2018-06-24-Seeding Michael's Authority

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Topic: Seeding Michael's Authority into the Grid of Planetary Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we gather as one in your presence to collaborate with our beloved Planetary Seraphim in the restoration of the circuits of Urantia to ascend to the higher levels of your WILL and the plans of evolution for this world that you have put in place during this Correcting Time. As you know, this is a challenging time for us humans, and we are grateful for the spiritual divine intervention that is now outworking the past rebellion legacy. So thank you for gathering us as one in one in your presence. We invite our Planetary Seraphim to step in. We settle into our hearts as we move into that place of trust in you, and we thank you for your WILL being done now.


MANOTIA: Good day to you all, my dear brethren! This is Manotia, and it gives me great pleasure to collaborate with my human brothers and sisters during this auspicious time of change. Today we will be engaging with the full spectrum of the Planetary Seraphim to apply their energies into this circuit of your desires for more help and change to upstep this world.

We invite you to focus on the energies of the AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY OF CHRIST MICHAEL. Take a few moments to allow these words to create a point of visualization within your minds. Take some deep breaths. Allow your Indwelling Spirits to help you relax into your bodies to feel more of that spiritual current move through you now. As you focus on the AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY OF CHRIST MICHAEL, allow your heart energies to feel compassion for your brothers and sisters who are still operating in ways that resist the higher heavenly culture from being more firmly implanted here.

There is, what you might call, a level of planetary resistance to this Correcting Time agenda, and we would desire you to feel your human intentions and willingness for these energies to dissipate as more of Michael’s presence grows in these circuits of consciousness all around the globe.

Continue to focus on the AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY OF CHRIST MICHAEL as we work in these areas where the resistance is still holding sway. All we ask of you is to send that from your hearts—that desire for this AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY OF CHRIST MICHAEL to prevail and we will do the rest. We begin. (Pause)

The collective circuits of Urantian consciousness are undergoing great change, as you know. The human will participation is a very essential and important ingredient in this change coming about as most Urantians are truly still unaware of what is occurring upon the planet. We cannot underscore our gratefulness to you for holding this intention for us to engage with these circuits of mind to impart more of the overall spiritual dynamic necessary for more healing to occur. What you provide to us today in this infusion is your willingness to change and for the deeper levels of resistance to yield and be upstepped in your Father Michael and His SOVEREIGNTY AND AUTHORITY and what this means for the collective conscious mind of all life here.

As you engage with us, we ask that you continue to truly, sincerely, devotedly in your own minds and hearts prevail upon Michael’s HEART for more of His AUTHORITY to go deep and wide into the collective circuits. You have all been beholden to a certain type of authoritarian planetary culture, and while it is true that there is spiritual authority over the material worlds, it is of such a vastly different nature that you can feel assured and confident that this is a positive change, and it will open new avenues of human potential and creative expression over time as Michael’s AUTHORITY takes deeper root into these circuits. For now, continue to hold this focus as we move into those areas where know more change can be evoked. (Pause)

We invite you to shift your focus slightly to engage with the FATHERLY AUTHORITY of Christ Michael as we continue to move in these circuits. Again, engage from the heart with the desire for Michael’s FATHERLY AUTHORITY to move far and wide, deep and high, all through this bandwidth of Urantian consciousness. If it is helpful, you may also engage in that familiar visualization of seeing the globe with the words FATHERLY AUTHORITY OF CHRIST MICHAEL spiraling around the globe and holding it in that familiar counter-clockwise rotation. Whatever you find as the most effective means to hold the focus is what we encourage you to do now and to feel that desire for that Fatherly essence of Michael’s being to engage with the AUTHORITY energies of His magnificent personality. (Pause)

All around the globe, new circuits of spiritual energy are being inserted into areas where there is great need. As you have done in the past, you may in your own mind and heart’s desire apply these energies into areas where you would wish to see more of Michael’s FATHERLY AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY prevail. As you focus, we will follow your gaze and engage the twelve sectors of Seraphic influence to move into those areas. So take your time with this as we conjoin with you as human and Seraphic forces join as one to bring in more of the Father’s WILL to prevail upon Urantia. (Pause)

Many new circuits have been opened today. We are pleased with our joint efforts. As a final measure, allow this energy of Michael’s FATHERLY AUTHORITY to move deeper into your own beings. Breathe and relax as these words imprint upon your minds and hearts, opening you to more intimacy with Michael’s presence to strengthen and sustain you during these times of change. (Pause)

Allow your energy systems to become more available to His presence and what this means for your own lives, and we continue to minister in the collective circuits. (Pause)


My dear brothers and sisters, we have completed our objectives for today. We are deeply grateful for your involvement with us. Please continue to do so during the intervals between our times together in this collective manner. Feel your desire for more of Michael’s AUTHORITY to take deeper root and know that we will engage with you in this way when you apply your thoughts and feelings toward this glorious objective.

I leave you in His LOVE now, and I thank you on behalf of all the Seraphim for your engagement with us today, and I bid you most peaceful and joyful good day.