2018-07-08-Deserving of the Best and Brownie Points

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Topic: Deserving of the Best and Brownie Points

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Samuel of Panoptia

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “It is often said that things happen in threes, although we might now easily claim that things happen in sixes and sevens. It has been a busy time for you and I had to pick my moment to be able to speak with you, advise you and acknowledge your efforts during the last four weeks and more.


“It may well seem to you that people in difficulty appear in ‘bunches’ to descend on you in small groups as if in your rush and trouble to heal them you are being taught to organize yourself anew. They are random events as you might well know, although there are factors that on rare occasions will ‘bunch up’ these people that request their healings. Consider, was it something you said, was it the misery of drab weather, a mere coincidence? Does the cause actually matter?

“You have your oft-voiced doubts that life on an evolutionary world is somewhat of a mistake — an un-thought-through decision made by an underling of quite low spiritual standing or by a tough-minded Melchizedek expecting all things to sort themselves out as they — those self same Melchizedek brothers — sort themselves out. However, to consider such a thing is a mistake . . . Life on an evolutionary world is meant to be rugged but fair, somewhat harsh but not impossible, taxing but never deadly. I, Samuel of Panoptia, lived on such a world and it could be rather rugged, still fair, even harsh and sometimes taxing, but that was Panoptia, not Urantia, uh, uh.

“The rebellion struck Urantia at an awkward time — during your formative years — and the absolute worst of times when we on Panoptia were advanced enough and could turn our backs on and ignore our Planetary Prince and stay true to Michael. They were difficult times for us, but we learned how near-to-impossible life on Urantia was. And I remember learning how desperate the situation had become on your world, and forgive me, I at times wished to share with you all your life on your planet.

George: “Someone I know rather well calls them ‘brownie points’. You were after brownie points, yes?”

Samuel: “I call it wishful thinking and you know that since you are human and have needs and wants and ‘imaginings’ to suit, you do have wishful thoughts, like, ‘what if I were in a better position. How much more good could I do for my fellow men, for Michael and how much better could I serve the Father? OK, brownie points to you, my student.

“For fully seventy years you have known that you would somehow be serving Michael and, fine, it was not very clear to you in those early days, but you lived with the trust that you would. And yet, how often did that thought come to mind, ‘If only . . .’


“For me there were many ‘if only’s’ and they were mostly about my imagining ‘having dwelt’ on your planet in the Master’s time, but mostly I considered myself to have been so fortunate as to have been born on Panoptia. I plead with you, yes all of you, not to lose sight of how fortunate you all are to have been born on your planet. Life can be harsh for you, but when you do well, you will be deserving of the very best rewards in the here-after.

“I am Samuel the Panoptian. Good day to you all.”