2018-06-18-New Era Transition 41

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Topic: Lessons on Decision Logic

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Team Members: Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, and Sherille Raphael


MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa. I am so glad that you are here today, even though we are a small company of 4, that you are here and we are here and we have a short lesson to give you today. (Liz: Good morning, Machiventa.) Good morning and it is a pleasure to have you here with us.


Lesson on decision logic

This is a simple lesson in logic that was given over 10 years ago by Rayson, and which was in part given again approximately six years ago. Today we revisit that because this provides an essential foundation for your understanding of the developments that are in place, and for the decision-logic that we have begun to teach you. It begins this way: You live on a world, a material planet, where there are people and things that are not people, and so the problems of your world are easily bisected along those lines. The problems that you see in the world are solely human problems, even those that are physical in nature, that nature has presented to you are your problems because of your interpretations and because of your perspectives. When you come to accept this separation of nature and yourselves and the proper interpretation of problems of the world, then it becomes much easier to know God, to know that which is “good,” that which is “right” and that which is “ethical” and “moral.” Then there remain few questions to be asked, and very few answers to be given along those lines.

Problems with people are of interpretations

Of the human problems, all the problems that you see are human; they are problems when you think that they are problems; they are problems when you do not have an answer to them, when you do not have a perspective that gives you an answer and a perspective that sees them not as problems but as circumstances to be overcome. Of all the most difficult problems in the world, are the problems you have with other people. That too, is a matter of interpretation. You interpret other people as apart from you, as separate from you, and so when they cause you problems you see that as a problem and you want to resist that, rather than embracing it. The problems do go away when you have two people who do have problems, but they understand that it is a matter of perspective and understanding, that of maturity and personal responsibility and vulnerability. Those values are important to embrace because they allow you then to be in relationship, and then both of you to grow. And when I say “both,” it could be you and another person, or it could be you and another 1,000 people, but you must, all 1,001 people of you, must have the same perspective of interpreting those problems.

The 7 values are motivators for equality

You have now been taught that there are 7 values that God has embedded in your DNA and that these values are motivators for you so you see that life is a motivation to remain alive. Under that are the other 6 values, the three primary values of equality, growth and quality of life. Of all the values that are pivotal to all your life and all the problems that exist in the world is EQUALITY. When there is true equality, there are not problems and then you have peace, then you have oneness and joined effort, both as individuals and in families and in societies and civilizations. When there are problems and difficulties, that is the problem of not understanding, a lack of education which promotes misunderstanding or it is because of a personal egoistic effort. The inequality that you find so egregious in your world today is a matter of ego, it is a matter of separation, of isolation and worthiness and unworthiness, of domination and submission. This truly is the pivotal value of all other values that exist, both secondary and primary. Out of equality is balance—or brought into balance—by those values that God gave you, of empathy, to sense and feel what others feel, and compassion to reach out when you do feel that to assist others in their sorrow or in their joy.

Misunderstanding of “love”

And lastly, “love” is in quotes because it is so misunderstood, and this value is the love for and of humanity, and that you come into an appreciation of all humanity because you see all others as your see yourself, and you see yourself as one of all others, both in their glory and in their personal disasters.

These values, as wonderful as they are, both promote survival of your species and also the wonderful capacity in the secondary values to form social entities, whether that is a functional family, community, society, nation or civilization. These three secondary values are the counterbalance to the problems that people bring when there is separation and inequality.

Develop rules of morality that evolves out of the 7 values

Yet those values are insufficient unto themselves to bring about peace. There must be a rule, a book of order, such as Robert’s Rules of Order for groups, committees and agencies to conduct business with large groups of people, and in this rule book we have given you is the morality that evolves and develops out of those 7 values. There must be a way of progressing in life and in socializing with others in ways that promotes that growth and promotes social evolution and personal spiritual development. This is a wonderful facet of your social growth, both as administrators of governments and agencies and offices, and within churches. An organization without this morality and ethics is unable to grow and evolve to serve its audience in a more competent way. It is essential that social organizations, whether it is a personal sole proprietorship or a multi-mega-national corporation, schools, hospitals and education in medical care, that they do begin to practice these values through the ethics and morality that it provides. This enables the agencies then to grow, to lead its audience into their own personal and social evolution as well. These values provide a universal ethic and morality for all individuals and all groups of people to begin to evolve and grow—governments and your social organizations begin to transcend all the failed history of humanity in the last 30,000 years. It is essential for everyone to understand this logic and this situation that you personally, and your nations are in today.

