout the course of your lives. You will begin to trust in those inner sensing abilities that convey information to your minds. You pay more attention to the inner signals, the inner leadings, the thoughts, or the feelings that come from this inner knowingness to help you make decisions which are positive and healthy for you.

Many times when you engage only from the intellect you will learn or use what you have learned from life experience to help you in new situations. But new situations are presented for you to you to help you gain greater awareness of the Spirit Within that is trying to help you perceive deeper meanings and values of what is before you. And here is where intuition will help you because you will be able to sense if something is good for you or if there is something detrimental that you should avoid.

You can trust in these feelings for they are trying to communicate something to you, and it is one of the means your Spirit uses to help you perceive what you should do in any situation. The more you develop this intuitive part of your abilities, the greater clarity you will begin to perceive in assessing the situations of your lives and how to move forward in a healthy and positive way. This frees you from fear and helps you move beyond your own self-imposed limitations because you are unsure of what it is you are doing.

The uncertainty is there to help you test your intuition and to develop your faith that something good and true and beautiful within you is supporting you and helping you make progress in your life. You have everything to gain as you open yourself to these deeper levels of intuition within you, and to help them more seamlessly blend in with your intellectual understanding that a greater picture of reality may be formed in your mind’s eye, and your Indwelling Spirits can help you perceive this greater context of the situations of your lives. And here is how you grow your faith, because now you are moving from that type of thinking that wants to control your reality into the realm of letting go and letting Spirit Within lead you forward into what is new, unexplored, unexperienced.

These are some of the more fundamental lessons that you learn as an evolving human child living on a material world, and it is important for you to develop this inner sensing ability to support your perception of reality that is aligned in the divine values of what it means to live as a child of God. So again, allow these words to settle in as you focus on MY INTUITION and the desire for that to become more operative within you. (Pause)

You are all faith sons and daughters of God. But because you cannot see Deity with your physical eyes or your other physical senses, the intuition hardwired into you affords you the ability to perceive Deity through the inner life—the inner knowingness—for here is where your Spirit is able to reach into that place of connection and reinforce the fact, the reality, and existence of the Creator. And you are connected to this in many ways in your beings. But the materialistic mind puts up many barriers to gaining access into this intuitive faculty. And many times this faculty has been decried as unreal, as false, as an illusory imagination of the mind. But I say to you, my children, it is real, and it is important for you to open up to this side of your human nature that you may perceive the Spirit Within with greater clarity and perception.

So continue to receive for a few more moments and then your Father will address you. (Pause)

My children, you have everything within you to live lives of faith, to enjoy your human experience, and to look at the outer circumstances of your lives through the lens of intuition, for here is where you will receive more insight and support to make sense of what is before you, and then to move through any new experience with a sense of anticipation that you will glean something of great value that will edify you in mind, soul, and body. This is the time to grow in your faith relationship with Spirit, and your intuitive abilities will support this, and we encourage you to come to us each day and ask for us to reinforce this faculty within you that you may learn how to access it more each day through your own living experiences.

I leave you now that your Father may address, and you will continue to receive from me. Continue to focus on MY INTUITION, as I withdraw from you in this manner and your Father steps forward. My LOVE lives within you and I leave you in that embrace. Good day!

MICHAEL: Greetings, my children! This is Michael. Enhancing your intuition will provide you with many benefits as you traverse along this human path of self-expression. In my human life as your brother Jesus I too learned about this intuitive faculty, and I gained much in my relationship with my Indwelling Spirit by taking time to commune each day with my indwelling God presence to develop the faculties of intuition to help me perceive what is true, and right and good to help me in my human life. I now share this with you from my own human life experience that you may gain strength from my own understanding that will help you in your own ability to use this very dynamic faculty to its utmost expression.

I invite you to simply feel that desire for the intuition that I developed to align with your own intuitive faculties, and to help you expand in this from an energetic standpoint. Simply feel, allow the energies to move all through your being. If it helps in your focusing to receive, simply allow the words THE INTUITION OF JESUS to harmonize with your own intuition. (Pause)

I share this with you to reinforce your own capacity to proceed with this intuitive part of your mind, your feeling and thinking capacities. Many times humans of this world will perceive from this intuitive place but not act upon those feelings or thoughts because the pressure from the material culture is telling you something else: is telling you to, ‘oh this is simply your mind speaking and you can ignore this.’ But you have all had experiences where you know that this can lead you into great trouble and personal conflict with others because you did not heed the danger signals within that your Spirit is trying to convey to you.

Spirit Within sees the whole dynamic of what you are engaged upon in your material life. Spirit is trying to convey signals to your thoughts and feelings to help you perceive something that will be beneficial and helpful to you. So instead of ignoring these feelings and thoughts, learn to trust them, and in doing so you activate more of that faith dynamic that guides you on your path that you may demonstrate more of those lovely spiritual fruits to your brothers and sisters: patience and kindness and tolerance.

The Spirit Within has the context for you to view any situation, and by using this intuitive faculty to its utmost ability you render yourself more aligned in perceiving the will of Spirit. And this is all part of the self-mastery you are all embarked upon now, and it will benefit you greatly in the coming days, especially when more of your brothers and sisters respond to the inner conflicts and do not know where to turn for support or comfort, and you can help them and encourage them to develop their intuition. This appears to be a more safe concept or idea to convey. This word has less of an emotional charge to it. Sometimes using the word ‘God’ triggers feelings of fear or unworthiness, and in substituting the word intuition, you are providing a more safe environment for them, because you know that their Indwelling Spirits will be able to convey to them something that they need to perceive.

So allow my presence to move in you—my human life experience in developing my intuition to fortify your own as you continue to receive through your desire for this to augment your faculties of mind. (Pause)

My beloved children, you are so dear to your Mother and me, and we are so grateful that you have developed the trust you have in us to help you open to the greater dimensions of Spirit in your beings, that you may perceive more of the magnificence of the Father’s presence within you, the Creator Source in which we all exist. There is such potential in you for greatness my children, and in opening to faith, to living a life of faith, to devoting yourself to your spiritual path and service to humanity you will assuredly grow. As well as opening to this intuitive faculty you will gain more access to the Spirit, that you may perceive with more clarity and insight what you have the potential to achieve. And all this is good, because you are now following the divine plans for your lives, and that is all we want for you. But it is so vast, it is so monumental, but you have greatness within you, my children, and now is the time to bring it forward to help your brothers and sisters come into the awareness of who they are as sons and daughters of the living God who is LOVE and UNITY.


So in the coming days, expand into these circuits, and notice when you are feeling the intuitive mind, pay more attention to those inner cues and clues that come across your mental screen or your feelings each day, and trust that all is well within. You are now walking steadfastly upon your paths of creative self-expression aligned in divine WILL.

I leave you now in this manner, but as you know I am always available to you and you have only to turn to me and ask for my guidance and support with any question upon your heart and mind and I will respond. And as you grow in these intuitive abilities you will perceive the help you need with greater clarity and direct communication, and we will enjoy a more intimate and loving relationship and your trust in Spirit will expand. So expand away, my children! And let this expansion move you into new levels of understanding and new desires to help your brothers and sisters awaken to the living truth within them.

Thrive in this awareness and live it more fully each day. I leave you in my LOVE, and I wish you a most blessed and peaceful good day.