2018-06-10-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Necessity of Teachers Now?

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Charles: [Mark] Indeed, I will more than wade in with you, I will dive into this pool of cherished fellowship. This in and of itself has its own vibration and its own frequency. You have created this citadel of spirit and you may now enjoy its feeling, its sensation to you. This is to be proud of in some sense, this creation you have fashioned through your efforts to continually show up at the designated time and pitch in with whatever growth efforts may be underway. Whether they may be yours or whether they may be shared from a fellow, they're all potent growth opportunities that may be developed, particularly by those who are aware of the potentials inherent in these learning opportunities.

It has been referred to that the wise man immediately seeks the values contained in the stressful equation, knowing that is what is being sought the whole time, that the experiences are there to offer a means for you to gain your own sense, your own feeling, your own awareness that you may then refer to in your library so that when this experience is summoned by your intention, you may re-experience this feeling, this flush of familiarity with this vibration and this frequency becomes familiar and at your choosing may be brought into your experience of everything around you.

It's the degree to which you choose to infuse these experiences that is where your "rubber meets the road" expression implies. Since you are in these experiences, at any point you may choose to infuse them with the tone and color of your own experience, of your library of experience. This is what is so valuable about adding awareness to your current condition and knowing what the potentials may be. Knowing even that there are potentials changes the equation and activates the participant to become the chooser, the creator and the designer of the next step, combining elements of their experience and different vibrations, pulling together the different frequencies and combining them into the experience of the moment. This is certainly a gift of grace that you are in a position to draw these threads together and pull these different aspects of your experiences together, the patient and the healer, the students and the lesson.

I always am impressed by your preamble discussions and even wonder the necessity of your interaction with teachers as you refer to them. You are now in your own right your own teachers. You are now in command of basic principles, you are mastering your pursuits and it is observable. Thank you for your invitation, it is too attractive to pass up and I am honored to be considered welcome, thank you.


Jonathan: [Cathy] I also was most affected by the music and lyrics of the Beatles. Music is the language of love, the vehicle that carries the energy and the message. You are not totally aware of the effects that resonates from the original vibration of the tune. Here, the tunes take on a more visual and perceptible form. It has an even greater impact upon the group, both performers and listeners. It is almost like a sporting event with everyone participating. Each soul brings a depth of resonance that amplifies and extends the original vibration. It is truly the worship experience described in the Urantia Book.