2018-06-10-Angels of Industry and Progress

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Topic: Angels of Industry and Progress and the Restoration of the Divine Plan upon Urantia

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we join once again together in this circuit of your LOVE as we are connected heart to heart, soul to soul, Spirit to Spirit. As we settle into this state of mediation, we ask for our Planetary Seraphim to collaborate with us now in our focused efforts to build more spiritual energy into our planet’s circuit of consciousness. As we join with them may the love that we emit from our hearts be put to good use for the furtherance of this planet’s healing and transformation as your WILL is done. Thank you so much for this opportunity to serve.


MANOTIA: Greetings, one and all! This is Manotia, and I am pleased, as we all are, to join you in this circuit of conscious collaboration in our Creator Parents’ LOVE. In our last time together we invited you to participate with us and the Angels of Industry to build the circuits for more of the divine plans for Urantia to prevail. We will again engage with this group as well as the Angels of Progress.

As you settle into your state of meditation, let your gaze settle into your heart centers. Take some deep breaths, allowing your bodies to become more fully relaxed. In your mind’s eye invite the words and energies of RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS ON URANTIA to again be your point of visualization. Let that energy stream from your hearts as you envision the globe in front of you and we will engage with you with these two particular Seraphic groups, the Angels of Industry and the Angels of Progress. We begin. (Pause)

The stage is being set for a new era in the economic structure and development of your planet’s collective consciousness. Much of the turbulence you are witnessing in the field of industry is because of this change energy now imparting new information into these circuits wherein a mindset has prevailed for many generations. This mindset is beginning to yield, and by your holding this desire for the divine plans to become further integrated into this arena will more change occur—positive change and change that will truly mean a better and brighter future for all Urantians.

This will take time for this to accomplish as you well know, but in holding this particular focus today you are engaging with these two very important Seraphic groups of Industry and Progress to help these energies become stronger throughout the whole construct of your planet’s system of consciousness. All we require of you is to maintain that focus of desire for this to prevail and trust that there are mighty forces now converging in your intentional focus to bring about more good to move into these circuits. (Pause)

Most of the humans of this world have relegated the wealth of their lives and their nations based on the economic interests and on how much material wealth and money has been accumulated. But I say to you, that this is part of the change that is occurring. True wealth from a spiritual perspective is measured in how well the citizens of this planet treat one another and how well human life is valued, not with dollars and cents, but with the energies of the heart—compassion, tolerance, patience, which are all attributes of divine LOVE. Truly, when a culture operates on these spiritual qualities you begin to develop true wealth, and the economic system that progresses from this heightened sense of morality and spiritual values you become a great planetary culture. This is one of the ways that your world will truly progress to its ultimate destiny of heaven on earth, that which you have come to understand as the era of Light and Life.

But first the divine plans must be more fully established, and in your holding of this desire today, you are helping to grow this mindset of spiritual value and wealth upon the planet. This is a very important turnaround in the perception in how your industry is conducted, and there are many avenues that are opening and ready to receive this higher information that people may participate and collaborate with these ideals and ideologies more closely. And the angels are here to help this world to open up to these higher ideals that are so health-producing and life-affirming for every individual. Continue to hold this focus as we continue to collaborate with what you are sending into the planet at this time.(Pause)

We invite you now to also add the focus of the SOVEREIGNTY AND FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL to once again conjoin in this circuit of the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS. We also invite you to feel your desire for this conjoined circuit to move into those attitudes prevalent upon the planet of greed and conflict. Feel your desire for these two attitudes to receive more spiritual vibrancy and information and that Michael’s presence may go deeper into this place where these attitudes are still very much ingrained in your world’s consciousness structures. (Pause)

These two attitudes have fostered much deception foisted on the human mind, and we invite you to look at this through the lens of Michael’s LOVE, COMPASSION, and MERCY. Let these attitudes lose their stranglehold upon human consciousness, and that the human heart which has been attached to these attitudes be liberated from them, perceive the true path of righteous living. Feel the need for Michael’s SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD to prevail here as we move into these circuits and bring more spiritual energy to bear on some places where this darkness still resides within the human heart. (Pause)

Once again we invite you to shift the focus slightly. Let your heart energies engage with our Divine Mother Nebadonia. Ask for Her Holy Spirit move in these circuits wherein the divine plan is being restored that Her presence may pervade into those energies of greed and conflict. (Pause)

May the collective circuit of the human heart be purified and cleansed in Her Holy Spirit, expunging the energies of greed and conflict for more of Michael’s presence will prevail through His Spirit of Truth and His love for the children of this world. (Pause)

There is what you might call a Holy Fire now blazing through these circuits of consciousness all around the planet. This is the action of our Mother to provide an environment for the SOVEREIGNTY AND FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL to take more space in the constructs of the human mind. It is a time of change—a time of outworking, and many of your brothers and sisters are now feeling the effects of this, but are highly unstable because of the pain in their own hearts. Be merciful with these children. Ask to see their actions from the divine perspective and pray for them. Hold them up to our Mother and Father and ask for their spiritual presence and authority to embrace them. In doing so you are asking for a new environment to grow within their minds that they may eventually pick up on the signals of love and compassion and the forgiveness that is awaiting them should they chose to repent of their actions and ask for the higher path to guide them along.

Your prayer efforts are very much needed now because you are now invoking human will for spiritual change and transformation. Human will is a fundamental ingredient of conscious collaboration and co-creation with Spirit. We cannot underscore the importance of this now as your world undergoes more change. So ensure that you are doing your part each day by collaborating with us during a portion of your stillness time and also praying for your brothers and sisters who are feeling this pain and do not know where to turn. Lift them up to our Parents because they know these children. They know how to reach them. All you are doing is providing an environment for higher reality to imprint upon their mindal systems that they may open to a better way of life: a better way of perception, a better way of thinking, and to have better attitudes in their hearts.

So take a few moments in your own way, your own words to pray for these children, and we will conjoin with you and add to where you focus. You may pray for as many individuals and situations that you like, any areas around the globe where there is conflict and greed. Simply place your gaze where your heart is calling you and we will meet you in that place. (Pause)


My brethren, thank you for your focused efforts today. Know that you have much spiritual power to wield especially when you come to your Spirit Parents in prayer for the upliftment for the world circuits of consciousness as well as for those individuals still beholden to the ways of the rebellion. Take your power in hand with the authority that Michael gives to you to pray for these individuals. This is an important activity that you undertake each day. And we hope that you will continue to include this as part of your spiritual practice each day to support these circuits to integrate into this world’s consciousness system to create a better future for all life here and to help the planet on her ascension to the higher ways of universe living.

We have completed our objectives for today, and we thank you once again for your sincere devotion and love and service to this world. We will join you again in two weeks in this manner but truly you can call upon us at any time, at any moment, during the day to collaborate with us, to pray for your brethren, to uplift this world in the circuits of love, harmony, peace, and life. With that being said, I take my leave and I wish you a most blessed and peaceful and joyful good day.