What is missing is logic of intention

What is missing from this equation of logic is the intention, the consciousness, the purposefulness to set a mission, to have a vision, and have a thoroughgoing functional operational philosophy for implementing that vision and those missions. Only then can you begin to engage that transcendental process. It then gives the existence of your civilization, nations, societies, communities and families a longitudinal, future history of existence with meaning, and the purpose you give it is to understand that you are all in this together, there is no separation, and this morality and ethics will assist you and everyone to perceive, to engage the process of social sustainability, the application of the values and the morality and ethics that promote and empower you as individuals and as groups to sustain your societies and to transcend that failed history.


You surely must have questions now.

Some animals understand inequality

Liz: I thank you for that, Machiventa. I saw a video of a researcher with two monkeys working on the concept of equality. Every time the monkeys did the same identical task, one got a dry little cracker and one got a juicy grape. It only took about 5 minutes before the one who got the cracker was into a murderous rage over the inequality of doing the exact same thing and only getting a cracker, where the other monkey got a grape. I thought that that was profound in our societies, as what inequality will drive us to do. So I think your today’s lesson is perfect for me and a good reminder, so thank you for that.

MACHIVENTA: As you can see, you can deduce from this that equality is even embedded in some of the primitive primates. You know that monkeys are a developed primate, and yet even those with lesser intellect, your scientists will find that they too have the gene of equality/inequality embedded in them and they know when there is inequality occurring and it offends them.

Activating the light body

Liz: I have a question this morning that is on a different topic, if you don’t mind. I’ve been pondering this phrase, “activate the light body,” and I think I probably have a very vague grasp of what that means, and I’m wondering if you would like to elaborate on that?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, I would be glad to. As you know, each of you is connected by what has been termed a “silver cord” of energy, of consciousness between your crown chakra and Paradise. It goes through the circuits so the universe achieves that goal, that end, that destination, but it is instantaneous. This is the beginning of the light body. The light body is one of innocence; it is one of oneness with that which is unseen; it is that which is in union with the universe of light, all good and all oneness and all integrity. It is a part of your early morontial self and when you engage this, when you consciously and intentionally engage this in meditation and contemplation, you can invest in that and fill your aura with this veil of light. You can fill yourself with it, and when it is said, “fill yourself with this light,” your light body, that is what is meant by that phrase.

Liz: So this is something that we should actively, consciously do almost as a will-command in our daily meditation?

MACHIVENTA: You can do it that way if you wish; that way you can train your mind to remain in that state of consciousness. You can also do it unconsciously when you live by making right decisions that are moral and ethical and are of assistance to others, as well as to yourself. When you consciously do this and are aware of it, then you can bring it into your life, because then you have come to consciously engage the responsibilities of then living “aright,” to use an old phrase, so that it remains with you. Others have done this when they are unconscious of the light body by having become a very sincere, genuine individual. You might imagine that Jesus had this, as did St. Francis and Mother Teresa, and individuals like that. It is not necessary for that light body to become recognized in you publicly, or socially, for many of you have this already, but you are unaware of it, and this is what we see when we look at Urantia from a distance and we see all these sparkling lights of higher consciousness, of what you call light bodies glowing in the dark.

Liz: That’s a wonderful visual; I appreciate that.

Those that prey on empathy and compassion of others

Craig: I’m just thinking that in any group of people it always seems to be there are those who will take advantage of other people, of their empathy and compassion; use it selfishly for their own end. (Machiventa: Yes.) How do we deal with that?

MACHIVENTA: One moment. This is where you are called upon by yourself, your higher consciousness to be forgiving and tolerant. If this is not possible and there is no improvement in the individual’s behavior then you must distance yourself from it. What the individual is doing is immoral in the ethics and morality that we have begun to teach you; it is repugnant; it is an act of conscious separation from others; it is of a high egoistic content because they are saying that “I have the power to manipulate you because of your gentleness and your patience with this behavior.” That perhaps is far more than an individual who is in “in the dark,” literally, a spiritual darkness, would say to themselves, but this is something that you and we know is a process when that occurs. It is not your chore to correct them; it is not your chore to live out their life engaged with them in trying to correct them, whether that is your brother or sister or one of your parents. However, when you see it in your children, your own children, and in the children they play with then you must come forward to bring wisdom to that situation, both for your children and for the other children.

