2018-06-03-Soul Fragmentation Prerequisites

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Topic: Soul Fragmentation Prerequisites

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

TR: Chris Maurus


Part 1

Helena Patrovna Blavatsky: “Greetings to you my brother, for it seems that together we have created quite a stir in your circles and there are many questions raised about Soul Fragmentation (SF) that are in need of answering. I shall focus more on those questions that pertain to the human experience and less on the morontial, for to attempt such an explanation would require you to know what it means to embody the morontial form with its 12 senses and its connection with the cosmic mind — even with such an understanding, it would not be possible to convey in the lexicon of human language. I hope that you can appreciate how difficult and reckless that may be? I shall however, attempt a crude analogy whenever it may suffice to relate to the human experience.

“Let us first talk about what it means to live and have an ascension career, for it is important to understand the mindset of a soul from the viewpoint of eternal realities that you may better understand the values and meanings for SF. Most humans believe that ascension begins at their death — not true! It begins at their birth, yet the veil between you and I is thick and it allows for the illusion of separation from the collective organism that is the Oversoul of creation. You have an egocentric world view that is concerned about ‘me’ and the ‘I’ and ‘why is this happening to me?’ You live in a very ‘black and white’ reality of two dimensional laws — ‘thou shall do this, and thou shalt not do that.’

“Your physical senses limit your view into the greater realities that exist all around you, and so you begin, at a very early age, to compose and create a construct of the universe, in your mind, from this two dimensional world view. Then suddenly, one day your heart breaks and you discover another dimension that you did not know existed and do not understand. Your world view changes and your thoughts, decisions, and actions begin creating ripples in the fabric of the Oversoul as you flail about trying to comprehend the magnitude of your life circumstances.

“Generally, this two dimensional reality is common for most peoples born into the worlds of time, but on Urantia however, the two dimensional reality persists long after its usefulness. Your rebellious past has cut you off from the ‘kenosis’ of the ascension plan as it would be understood and experienced on planets following a more ‘normal’ curve of evolutionary development. Imagine an Adamic pair that appears and remains on your world for thousands of years teaching ‘kenosis’ and revealing the Father’s love — building societies and cultures that know and understand the Great Plan and that begin to organize themselves as participants in that plan — preparing their citizens for the morontial life ahead — oh what a world it would be — how great and progressive!

Imagine if Christ Michael, as Jesus, was welcomed by the world and not hunted down and killed—what could he have taught you and revealed to you? He would have introduced the third and fourth dimensions to your reality and taught you how to live in the richness of this new and expanded universe. What he gave you under the duress of a world in rebellion was only a ‘fragment’ of what he could have given if not for the extreme egocentric two dimensional view of life at that time in human history.

“What you would have understood, if not for your blindness, is that we all belong to a family that is actively engaged in the Universal Father’s Great Plan to move all things toward perfection — to be perfect as He is perfect. On your world, you mostly live in competition with each other — here, we live in cooperation and in unity of purpose. This is the ‘gulf’ between man and heaven, and once you begin to understand the ‘unity’ piece, the two dimensional world view vanishes and you see for the first time the potential that exists for your participation in the Great Plan — you begin to align yourself with universal truths and values that benefit the many and soon your ideas and purpose in the world changes — your awakening to god-consciousness begins.

“And now, in the manner of your predictable conditioning and illusion of self, you want to know ‘how does SF affect me?’ <smiling>. A better question might be, ‘How does SF benefit WE?’

“I’ll leave you now with that thought and we shall continue another time.

“Do not be afraid of your difficulties, “I AM H.P. Blavatsky.”

Receiver’s note: She is trying to get us to think more like a Bee and get into the mindset of unity of purpose — something that our world struggles to comprehend. To understand SF in human terms requires us to look at it from the collective family of souls that comprise the One Soul. The term ‘kenosis’ was used here to connote the ‘emptying of self’ and becoming receptive to divine Will.

