2018-05-27-Restoration of Divine Plans

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Topic: Restoration of Divine Plans

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with our beloved Seraphim once again in this circuit of consciousness and the co-creative aspects of our personality to bring more truth and light and love to bear upon the circuits of our planet’s consciousness. As we join together in this circuit of intention, may we be connected as one, and may our focused efforts aid our beloved Seraphim in their work as they move in these circuits to uplift our consciousness. Prepare us now for this sacred responsibility that our efforts may produce much good all around the planet where there is great need, as your WILL is done. Thank you.


MANOTIA: Greetings, my beloved brethren! This is Manotia. I come to you today with the combined forces of Urantia’s Seraphim to continue to provide more spiritual energy in these circuits of your world’s consciousness, especially bringing more spiritual vitality into those areas of your consciousness that so need this penetration of LIGHT and TRUTH to prevail. We have been guiding you in the focus on the restoration of the divine plans upon Urantia. We will continue in this way, once again, today with the focus now being directed toward two seraphic groups: the Angels of the Nations and the Angels of Industry.

These two groups work side-by-side together as there is much interface between the national life and the economic development of this world and its various systems of how trade and industry is conducted. We simply ask you to maintain that focus on the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA as we now engage with these two Seraphic groups as they go about their ministrations.

If it is helpful to remain in a focused state, you may envision the words RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA as a singular gaze but with great heartfelt desire for this to occur in these two areas of planetary life. These two Seraphic groups are ready to engage with you now, so when you are ready, simply feel your desire for their involvement to reach into these deeper places where much good can be accomplished through the combined human desire and Seraphic ministry. We begin. Let your gaze settle upon your hearts as you focus on the words RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA and let your heart swell with this desire as we move in these intentional energies now, my dear brethren. (Pause)

The circuits of life emanating from our dear Mother Nebadonia are creating a wide swath of CHANGE energy now pervading the planet. This dynamic of CHANGE is touching the circuits of mind all throughout the planet’s system of consciousness to help people awaken to the truth of what has transpired upon Urantia. Many individuals who are just awakening are still in certain stages of disbelief as they begin to perceive a higher level of reality and how much distortion has occurred here upon this world. This change directly impacts the way people perceive their responsibilities and attachments to their countries and to the economic systems in which they have so placed their trust and inner stability. But as more change occurs, there will be this period of destabilization within the mind and heart of many individuals as these changes continue to unfold and as more of the divine plans become more pronounced within your awareness.

In collaborating with us today, it is hoped that more stabilization would occur for your brethren to help them perceive that these changes are necessary and for a higher good to prevail. There truly is nothing to fear, but there is so much fear perpetuated in human consciousness that these changes are necessary to help you outwork the distortions of the past that you may claim your rightful inheritance. Continue to collaborate with us to bring in these new circuits that will upstep planetary life for all living beings here. So as these words settle in, continue to keep your gaze on the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS as all planetary groups work in their areas of operation but the particular focus and emphasis on the Angels of Industry and National Life. We continue. (Pause)

We invite you to add one more level of focusing to what we are now adding into these constructs of the planet. You have focused on this before and it is very helpful and instrumental in fostering these circuits of change to occur. Let the words and energies of the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL prevail in these circuits wherein there is still a certain level of recalcitrant resistance to the divine plan being restored here.

It is not so much a matter of you understanding where these circuits still prevail, as it is to feel your desire for Michael’s Sovereignty and Fatherhood to prevail in these deeper levels. And from that point, we can place our energies and evoke more change through your desires for this to occur. If it is helpful and you can expand your visualization, allow the energies of the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL to gently imprint upon the energies of the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA. And we continue. (Pause)

The vibratory rate of this planet’s system of consciousness is being upstepped and accelerated. For some people this is a very confusing period in which the outworking of the past continues to move in them and yet they have no real understanding of what is transpiring. When you encounter such individuals as these, do your best to simply project love from your hearts into theirs that they may at some level perceive a place of inner knowingness to help them expand on their paths of spiritual growth—cosmic understanding.

This is a challenging time for many individuals and we are with you as you help your brethren open up to a new reality that is quite different to them. But this is a necessary part of the Correcting Time agenda and we are here to support your efforts large and small at ministering to your brothers and sisters. You might even encourage them that there are spiritual beings who are involved in helping this world come into a deeper appreciation of your rightful place in our family of LOVE.

They are ready to hear this message and even though they may not totally apprehend its true meaning, the seeds you plant will take root and their Spirits will have it and will conserve it and use it when the conditions within their minds and hearts are ready to receive. So allow this vibratory increase to move through the circuits of planetary consciousness, as well as your own, as you become more further enmeshed in your own personal divine plan coming more real through your efforts and actions. And this helps the collective also expand into these circuits we are co-creating together today. Continue to focus on the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL moving in these endowments of the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA. (Pause)


My dear brethren, we have completed our objectives for today. We remind you to engage with us during your times of stillness and to set aside a portion of that time of stillness to focus on these collective circuits for the divine plans to continue unfold and for the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL to prevail.

These are important times in your planet’s evolutionary history and you are all participants in this historic event now transpiring. Let your hearts be devoted to service in this time of change and allow your efforts at service to expand as you grow in love and devotion to the Father in Paradise, to Christ Michael, to Mother Spirit, and all of the universe helpers devoted to this world in her great time of need and change.

On behalf of the Seraphim today, I thank you and I leave you in this manner that you may continue your focusing if you feel so moved and inspired. And the energies we have co-created together will continue to be blended into this system of consciousness all around the planet for more GOODNESS and TRUTH to prevail. I leave you in our Parents’ LOVE, my dear ones, and we will be again with you very soon to continue to upstep this world and help it on its trajectory toward Light and Life. Thank you and farewell.