Egregious behavior of social predators

You are aware of the egregious behavior of social predators in your societies that prey upon children and innocence as well. Their behavior and energy move a society toward social UNsustainability that is repugnant and intolerable and not in good conscience and good social morality. It cannot be abided by. I request that one of you one day remind me of “social morality” as opposed to “personal morality.” I believe that we have discussed this some months ago, but it is a part of the responsibility of living morally as a moral individual and as a moral individual of the larger society. Those two things are compatible and complemental when there is agreement on how to engage personal morality and personal responsibility with social morality and social responsibility.

Tolerating immorality makes you complicit

I might as well continue on as I am well into this, that it is not necessarily to the present society, the present population that you have this responsibility to. Moral social responsibility is towards all future generations. By tolerating immorality of social predators at the social level, you are then complicit with future social predators and their existence to prey upon your children, your neighbors’ children, upon your societies and this is at the social level, political level and economic/financial level. It is something that must be thought of. There is an immoral separation of consciousness [This is Daniel: I’m not sure how to put those together]… there is a separation of consciousness that is immoral in the present generation who disregard future generations in a society that is moving towards the Days of Light and Life, this is unconscionable, it is intolerable, it is something that cannot be left to exist on the way forward to the stable state of the Days of Light and Life. This is a moral issue that must be resolved early on to even begin the process of social evolution. Once that moral social decision is made and the consequences known both for good and for bad, then your societies have taken a huge step forward to social stability, to a thriving society, thriving families and to the support of future generations to live likewise. I would invite you to ask questions regarding this if you have them, though this is much to ponder, I suppose.

Craig: Yes it is; thank you very much.

Moral evolution and dilemmas

Liz: I take heart in the fact that you talk about a moral evolution as I look in my personal past. I can see tremendous immorality or consciousness of it. Yet I am flummoxed at times with current moral dilemmas, and I know that in meditation and in my personal growth, I will eventually be able to see my way through some of these situations. That is kind of the human condition, is it not?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, and you have raised a very good situation to speak about and that is in your societies, you (in general for your whole Western civilization) tend to think of the problem as the goal to resolve, forgetting that there are elemental steps that must be taken first in the earlier evolution to lead you to the possibility and the capability of resolving those problems. The problem of the difficulty in your contemporary society of answering difficult moral questions must begin first by having an understanding of the commonality of all humankind. This then will open the door of awareness of consciousness for asking further questions that will help resolve the later moral problem and dilemma that you are having now. You each have within you those values to honor, and to consider throughout the day as you interact with people personally, socially through some sort of media, and in your personal policies of life and living. You begin to think in larger terms and see how these larger moral problems that exist in your societies can be back-stepped to an understanding at an earlier level. I apologize using the phrase “back-stepped” there are always developmental evolutionary steps that lead to the resolution of problems that you have now. In my assurances that these problems can be resolved, if there is a willingness by individuals to accept the commonality of these values and the morality and ethics that evolve from them.

Liz: Thank you.


The family is the fabric of society

MACHIVENTA: Our little meeting here today seems to be coming to a close, and I wish to grant you a benediction before we part. We here—and we are always “we” when we address you and this is usually the case—we place you in high regard for engaging these topics of values, morality, and ethics and see the need to resolve them for the continuity, let alone the transcendence of your societies. Your families are the generators, they are the fabric of society. It is in the warp and woof of family dynamics generation after generation by which societies are held together, and that the whole cloth of an individual’s personal integrity is the substance upon which your families and future generations are built. You are highly regarded as potential teachers for your generations now and perhaps even as you contemplate the prospect of being granted permission in future eras of your morontial life to return and become a celestial teacher here. This is not in contempt of the dictates of the Urantia Book; it is in accordance with the Correcting Time program which uses the best resources available at all levels of consciousness and spiritual beingness to assist those worlds in which there is much growth that is needed. We thank you today for honoring our commitment to you; we honor your commitment to us and to yourselves. Good day.