Part 2

  • June 10, 2018

Helena Patrovna Blavatsky: “Hello my dear brother, there is much I want to reveal to you about this revelation of Soul Fragmentation (SF). I have, as it were, been speaking to you in an outline form — giving you the headings and sub-heading of this most difficult to understand topic in soul mechanics. I hope to break this down a little further, but I am not so sure it can be understood with any sense of accuracy. What is needed now, before we go into details, are analogies to bring your understandings of the headings and sub-headings into a more acceptable form for your human minds.

“What you must first understand is that truth is relative to the experiences of the individual wherever he or she is on their (progressive) path. This is true for all humans as well as for all morontial and celestial personalities. This is true for myself and the information that you are being ‘impressed’ with in our co-creative endeavor to reveal a greater truth and understanding pertaining to the path of the soul. Having reached the 5th sphere, I am well informed and personally experienced in the process of SF and I can only express the knowledge that I receive from those in higher spheres that pertain to the out-workings of collective karma — the ‘engineering’ and ‘steering’ of destinies by high administrative beings. That, in and of itself, is more than sufficient for your human understanding of the processes in this time of correction.

“You may ask, ‘Why now, Helena, have you come to clarify this most controversial subject that has perplexed mankind for many thousands of years?’ Opportunity, my dear brother! The ‘rules of engagement’ have changed in this time of correction — what some would call a ‘dispensation.’ Also, like no other time in human history, you have world-wide communication and an energetic ether of improved functionality with the attunement possibilities in Thought Adjuster contact. In prior attempts to bring this information to the earth, this missing piece — the foundation and fundamentals of the Great Plan were full of holes and the concept of the Thought Adjuster (TA) — the Father’s Indwelling Presence living in the minds of all humans was mostly missing and buried in layers of dogma and theology. SF could not be understood in a climate of dualism (heaven and hell).

The Age of Correction shall give way to the Age of Progress and this information is part of a bridge of information for even greater revelations to come. Understanding the concept of the TA is paramount to understanding soul mechanics and the ascension path — the progressive path of the soul. The theory of reincarnation is the result of taking bits and pieces of perceived truth from individuals that did not have the whole picture, and this includes your modern day investigations by psychiatrists, psychologists — men and women of science, recording the testimony of patients under hypnosis and drawing conclusions based on the perceived evidence.

“The human brain is a transceiver/transducer for the ‘back-room’ of consciousness where impersonal contact with the TA rest. A scientist would not necessarily use discernment in the quality of the ‘spirits’ that are speaking and from what level their information is coming. The scientist only observes and reports and tries to draw conclusions based on his own experience with the phenomena and ‘earthbound’ knowledge. Like a child’s puzzle where you connect the dots using a sequential index of numbers to create an image, the scientists are missing a great many numbers in the consecutive string. The image that results is distorted and misleading. It looks like a horse, but really it is an elephant — the numbers defining the trunk are missing.

“As with you, my dear brother, I can only impress upon you those things that are already present in your library of ideas and thoughts — and those hidden in the secret places of your mind (by administrative oversight). A guide or celestial (‘a master’) attempting to communicate using a human under hypnosis that has no understanding of cosmology, the TA, or progressive ascension would have limited ability to convey the complexity of soul mechanics using such a medium. Yes, tapping into the portfolio of soul fragments present in the soul of the patient was a real phenomenon and the accounts and history about the lives of those fragments were mostly accurate — the healing that resulted is the proof of that. What science does not know is how Dynamic Influence works and how the TAs coordinate the activities that need to happen sequentially, concomitantly, and efficiently for the waves of collective karma to come to rest.

“When you throw a ball at a wall, the ball will bounce back to you because the laws of physics are sovereign, and so it is with the law of karma. The Great Plan is the edict, ‘Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.’ For if all things in the universes of time are called to perfection, it is then required that the waves of karma come to rest — seek placidity. The efficient way this can be achieved is through progressive experience. Reincarnation however, would continue to compound karma by sending the same soul into the ‘theater’ again and again — each time wiping the memory and having to learn again to crawl and walk and create new debt resulting from the unique circumstances of that life. SF satisfies the Father’s edict while keeping everything progressive.

“We shall stop here and continue another time.

“Do not be afraid of your difficulties, “I AM H.P. Blavatsky.”