2018-05-22-Consider the Water Lily

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Topic: Consider the Water Lilies

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “A growing sense of appreciation of your being led in life shows that you have acquired a greater faith in Me, your Indweller. Feel free to open up when you share Me with others and speak about your experiences when they ask.

“This may open some doors for those who also seek and desire to find.

“One light can help others in discovering their light within. It takes a lot self-determination to not give up, but to flex those faith muscles. Be understanding and champion hopefulness, for those who seek, shall find.

“Love unconditionally each person who crosses your path, for only God knows the cries of their souls, and all are children of the mighty Creator, whose evolving children you are: Rising up out of the dust of your little orb in space.

“Consider the water lily that rises up from the bottom of the lake, firmly rooted in the mud and the slick on the bottom, having an innate urge to push itself up to the surface of the water. Never mind the distance to be covered, or how long it takes. When finally it breaks through to the surface, the little bud on top of the stalk starts to grow and in a short time it opens up its flower imbibing the glorious sunlight.

“Oh, the hard winds and rain will come, but it is tenaciously rooted, and through each storm it weathers, it grows stronger still, because it expects the sun to shine again.

“So it is with you. You can grow a very strong root system here in the mud, as you carry on believing without seeing.


“Hold securely fast onto My Presence within you, where I am ever ready to guide you through all the storms of life, which shall serve you to grow an ever-stronger root system of faith in Me, as I am a Fragment of the eternal God.

“Persist in your coming to Me and do not waver. My presence is here to sustain you in your struggles to break free and imbibe of the Son-Light.

“Let us bond together more and increasingly more.”

Receiver: “Yes.”